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Project Runway 9/24/15--"Broadway or Bust" summary

Previously on “Project Runway”: we had ANOTHER unconventional materials challenge, this time with old electronics. Making clothes with old keyboards does not “merge technology and fashion” but you keep on telling yourself that. Jake quit the competition to go home and take care of his dog, which was really sad, actually. Ashley made an awesome dress out of old Polaroids that she messed up to make a print, but she lost to Kelly's silver dress made from cut up ductwork. It was cooler than that sentence makes it sound. Despite Lindsey's making a dress out of CD case slips, Joseph was sent home. He finally made something that wasn't matronly but it was a terrible dress made from mouse pads and wires. Also I found out that the collections shown at Fashion Week did not have designers attached to them, as in we technically don't know who belongs to which collection. HOWEVER there were six of them and at least half are obvious as to who made them. (click for more)

Half of the designers are gone. Lindsey has taken over from Amanda in complaining about the judges and how they hate her designing. Swapnil realizes that yesterday he spent way too much time on smoke breaks.

Heidi has...a confessional? Explaining how she loves “Finding Neverland” and this is the basis of their field trip. Sadly Matthew Morrison is there. I was hoping to avoid him. Tim introduces him, bleh, and anyway they actually get to watch the show. They can do anything for the challenge as long as they can explain how it's inspired by the show. Ashley is scared because there are so many options. The challenge begins tomorrow with an ACTUAL trip to MOOD! MOOD! For once! Everyone loves Broadway of course. Lindsey cries about her grandmother. At Mood Tim cautions them they're not making costumes for the show. Tim says he dreams in black and white. Hee. Laurie likes some silver circles that cost half her budget. Ashley thinks gown. Merline wanders aimlessly. Candice had a tragic childhood and she cries about it. I know I sound like a bitch but I have nothing invested in these people and I'm not moved. Kelly is inspired by the pictures that were on the wall by the bathroom.

Back in the workroom there is too much singing for my taste. That's going to get old quick. Tim stops them and says he doesn't want to dampen the mood but there are only eight of them and only Kelly has immunity. There seem to be a fair number of gowns floating around. Swapnil talks about tartans but I don't see any plaid? Maybe that's not what he means. Laurie says something about wings. Kelly's making gloves. To fit herself, which maybe is not going to work. Swapnil has a baby pink and a slightly darker purple, and they are staticy. Still no plaid. Merline says she's inside the box because everyone else is outside the box so in order to be different she's back in the box.

Tim Time! Swapnil only has a skirt right now, and all the plaid is in the top. His lining for the skirt is causing the static. Tim tells him the plaid is the success of the piece and if he makes the top longer that solves the exposure issue. He is not putting as much effort in as he could be. Kelly talks about how people used to dress up for the theater. Tim nods. Too much bedazzling. Merline has some illusion netting? Or netting with some embroidery? It's simple but Tim tells her to make it perfect. Ashley is making a gown with some ombre fabric that shades from white to deep purple. The top is woven, and she has to decide if she wants a flowy skirt or a mermaid skirt. Tim yells “no” about the tulle at the hem though. Laurie's coat and the rest of her outfit don't go. The coat is matronly. I think Lindsey wants to make a mullet hem. Edmond has a black bra top with a lot of straps and a really poofy blue. Candice is making pants and a leather corset. It's all black with a little white but Tim says maybe don't use the white?

Merline is back to her old constantly talking self. Laurie is probably going to ignore Tim, and I'd be more concerned but the first three or four people took Tim's advice and it sent them home. Model fittings. Ashley finds her bodice is too small. Lindsey has to put a strap in the back because her model has boobs. Merline doesn't know what hot pants are. Swapnil has big petals or something. Candice talks about everyone but in a Gretchen “I'm just so glad they're challenging themselves” way. Lindsey is way behind. Ashley knows what she wants to do, but not exactly how to execute it.

Runway day. Lots of work to be done. Laurie ended up with a skirt? Or really full shorts? But they're so short her model's butt is hanging out. She tries to sew a strip at the bottom but it's not really working, in addition to the part where the runway is elevated so it's still too short. Ashley's bodice is still too small so there's just a big gap. She knew it was there yesterday though, so...I guess she never came up with a solution? Lot of sewing people into clothes.

Commercial interlude: Lindsey and Kelly are BFFs. No one cares, Lifetime.

Guest judge is Coco Rocha, model and author. Swapnil: so the skirt is still a light pink, very loose and floaty, and the top comes down to her hips like a long tunic. The top is a black and white plaid, with very small checks, strapless with two big petals or leaves in the front. Like you took a length of fabric around her back and twisted the ends in front like a vertical bow tie. It's sweeping but not as annoying as last week because it's more structured. Ashley: gown in an ombre that shades from white at the top to deep purple at the bottom. The bodice is a strapless sweetheart shape but it looks stiff and like it is too big. The skirt is horizontal pieces of fabric that wrap around like a mermaid skirt, but then on one side is just a loose piece tacked to her waist like a ballgown skirt. The hem looks terrible. When the model turns around you can see the gap in the bodice because she still didn't finish it. Candice: black leather corset and tight crop pants. Over this is a big coat with dolman sleeves in a black with pink roses. The coat has some tulle at the bottom. Kelly: long black gloves and a black sheath dress with a miniskirt. Over the dress is a shiny green and black lace sleeveless duster that hits the floor. It doesn't seem like the greatest fabric. Kind of cheap.

Laurie: her big jacket is off the shoulder and has big bell sleeves that balloon out at her elbows. The rest of the jacket has some netting? It's hard to see and her model is holding her hands at her hips like she's holding the jacket in place. The top is really stiff and the silver circles look cool but I think if the model moves at all the fabric will stop covering her nipples. And the bottom is just a really full, really short skirt. The whole thing is shades of beige. The back of the jacket looks like a cape. Merline: long black sparkly gown. I can't really see where the black netting with embroidery was supposed to be. The neckline is really high, and she took thin strips of trim and put them over the shoulders like little cages. From far away it looks like puffy sleeves. I think the embroidery or sequins or whatever is still there, but she lined it in black so it isn't super obvious. Lindsey: gown in dark green with a mullet hem and a weird high neck. The bodice looks like a bib because it stands up and over her throat. The back is open and there's one horizontal strap that doesn't look too bad. Edmond: skinny black pants and a black bra with a bunch of straps. Over this is a really puffy dark blue coat with lots of ruffles and no sleeves. It's fun. The pants look pretty good too.

Merline and Swapnil are safe. Swapnil's kind of pissed since before he was half-assing things and getting in the top. Now he put in everything he had and he's just safe. Ashley talks about her grandma (everyone is reminded of their grandma). They like the idea, and the fabric, but it's messy. The bodice looks too big and needs to be tighter. Nina is pissed that everyone should be in their top form. Kelly wanted to be young and fun. Zac says the color is modern. It's a little costumey, but Nina claims it would photograph well. I think they're praising her fabric and daring without saying she made a good garment. Laurie's top is not lined or anything. Her model is wearing pasties. Zac asks to have the jacket off, and when you do that, you see the top does not fit well at all. It sags in the middle, like her boobs are pulling it down and it's bulging out sideways at her armpits. Nina attempts to be Kors with “Tinkerhell” but you're not Kors. It's pretty short but still frumpy. Heidi tries to say she likes some of the ideas but Nina makes faces through the whole thing.

Lindsey tries to talk about believing in yourself, I think partially to remind the judges she's been in the bottom and maybe they should rethink that. Heidi loves the color but that's it. Nina hates the mullet hem and the very tall bib front. It's lopsided and I think they really hate the mullet him which is fine because mullet hems suck. Edmond describes his clouds and the cigarette pants which are perfect. Heidi loves the top and the pants but maybe not the coat. Everyone loves the top and pants but the coat is bad. I like the coat. Nina doesn't hate on the coat though, because it's drama. Candice says a bunch of stuff but I'm not sure what she's talking about. Nina loves it. It's modern and the layering is great and this big jacket I guess passes muster. But not anyone else's big jacket.

Everyone loves Edmond's outfit except the coat. Nina does remind them it's very dramatic. Kelly's green fabric is great but that seems to be all they are going to say. She picked a great fabric and didn't fuck it up. Candice did do a corset top so the back has lacing. They enjoy the puffy sleeves I guess. Ashley's gown is pretty poorly made. Heidi and Nina and Coco argue about whether or not she had a good idea. Laurie's outfit up close is terrible and you can see the part on the skirt where she put an extra piece so her ass wouldn't hang out. Lindsey maybe could have done the high neckline but not a mullet hem.

Candice wins! Not that it's a surprise since I think she's the only person who didn't get any criticism mixed in with her praise. She gets immunity. Kelly is in. Edmond is in. Ashley is in. Lindsey was boring and plain. Laurie was bad and messy. Lindsey is out. Laurie is in. She's sad about it, but Tim doesn't use his Save. I'm not upset.

Next week: some school desks, a twist, some random insults. Who knows.

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