Sunday, September 14, 2008

Project Runway at New York Fashion Week

I'm sure many of you know about this already but all 6 of the remaining contestants showed collections at Fashion Week. Each person got 10 looks, which is smaller than in the past. Eventually I'll post pictures of each one, but I want to wait until some more people get eliminated. Also if I wait long enough there will be hi-resolution pictures up, and I want to see those. Until then, you can see all of the collections here at Project Rungay, with slideshows and links to videos.

According to Bravo's schedule, the finale is split into two parts, so they can stretch it out over two weeks. It looks like single eliminations each week to get to a final 3. Either that or they'll mess with it like they did 3rd season and have a final 4. But the season doesn't end until October 15th, and you know they'll probably have a reunion after that. I wish they would time things better. There's really no reason to need decoys.

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