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TAR 29, Recap Leg 5, 4/20/17

Welcome to Leg 5! Last time, on Doors and Chests and Ladles, Oh My!, eight teams raced through Zanzibar again.  Shamir and Sara fought.  A lot.  Which caused them to miss a ferry, and thus got them eliminated.  And Phil even had to come to them at the task.  Tara and Joey, however, the oldest team left, came in first.  Who will be eliminated. . . next? (click for more)

Arrival at the pit stop last episode:
1st – Tara and Joey, Team Old Folks, #TeamMomAndDad
2nd – Becca and Floyd, Team Nerdgasm, #TeamFun
3rd – Liz and Michael, Team Backwoods Hipster, #TeamLizandMike
4th – Matt and Redmond, Team Athletic Men. #TheBoys
5th – London and Logan, Team Vapid Models, #TeamLoLo
6th – Vanck and Ashton, Team Beauty and the Geek, #TeamVanckAndAshton
7th – Brooke and Scott, Team Will and Grace, #TeamBrookeandScott

Coco Beach, Msasani, Tanzania

(Toyouke: “Really, show? The only thing you have to say before the first clue is to show how Michael and Liz are getting along? That's not suspicious or anything.”)

3:16 PM Tara/Joey (1st)
Clue: Fly 5000 miles to Ålesund, Norway!  Once there, drive yourselves to Høgsteinen Fyr Lighthouse.  Each teammate must consume a plate of rakfisk to get their next clue.

3:20 PM Becca/Floyd (2nd) – and we learn that the Express Pass they found in their luggage on Leg 1 expires at the end of this leg.
4:04 PM Liz/Michael (3rd)
4:09 PM Matt/Redmond (4th) 
4:17 PM London/Logan (5th) 
4:56 PM Vanck/Ashton (6th) – Ashton: "I don't like drama." (Toyouke: “OK if by that you mean "I like to be an ass and then blame everyone else for 'drama' when they rightfully call me out on my crap."”)
5:33 PM Brooke/Scott (7th) 

Teams travel to a travel agent to get their flights and arrive in the following order:

1- Tara/Joey  
2- Becca/Floyd 
3- Liz/Michael
4- Matt/Redmond
5- London/Logan
6- Vanck/Ashton
7- Brooke/Scott

Teams discover that they will all be on KLM Flight 569 at 11:05 pm, so teams head to the airport and arrive in the following order:

1- Brooke/Scott  
2- Tara/Joey 
3- Vanck/Ashton
4- London/Logan
5- Liz/Michael
6- Becca/Floyd
7- Matt/Redmond

Teams now fly the Amazing Blue Line to Ålesund and arrive in the following order:

1- Becca/Floyd  
2- Brooke/Scott 
3- Vanck/Ashton
4- Matt/Redmond
5- Tara/Joey
6- London/Logan
7- Liz/Michael

Teams now drive themselves to Høgsteinen Fyr Lighthouse and arrive in the following order:

1- Becca/Floyd  
2- Brooke/Scott 
3- Vanck/Ashton
4- London/Logan
5- Matt/Redmond
6- Tara/Joey
7- Liz/Michael

Teams are served their rakfisk, and consume it to get their clues in the following order:

1- Becca/Floyd  
2- Vanck/Ashton  
3- Brooke/Scott – and Brooke struggles with the rakfisk.  (Toyouke: “Brooke. You ARE pathetic. You CAN'T do it because I've watched you bitch about how you can't do anything for several legs now.”)
4- London/Logan
5- Matt/Redmond
6- Tara/Joey
7- Liz/Michael

Becca and Floyd open their clue and find. . . a Fast Forward!


Recall (if you can, since they show up rarely anymore) that a fast forward is a task that can be performed to allow one team to skip all remaining tasks and head directly to the pit stop.  However, each team may only use their fast forward power once on the race, so they must decide when it is more advantageous to use it.  In this, the first fast forward on this race, teams must travel to the Geirangerfjord in Geiranger by helicopter and participate in a tandem skydive.  Once complete, they get their next clue and skip all remaining tasks and travel directly to the Pit Stop.

Teams decide to go for the Fast Forward in the following order:

1- Becca/Floyd – (Toyouke: “Wait why are you doing the Fast Forward?! It wastes your Express Pass!   Actually it takes your Express Pass out of circulation and that team will 100% skydive.  But it is a dirty trick to not tell them they'll have to skydive until they're in the air.”)
2- Brooke/Scott – but they see Team Fun and decide against it.

So, Team Fun takes the Fast Forward (even though they have an Express Pass) and skydive easily.  They receive their Fast Forward and make their way to the Pit Stop, Mount Aksla.

Teams that don’t take the Fast Forward are instructed to drive themselves to Slinnengen to get their next clue.  They arrive in the following order:

1- Matt/Redmond  
2- Tara/Joey 
3- Vanck/Ashton
4- Brooke/Scott 
5- London/Logan
6- Liz/Michael

Once they arrive, teams get the fourth roadblock clue.


Who wants to help break a world record?

In this roadblock, one team member must hand a pallet to a team of builders, then climb the thirteen story tower made of 31000 pallets and nail one down at the top to make the world’s largest handstacked bonfire.  Once complete, the foreman will give teams their next clue.

(Toyouke: “This seems dangerous. What about Texas A&M? Isn't that where they used to do a bonfire and it collapsed and killed some people?”)

The following teammates take the Roadblock:

1- Matt
2- Joey
3- Ashton 
4- Scott
5- London
6- Liz

After much wooden pallet tower climbing, teams complete the Roadblock in the following order:

1- Matt/Redmond
2- Tara/Joey  
3- Vanck/Ashton – and Vanck leaves Ashton’s fanny pack, but they realize it before they leave.
4- London/Logan  
5- Brooke/Scott
6- Liz/Michael

And we get the Detour Clue.

Trolls OR Troll
*Trolls: Teams travel to Kulturhus and learn a story that takes them through downtown Ålesund using a map to find six fire trolls and recite a spell to free them from their six different locations.  Teams receive a firework at each location that they return to Kulturhus.  Once complete, the storyteller gives them a scroll with their next clue..
*Troll: Teams travel to Kayak More Tomorrow and rent a kayak to go boating through Brosundet Canal.  In the canal, teams search for a lure on various fishing lines.  Once they find a red and yellow lure, it will have their next clue on the back.

(Toyouke: “Both these Detours sound terrible.”)

1- Matt/Redmond choose Troll – but aren’t quite sure if they have found their clue.  (Toyouke: “Didn't they tell them they'd be looking for people fishing out of a building?")
2- Tara/Joey choose Troll -- (Toyouke: "OK are you serious? You found two lures with the same word on them and you think it's wrong? Do you not understand the concept of other teams?  Were their instructions terrible or is everyone stupid? Because it seems pretty clear to me.”)
3- Vanck/Ashton choose Trolls – and decide to drive from place to place so they have a way to store fireworks.  Which leads to general animosity from other teams.  (Toyouke: “So no one likes Ashton. I wonder when that happened.”)
4- Brooke/Scott choose Trolls
5- London/Logan choose Trolls
6- Liz/Michael choose Trolls – but Liz seems to think that a map always points north.  (Toyouke: “Why are there so many stupid people this season? Is it because no one they actually know wants to run with them because they're all idiots?  I mean, she did find the building, but she also failed at knowing where north was.”)

Much firework carrying and lure finding ensues.  So, teams complete the detour in the following order:

1- Tara/Joey
2- Matt/Redmond   
3- London/Logan 
4- Brooke/Scott
5- Vanck/Ashton 
6- Liz/Michael – who then hit a car.

Teams find now that they must travel to Mount Aksla, the PIT STOP of the fifth leg of this racearoundtheworld.  The last team to arrive MAY be eliminated!

1- Tara/Joey – who win nothing.
2- Matt/Redmond 
3- Becca/Floyd – (Toyouke: “It's not a well designed leg OR Fast Forward if you're able to beat the Fast Forward while doing tasks. Like...it's a shit Fast Forward.”)
4- Vanck/Ashton 
5- London/Logan
6- Brooke/Scott
7- Liz/Michael – (Toyouke: “You can't say stuff like "Lot of negativity" and then when your partner says "fine, you know everything" you get mad. The way to do that is to agree and say "I do know everything because I was right every time today" and then move on.”)

Liz and Michael are quite pissed at each other at this point, but Phil lets them know that. . . this is the first of three non-elimination legs and they are still in the race!  And Phil hands them their next clue, so they keep racing!

1st – Tara/Joey  
2nd – Matt/Redmond 
3rd – Becca/Floyd  
4th – Vanck/Ashton  
5th – London/Logan 
6th – Brooke/Scott  
7th – Liz/Michael

Next week: Italy!  Liz and Michael try and resolve their conflict, and we have the second Double U-Turn!  Until next time!

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