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Project Runway All Stars 12/4/14--"Designing for the Duchess" summary

Previously on Project Runway All-Stars: everyone was supposed to make party dresses about their love lives. It was just as vague as it sounds. Also thanks to MoHub for pointing out to me that it wasn’t Ben who wrote the love letter on the dress that time. Helen’s dress had weird droopy rings of fabric around her arms but she won. Sure, I guess. Kate’s dress was a terrible color and the hem was unfinished so she was eliminated. (click for more)

Ten people left. A manageable number. Alyssa brings a video screen and shows them a clip from the Paddington Bear movie. You know, the one where Paddington is all CGI and super creepy looking. Anyway, now they’re all going to London. Someone got a budget increase. Everyone freaks out. Also “a very special guest” to greet them, my guess is because Alyssa doesn’t want to fly.

Zanna is in the station to greet them, but she is not the special guest. That is Duchess Fergie. Awesome. Fergie talks about how the London weather is bad and Paddington has a famous coat so they will need to design an outdoor coat. Michelle says this is what she does. Everyone gets a tour to soak up atmosphere and then they’ll go fabric shopping with just over $300. One last surprise: Fergie wants to wear the winning design. Awesome.

Double decker bus tour and selfies and shrieking. Ben is from London so Jay is slightly threatened. Lots of sketching on the bus. Jay continues to get screen time, when I feel like he hasn’t spoken at all in previous episodes. Sonjia loves the fabric. Dmitry is buying neoprene because it is THE fabric right now. Sonjia and Ben “argue” about some fabric. I guess Ben grabbed the sample, but Sonjia got the physical roll of fabric and she is saying it’s hers. But she doesn’t know if she’s going to use it or not. Ben makes her promise to tell him if she’s going to use it, but I don’t know why they can’t both use it. Sonjia takes it so Ben acts like it is impossible for him to take the same fabric and now he has to rethink everything.

Fancy hotel suite with Zanna and Fergie. Afternoon tea. Fancy. They all sit around and chit chat and then drink champagne. Someone give Justin’s interpreter some.

Back in New York and it’s time to work. Dmitry’s neoprene did not travel well and is wrinkled, and you can’t really iron it. Jay has a ton of details, in gray and orange. Ben is still pissed at Sonjia. Get over it, dude. Fabio laughs that he hopes British royalty will wear an androgynous coat because that’s what he’s making. Ben has some plaid, like a tweedy plaid, and some vinyl shoulders. Dmitry freaks out and curses at things. He cuts some mesh to make an ombre effect. It actually looks really cool, and then this way you can’t see the wrinkled neoprene. Good idea.

Zanna time. Jay has a military style. He needs to finish things better. Sam’s fabric looks gray but it’s actually a brocade kind of pattern in gray with a slate blue. Justin has a big cowl lined with red. Michelle’s coat is tailored, unlike most people here. Fabio has neoprene but I guess he didn’t have any problems with it because we haven’t heard about it. He says this is the first time Zanna’s liked his design. Dmitry has a lot of work to do. Ben tries to claim jet lag, which I don’t think affects you that much because you were only there one day. He wants clear pockets which is a terrible idea. Zanna pretends to be angry that some of them aren’t up to the “stellar” experience they got. Get it together and don’t embarrass her in front of Fergie.

Model fittings. Shape and fit is super important in this challenge. Justin has to pull in the waist. Dmitry has a lot to do also. Sam puts on her coat and it looks like a giant floppy mess. Not good. But she says it looks great on her model.

Runway day. Ben is doing a bracelet sleeve, which is where the sleeves end a couple of inches before your wrists, which is super annoying in places where it’s actually cold and you need those couple of inches. Something happened to Sam’s collar and the collar and lapels are just floppy instead of looking like they’re supposed to. Hot makeup guy Scott. I think Jay has a vest over his coat. Why? Dmitry complains in confessional that Fabio has made a dress. Whatever.

Georgina is busy. AGAIN. Guest judges are Debra Messing (whose fashion on her shows is absolutely horrible) and model Karen Elson. Dmitry: long coat with a gray body, and the mesh ombre effect at the knee. It’s cut out in a jagged edge, but the shading is really narrow. Like, I thought it would shade to black over the whole coat, neck to knee, but the pattern is just a few inches at the knee. There are no visible buttons, just a flap edged in black. Black sleeves. It’s kind of shapeless, like a big rectangle. Ben: close-fitting brown plaid coat, with clear brown vinyl pockets and a turtleneck. The sleeves are the bracelet length, and I can’t see if the shoulders are still vinyl. Some pleats at the bottom in a flounce-type deal. Sonjia: loose gray coat, edged in a big silver zipper. The pockets are also zippered, but then the coat has a mullet hem. Black collar and sleeves. Jay: gray coat with several lapels. Like, regular lapels like on a blazer, and then more over that like a scarf, and then some orange lapels underneath that. There is so much happening there. It’s short, so there’s that, and the sleeves are tight gray with an orange stripe. The back has more orange and now I remember, there was a vest right? Some of the lapels belong to a vest that makes an inverted V in the back. Gunnar: black and white plaid coat with big shoulders. Like a giant shawl collar that comes down over her upper arms, with dark sleeves to the wrist. It’s fitted like a dress, with raw edges like you see on tweed sometimes.

Sam: big shapeless gray coat with a belt. The collar is high, and it looks like the model is wearing a black turtleneck under that. You can see in the back where she put in elastic or something so it would fit better but it’s still too big and floppy. Helen: red and beige coat with colorblocking to give some shape. It’s a big rectangle though. Her model looks pregnant. There are red triangles, pointing to her navel, and then the beige, and it’s like HEY CHECK OUT HOW NARROW THIS BEIGE IS SHE’S SKINNY YOU GUYS. Come on. Also a mullet hem. Fabio: navy coat (I think it’s navy) with giant buttons and elbow length sleeves. There’s a big collar that gives it some volume, and pleats. I like it. Michelle: short black coat (knee length) with some volume below her waist and a pointed collar like a shirt. The front looks like two different lengths, like the center panel is shorter. Justin: gray plaid coat cut so it is very short in front and back. Like there are two panels of fabric over her hips, and they just don’t meet in front and back. The collar is a big cowl collar like a big scarf. The back doesn’t even cover her butt.

Sonjia, Helen, Gunnar, and Michelle are safe. Justin says he was inspired by the weather. They love it but it looks like he ran out of fabric and couldn’t cover her ass. The red lining also makes them rave. It’s very flattering. Jay likes gray and stuff. He says a lot of things. Alyssa likes the back of his coat, but not the front because of all the lapels. They seem to get the idea, but it’s too busy and there is no London. Dmitry wanted classic and modern. The hem is a tiny bit uneven but it’s gorgeous. Isaac is “mesmerized” by making a coat out of tulle, except that this is tulle over neoprene, and also what? Shut up, Isaac. Alyssa wants new words to say how she appreciates his work. Ugh. Sam talks about her fabric, because I forgot how she really has a print and not just gray. Below her waist is terrible, but the back is OK. No one likes the fabric. Fabio talks about classic and modern also. Isaac loves the sleeve length because he is dumb. An elbow length sleeve is completely useless in a coat that is supposed to keep you warm. The construction is on point. Ben likes…something about “British heritage”. Debra says the flounce on the bottom is too junior. Also the clear pockets piss people off. Isaac, clearly on his own and not prompted by producers AT ALL, says it’s drab and “makes” Ben talk about his fabric choice. But he doesn’t whine about Sonjia that we see.

Everyone loves Dmitry’s coat even though it’s kind of shapeless and whatever. Justin’s coat is super flattering and I guess plaid says “London”. Fabio was playful and had great movement. The back of Jay’s coat was fine, but the front was not fine. Isaac claims to be offended by Ben and his fabric choice, because the producers think this will make us hate Sonjia. But Sonjia didn’t make him put clear vinyl pockets on his stupid coat. Sam didn’t get the styling and they still hate the fabric.

Justin is in. Fabio wins! Yay! Dmitry is in. Fabio is so giddy. Jay is in. Ben is not bringing it. Sam had poor styling and fabric. Ben is out. Sam is in. Ben is like “I had so much more I wanted to do but I guess I’ll do it outside of here!” I guess so! He thinks he’s one of the better designers. Uh huh.

Next time: giant dice with fabrics and events, and I guess some drama about someone not following directions. My recording cut out but I’m sure you can fill in the rest.

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