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Project Runway 9/21/17--"Models Off Duty" summary

Previously on “Project Runway”: there was a cross promotion with Disney to make either “good” or “evil” eveningwear. The twins were supposed to be separated, but of course that didn't last. But they actually got two days! Brandon won because he made some weird thing that was “fresh” and “new” and whatever, which is dumb but at least it's different, I guess. But no more shirtdresses. Heidi pretended multiple people might be sent home, but in the end only Aaron, for completely running out of time and not hemming anything and also for the straps falling off his garment on the runway. (click for more)

I got a comment last week (thanks mabb!) telling me that the twins won some terrible VH1 reality show about twins. I love bad TV and movies. I would watch it, but if the twins did win, I don't want to deal with them for a whole other show. However, if you guys have suggestions of other bad reality shows I could recap I'm open to suggestions.

Up on the roof, the models have a “party” and show Tim how to take selfies. Heidi is stuck on the runway with the designers. Tim texts her a pic, and they pretend some production assistant would be allowed to approach Heidi in the middle of filming to say “Tim is literally blowing up your phone right now” and hand her a phone. First of all, NOT LITERALLY, and secondly, we all know that would never happen. Heidi coos over the selfies, but of course the designers see nothing so she's just that one friend you have who is always checking her phone when you go out. Heidi sends some selfies back, which is just as dumb. Samantha is confused but semi-impressed that Tim “selfies”. Can we not make that a verb. Heidi sends them away to meet up with Tim and “some of the most fashionable ladies we know”. Shawn slams her own mother by interviewing that she isn't fashionable so clearly it's not moms.

Anyway, the models are here and they are the clients. The only time I care about what they think. But as someone points out, this is the first time they've seen the models in their own clothing. Brandon babbles something about the models, and the producers asks him if he crushes on the models. Brandon is like, you can't talk that way I have a girlfriend! But you'll notice that's not a no. Anyway, Tim points out that even when a model isn't technically working, she still has to promote herself on social media. I guess that's true, although it sucks that you wouldn't ever have a day off. Maybe it's because I'm old and I didn't grow up with social media, but the thought of always having to make posts and look cute and say things because otherwise people will demand to know what I'm doing? It's kind of scary to me. So the challenge is to design a “street style” look for your model to wear on her day off, that she can post on “social media”. I guess Instagram wouldn't give them any money. Or Snapchat. Or whatever—is there something else? I have no idea. You'll also get a professional photographer to take pictures of the models in the outfit, to be shown to the judges during the runway show. Doesn't a professional photographer defeat the purpose of “casual” “day off” social media pictures? Whatever.

Since the models are the clients, they will select the designers. Interesting. So how did they decide who went home after last week? Samantha gets picked first, and she's cutely surprised. The picking is cute, but weirdly the skinnier girls go first? No, one of the plus sized models was first. Shawn complains about being left until near the end. Whatever, girl. The instant she gets picked she's thrilled. It looks like the last three designers were the twins and Ayana, and Ayana gets picked before Claire. Ha! Claire's upset but doing that thing where you say you're not upset but you're making a stank face. I think she ends up with the same model she had last week.

$200 and one day. Sketching will happen on the street. Jazzmine, the model who picked Samantha, did it because she loves Samantha's own style and knew she'd make her something great. That's why I'd pick her. Shawn is basically making the clothes her model is currently wearing. No one seems to demand anything super crazy, although I feel like everyone is asking for long pants. Claire is excited, I guess. Kenya talks her model into feathers. Margarita promises her model a bomber jacket. Everyone takes selfies. Mood is Mood. The one thing is Samantha is very confident, to the point that I wonder if this is ironic foreshadowing. Kenya also buys some black and white cheetah print she labels “101 Dalmatians”.

Claire hollers at her sister for...cutting some paper? I have no idea. She needs redemption. Kentaro asks Michael if it's stupid to do fake denim to knee high...? Somehow he's making pants that mix kimono and denim? Michael clarifies that he means like leg warmers and Kentaro agrees, but I have no idea what this will look like. Samantha's going to trust her own vision. Claire whines about “helping someone else”, which is rich. Margarita is making three pieces. Brandon dyes fabric gold. He asks Kenya to sing to him? I'm not sure.

Tim Time! And models! Kentaro talks about tight clothes, and Tim tells him he needs some form-fitting clothes. Shawn is making wide legged trousers. Basically what her model already wearing. Her model backs her up. Ayana has cut-out stars, but they look like stickers. Amy says “urban tuxedo”. Brandon's dress form has some shapeless outfit. His model says it's “different” from what she was thinking, and when she explains to Tim what her usual look is, Tim pipes up with how that's why it's time for a change. Really, Tim? That line really irked me because instead of pretending anyone cares what the clients think, which is the usual procedure, apparently Brandon is so great we're telling his client she's wrong. Claire feels she belongs in the top. This will involve a peplum and cut out letters somehow. Batani has a bright pink African print, and she's making a crop top. Normally I ignore other designers piping up during this segment, but Kentaro gets an interview here and the gist of his complaint is that Batani is not making streetwear, which was the challenge. But he says it by saying it's very African, and then immediately leaning forward and demanding the producer tell him if that's racist. Not asking or worrying about it, but he seems almost angry. Michael has a boob window.

Samantha is worried if she goes all out on her look, the judges won't get it because it's not on her. What? That doesn't make any sense. I get that Samantha is basically making a mini-me, but why wouldn't the judges understand the look? They just said last week they liked her own personal style. Kenya is making pants and a vest in a dark green, which Tim labels “green bean”. What? Then he asks her if she's just making clothes. Oh is that how it's going down? Is that why Brandon's model is told she's wrong, because he's making Fashion? Her model isn't thrilled with the top and Tim is concerned. You see? Where's “maybe you need a change”? I don't like that Kenya's model was iffy about it and Kenya got chided, while Brandon's model was iffy and the model got chided. Kenya says she has to move forward because she doesn't have time to do anything else. Margarita is so engrossed she doesn't even notice Tim. She's got some pants and a reversible halter top and a bomber jacket. Tim likes it.

Tim leaves but the models stay for a bit for more fittings. Ayana gets better materials for her stars. Kentaro is changing his top but he says it has to look like he's spent a lot of time on it. Claire and Shawn bitch that they would not wear a single thing Samantha has made. Like you've done so well you have any basis to shittalk other people. They make each other's outfits again. Brandon gets a call home to his girlfriend. Ayana is making an overcoat because her model wants to show a lot of skin, and this is a way to get some of her own viewpoint in. Kentaro rolls a squeaky lint roller and everyone comments on it. Michael suddenly hates his look because he is over how ratchet it is. Margarita distresses her denim. She's pissed she gave herself so much work.

There is a commercial for JC Penny's “Project Runway” collection which seems to involve a tea length pleated shiny silver skirt and an off the shoulder bomber jacket. Neither of which look that great or expensive. Sigh.

Commercial Interlude: Kenya is in the weeds and asking Amy for help. Amy is actually very nice about it, saying usually Kenya has great construction and describing her look as “bold”--clearly trying to not slam it but instead imply that it might go sideways if she can't spin it properly.

Runway Day. Claire says the first thing they need to get done is Shawn's pants. Why. Do your own look. I'm not sure why this hasn't been addressed, because they clearly spend a lot of time collaborating. Unless the producers feel that they're handicapping themselves by wasting time doing someone else's look. Tim appears to give them their two hours, and then says they'll have 15 minutes to prep for the photoshoot, and then the runway will be after that. I totally forgot they were doing a photoshoot. Kenya is very stressed. Margarita's pants suddenly don't look right. Michael's model (Liris) is not really happy about the outfit, but Michael appears to talk her into it. He says you should never fully give in to the client. Not hot makeup guy Scott. Claire makes her shorts shorter. Kentaro's top is too big, so he just kind of tucks the back under. Samantha observes that Shawn made the outfit her model was wearing yesterday. None of the models seem to dislike their outfits, but all the designers slam each other. Claire is kneeling on the ground cutting her sweatshirt when Tim comes in to collect everyone. Yeah, so your smug bitchface about how everyone sucks seems pretty rich considering that little fact.

Now it's the runway, so I guess we're not going to see the photoshoot. Guest judge is Georgina Chapman. Hi Georgina! Oh also Kelsea Ballerini, who is a recording artist. What? Whatever. Kentaro: tight leather pants (or maybe skinny jeans with a sort of shiny finish?) and a white crop top. The top has elbow length sleeves and a V neck. Around her waist is a skirt? Backwards apron? It's some fabric in brown that looks like a kimono skirt, but above the knee. From far away it looks like she tied a shirt around her waist. We do get to see a couple shots of the photo shoot, which is the model standing in the street posing for the camera. Which is clearly a professional photo shoot and not a casual social media type picture. The pants fit really well though. Claire: black shorts and a black sweatshirt. Seriously. There's a crew neck and long sleeves. I could probably go out and buy this right now, and you're going to make faces about how everyone else sucks? Ayana: little black dress with cut out stars on the bodice. The skirt is kind of full, and there's a V neck and straps (I don't think it's a halter). The stars are lighter blue and white. Over all of this is a shiny pink bathrobe. I know Ayana said it was an overcoat, but it's way too shapeless and shiny. The dress is cute, though.

Michael: tight navy blue dress, off the shoulder strapless neckline, with slits cut into the sides of the skirt. There is a lighter blue fabric in a strip at the top of the bodice, and in a triangle that I thought was going to be an open boob window. Down both sides of the skirt are thin strips of fabric in the same lighter blue, so it looks like he slashed the skirt and some skin shows through. Brandon: loose pants in some kind of mottled brown, a bunch of straps that hang down to the ground, and a crop top in poop brown with some lighter brown-yellow at the cuffs and hem. The mottled brown I think was supposed to be tie-dyed, but it just looks like her pants are dirty. The top is long enough that she doesn't show any skin, but it's just a loose crop top with sleeves that he's made before. This whole outfit looks like shit he's made before. Why is this always so praised? Shawn: loose cropped pants that hit below the knee, and a glorified sports bra. The pants are wide but hit at a weird spot. The top is a sports bra with ruffles around her arms and a weird neckline. It's like a cold-shoulder top. All in black.

Margarita: loose white pants that are gathered at the ankle somehow, but I can't see clearly. Then a bikini top in a pink floral print on a black background, and a bomber jacket in two different prints. It's a clear look, certainly. Batani: off the shoulder strapless top with a big ruffle, and a pencil skirt, in like 6 different prints. The top is mostly a pink and yellow floral, and the skirt has several prints in vertical stripes. It all works somehow, but it's certainly very loud. And she's given her model a butt seam again. Amy: short black dress and a silver bomber jacket that is the same length. It looks fine, and I don't think we've heard much from Amy today so she's probably safe. The jacket is reversible. Samantha: short black dress with a full skirt, sleeveless, in some kind of print. It looks like a dark copper? And a black vest over the top of it. The vest starts out buttoned up and fits really well. I would buy this. Kenya: pants and a vest in dark green. I think the pants look pleated, or at least the crotch area is looking a little insane. There is also a blouse in the black and white cheetah-sort-of print. This vest is never buttoned, and the blouse has ruffles so at first I thought she needed to fix the vest because it had fallen down or something. The back of the vest looks a little janky.

Shawn, Margarita, Kentaro, Samantha, Claire, and Kenya are the top and bottom. Pretty much what I expected, although I am glad to see Brandon not be praised for the same thing he's been doing for the past several episodes. Claire talks about whatever the twins always babble about, which lets me get a better look at the outfit. The shorts are high waisted, and the top is tucked into them. Along one shoulder of the sweatshirt, it's slit open and there is a thin band of electric blue along the hem. Like in the 80's when you would cut the neck of your shirts so they would hang off the shoulder. Kids, Google it. The stripe is also on the shorts. Nina hilariously says she wants a pop of color. I mean, there IS a pop of color but it is clearly not enough. Hee. The photo they have just looks like a black blob so it's boring. It's shapeless and you can't really see her body, except for her ass because the shorts are too short. Georgina says something actually useful, which is that if the outfit is all black the silhouette has to be perfect and this doesn't work. She doesn't look pregnant though. Contrast this with Heidi saying she doesn't want to see buttcheecks on the street. Oh Heidi. I am sure we've all seen your butt on the street. Shawn's top is actually some kind of mesh, with the arm ruffles attached to the sides and not continuing across her chest and meeting in the middle like I thought they did. Zac likes the pants a lot and I guess this is a success. Sigh. Her photo is also all dark, but she looks better from afar than Claire did. They all rave about the tie in the back and how fun it is. Whatever. Kenya's top has not ruffles but big flaps like petals. Zac...loves it? It pops, and has personality. Her legs look great. Heidi doesn't like the print that much, but suddenly prints are subjective.

Heidi makes Kentaro guess if he's on the top or not, and turns out he's on the top. So the leggings are denim, and the skirt does look like a short men's kimono skirt. It all works and they even love the part in the top that he just folded under. It is interesting, I'll give him that. Samantha talks about her outfit and how her model likes Samantha's own style. Georgina thinks it's a little costumey, and Samantha starts talking about Lolita. Zac thinks it's all the “standard” Lolita details and he's bored. Actually they like it better without the vest, and it's clearly a lot of work that she's done well. Once again Nina tells Samantha that her own outfit is much better than what she made. Is it, though? I mean, she's wearing a gold dress with a leather belt and shoulder straps, and it's cute. But it bothers me that Samantha literally made herself an outfit because she was told to, and they STILL don't like it. Like they were told never to praise her or something. I find it very weird. Margarita was going for an Aaliyah vibe. She then throws her model under the bus and says she wanted baggy pants and then Margarita had to decide if she was going to listen to her client. She also makes sure to say her model is happy. The one random guest judge wishes for heels, and Margarita says she was very insistent there would be no heels and no skirts. Her model looks pissed. The pants have an insane crotch. They like the jacket, but if she takes that off it's not great. Georgina gives the lecture of not listening to your client, that they always give when they have these challenges.

We discover the models have their own lounge, because they're back there bitching about how Margarita threw her model under the bus, which is not how everyone thought things were going. They think Kenya's model is mysterious. I guess? I can get behind the idea that she has a distinctive style. You know? When you see people on the street and their outfit is so put together and has a very clear personality behind it. When everyone goes to look at Kentaro's outfit, Zac is doing his usual pulling and prodding, and discovers the pants are not actually pants. They end at mid-thigh and there's a big cuff above I guess to hold them up? Oh, the leg warmer thing he was talking about. OK, so he basically made denim thigh-high stockings and no one would have ever noticed which is pretty cool. Shawn's look is elegant. Feh. Claire's sweatshirt is fine, but it's not new. All of a sudden Tim says he has something to say, and he tells the judges (once Heidi SHUTS UP, like let the man speak, Heidi, damn) the model originally wanted long pants. And Claire said “well if I have time I'll do that.” And then Claire spent her time sewing Shawn's look. Zac is irritated, and I don't remember them blaming the model for shorts, when pants would have been better but if they did they are no longer blaming her. They're blaming Claire for abandoning her model's wishes to work on her sister's outfit. Everyone whines about Samantha's look and how there's a lace overlay and why would you do that when you can't see the fabric underneath and blah blah. They all agree it's better without the vest. Nina really hates it. Margarita's look is dated. Zac says Samantha is one note and he's bored, but you're basing that off TWO challenges, and you TOLD her you loved her one note so this is your own fault. They told her they liked her own style, so she made her own style, but they didn't like it but praised her own style again, and now she's one note. Also how is Brandon not one note? Fuck this show.

Kentaro is the winner! He gets behind the scrim and starts jumping. Aww. Shawn and Kenya are in. Claire is in, but they don't tell her to quit fucking around. Heidi praises Samantha's current outfit, which is exactly what I am talking about. That one note you're bitching about is Samantha's own personal style, so if you think she needs to branch out then quit fucking telling her how it's better than what she actually made. Margarita's model looked like a backup dancer. Margarita is in. Fuck this show.
You know Claire and Shawn are making each other's clothes, but you won't even tell them you know. You spend two episodes telling Samantha you love her style but then she makes herself a dress and it's so terrible she has to be sent home. It fits, unlike Margarita's, and it has visual interest, unlike Claire. Samantha, you deserved better than this stupid show and I loved that dress. When she leaves the runway Heidi turns to the other judges and says “She's bummed.” NO FUCKING SHIT HEIDI. Samantha is pissed she didn't push herself more, and she is blaming herself for holding back. Oh girl. Don't do that. Tim claims no one was up there with bad design (that's bullshit, but whatever) and she should be proud. She loved her time here.

Next week: teams of two, so drama, and it looks like the twins are a team. So you're presenting this drama about the twins helping each other, and then your response is to have teams of two and let people pick their own teams so they can legitimately help each other because that's the challenge? Fuck you guys. If one of the twins wins this show I may break something.


Duabe said...

Great recap Toyouke! I don't know how you get all that detail into each recap every week? Do you rewatch the show and then write your blog? There's so much going on now - or is it because we've learned everyone's name and style?

I agree - the twins need to be out, but we know the producers will keep them in until they've thoroughly and completely annoyed everyone. Maybe, just maybe, the next team challenge will eliminate both of them??? Wouldn't that be something?

Anyway, I agree that Samantha's work was precisely her style and the model liked it too. Crummy way to be eliminated. Follow the judges' directions and them get booted for it.

I want to watch more and see what the designers are making, but the drama quotient is ratcheting up high already this season. Glad they don't have any really mean people though.

Toyouke said...

I actually use the pause button a lot, and the "rewind 10 seconds" button. That usually gets most things. So it takes me a couple of hours to get through an episode, depending on how many looks I have to talk about and how many times I space out and miss things.

You're right that there isn't anyone really mean. I mean the twins feel really superior but in the end I just find them obnoxious and not cruel.

MoHub said...

I can't help but think Production wanted Samantha out and instructed the judges to eliminate her. There is no way her offering was worse than Margarita's and Claire's, and I for one thought it was pretty good and should at least have been safe middle.

And how about Shawn's sucking up to the judges—complete with dramatic gestures of joy—with every compliment she received? I was very close to throwing things at the TV screen.

Toyouke said...

MoHub, I think you are exactly right. It was her time to go and so they had to make up some dumb reason for her to get eliminated.

Anonymous said...

The producers want the obnoxious twins around for the drama of it all. Samantha was their next target. She is so talented and such a great sewer. It is terrible how the judges treated her. Hers was not the worst by far.