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Project Runway All Stars 12/18/14--"Mix and" summary

Previously on Project Runway All-Stars: a weird gimmick with dice meant that everyone had a specific fabric and a specific event to design for. This ended up being the most unimportant criteria ever because I don’t think anyone cared. Sonjia won for making a tacky gold dress. Gunnar just failed so he was eliminated. (click for more)

Alyssa talks about presenting yourself and how your clothes affect people’s perceptions of you. Kind of like how her red lace sweatshirt right now provides a negative impression of her stylist. Working in pairs, and Sonjia gets to pick all of them since she won. She picks Dmitry. Then she pairs up Fabio and Jay, Sam and Michelle, and Justin and Helen. Eventually Alyssa reveals they teamed up with (ugh) so they have to make outfits for two singles about to go on their first date. Michelle immediately realizes they will have to do menswear and she freaks out. The dates are tonight. Clearly. The winner will get a spa day for two. Woo.

All the women come in, because of course we’re doing this separately. Michelle convinces her man to not wear a button down so she doesn’t have to make one. Justin and Helen’s guy wants the window at J. Crew. Someone loves Kim Kardashian. Sigh. Fabio and Jay get a gay couple, which is super cute but also means they both have to do menswear. Sonjia BEGS Dmitry to take care of the guy’s outfit. Helen and Justin argue a little bit about the menswear, because Helen says she can do it but Justin doesn’t trust her. Michelle is still complaining about it, and she whines as Sam tells her she has faith! Michelle can succeed! Jay finds a gay fabric at Mood. That’s what he said. Michelle is now sick and about to pass out.

10 hours to work. Sam drapes some fabric around her hips and she and Sonjia discuss skirts. Michelle is still upset because Sam won’t help her and also she says she’s sick. Is she sick? Is she drama queening about the menswear? I can’t tell. She is literally crying about having to design around a penis. Certainly she won’t shut up about how she’s not well. Sam says you have to save yourself first, so she’s not helping Michelle unless her own stuff is good.  

Zanna appears. I think she has a knee-length linen skirt over crop pants. She loves Helen’s shirt dress. Justin’s clothes are too boring. Sam has work to do, while Michelle gets some good praise. Sonjia appears to have turquoise and a top that is wrapped around her torso several times. Fabio turned his jacket into a shirt. Jay has a pink jacket for some reason. Zanna puts it on, and points out she could wear it so maybe not give this to a buff Australian dude.

More working. Jay still loves his pink jacket so I guess it’s staying, but he makes the sleeves light gray instead of pink. The clients come in, and get hair. Well, the girls get hair consults. The boys have fitting time. Everything goes really smoothly, as all the couples leave in the outfits. They meet for dates and of course talk about the clothes and some people get dates at bars and I think two couples got shafted and have dates on top of that ticket booth thing in Times Square.

Runway day. Everyone comes back in, and they gossip about how the dates went. I wonder if someone had a terrible date, if they’d pretend it was fine since they’re on TV. Hot makeup guy Scott. Michelle is clearly feeling better because she’s shit-talking everyone in confessional.

Guest judge is Laverne Cox. Sonjia: teal dress, knee-length with a pencil skirt, and a cutout at her navel. The top has two pieces of fabric that run over her shoulders and then look like they’re tucked in at that cutout, which does not 4extend around her waist. I like the color but the dress doesn’t look like it fits her in the waist. Dmitry: black pants and a black sweater. That’s all I can see. Boring. Sam: black crop top and cream high-waisted skirt. The top is a mullet top since the back comes down over her butt. The skirt ends below the knee and just looks unflattering because of the length. Plus she paired it with black gladiator sandals, so her legs look really stumpy. Michelle: black pants and a black sweater. The pants are long and they seem OK. The pockets look weird but functional. There are zippers along the shoulders of the sweater.

Jay: black jeans, a gray tank top, and a pink and gray jacket. The jacket has gray sleeves and a gray collar, and it seems kind of girly. Fabio: navy pants that are a little short (they have cuffs) and a top that used to be a jacket. The top is dark in the torso with white short sleeves, so it looks like he’s wearing a sweater vest. Helen: short royal blue shirt dress. It’s very loose and really really short. It’s like a trapeze dress that is barely long enough to cover her butt. At the very bottom there’s a strip of black, and I can’t if that’s a banded hem or some hot pants, or a miniskirt. The back is open, with two wings of blue fabric. Justin: gray short sleeved button down and some dark pants.

Everyone gets to stay out here today. Well, four at a time. Sonjia talks about sex appeal and Dmitry talks about relaxation. Alyssa asks about the date, and I find I couldn’t care less about how these dates went or anything relevant to their love lives. The color of the dress is nice but the judges are less sure about the cutout. Dmitry’s sweater is black with a triangle of dark blue over one shoulder so it’s not as boring as I thought. But it’s still too boring for the judges. Michelle says she picked cashmere so everyone could feel the guy up. Sigh. The girl wanted a crop top, though. Sam’s outfit is something you could buy at the mall. Isaac saw her bra on the runway. Sam tries to say she was concerned about boobs but no one wants boobs to be a problem. They all love Michelle’s outfit, the details anyway, but the fit is off.

Justin went for clean cut clothing, and Helen wanted playful and flirty and backless. Helen’s fabric is shiny and it looks like pajamas. They love it because I think it’s dumb so clearly I’m wrong. Ugh. Isaac is on my side and says she looks pregnant. Justin was too boring, and when he says that’s what the guy wanted Isaac is NOT having it. Laverne says the guy is sexy and should call her later. Hee. Fabio and Jay talked to their guys, and one was a T-shirt and jeans guy, and one was slacks and a button-down guy, so they switched it up and traded styles. Everyone loves the jacket, and the fact that the pants are loose but not stupid baggy. Fabio’s guy looks interesting and different. Isaac says “gay priest on a yacht” which makes zero sense.

Dmitry and Sonjia are safe. Underwhelming but not terrible. Laverne and Alyssa fight about Michelle, but then everyone else jumps in against her. All agree Jay did a good job. Fabio maybe was strange but he had a strong design concept. Justin’s outfit was so boring that Isaac is angry. Sam’s outfit made her girl shapeless. Helen made her girl look pregnant.

Dmitry and Sonjia are in. Michelle is in. Fabio is the winner! He immediately curses. Hee. Jay is in. Sam is in. She can’t run away fast enough. Helen and Justin both were terrible, but they “helped” with the chemistry in their couple (whatever) so they’re both in! No one is eliminated! Pep talks for all! UGH. Whatever, I hate this show. When Helen goes back to the Scrap Bin and says they’re both safe no one really reacts.

Next time: male swimmers, make swimwear and resort wear. I think we have some time off from this show so enjoy it!

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