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Project Runway All Stars 12/11/14--"Luck Be a Lady" summary

Previously on Project Runway All-Stars: the show paid to take everyone to London so they could meet Duchess Fergie and then make coats. Fabio won with a cute coat with pleats, and Ben was eliminated for poor fabric choice and clear vinyl pockets. (click for more)

Alyssa says this week they’ll be selecting their own fabric and the event they’ll be designing for. Then she says this is a “Fashion Gamble”. There are giant dice. One has types of fabric and one has events. Fabio gets to go first. He gets denim and masquerade ball. Hee. Sonjia gets brocade bachelorette party. Sam, brocade awards ceremony. Michelle, lace gallery opening. Justin, silk gallery opening. Helen, brocade awards ceremony. She gloats because she has the same thing as Sam and she makes gowns. Gunnar, brocade masquerade ball. Jay, denim Sunday brunch. Dmitry, velvet gallery opening. Dmitry is not happy.

Gunnar thinks this is the best of the best of the All-Stars. Sure. The brocade people have to be careful of fabrics. Justin thinks he has the easiest. At Mood Fabio finds bright pink denim. Sonjia buys hot pink brocade that seems to be the same shade as Fabio’s denim.

Michelle layers her lace so her model doesn’t flash everyone. Fabio asks Sonjia to model a necklace he wants to use as a headband. Dmitry sews a jumpsuit. Sonjia decides to use the hot pink she’s bought. Michelle gets super gossipy because she’s noticed that hot pink is not brocade. As soon as Sonjia leaves the room, she calls others over to get their opinions. Dmitry says it’s quilted silk. The gold is brocade. Fabio tells her, in the interest of helping out a friend, but she says she found it in the brocade section and it’s totally brocade and mind your business. He was totally nice about it. Eventually she eye-rolls and starts draping the gold. Gunnar mutters something about Xanadu.

Zanna time. Winner of this challenge will get a Marie Claire photo shoot. Justin can’t be predictable. Helen keeps saying “Russian Roulette” and Michelle is pretty sure she means regular roulette. Fabio’s pink is maybe too Pepto Bismol but he’s sticking to his guns. Gunnar wants a feather effect. Sonjia is maybe too cheap.

As soon as Zanna is gone Michelle and Fabio make fun of Helen for her Russian roulette comment. Hee. Model fitting. Helen goes to Jay to tell him his dress looks like she’s going out to the club and not to brunch. He’s pissed. Like, he’s offended that she’s insulting him. He calls her a beoyotch and now Helen refuses to forgive him. Sonjia goes home with no top for her look.

Runway day. Gunnar has changed his bodice several times. Lots of sewing. Hot makeup guy Scott. Fabio gets his necklace/headband thing set up. I may have dozed off here and missed something.

Georgina is finally back. Guest judge is designer Michael Bastian. Sonjia: gold dress with a miniskirt and a halter top. It’s super shiny. The top has a narrow keyhole in the back and also one in the front. Clearly the fabric is expensive, but it’s still pretty tacky. The front of the skirt has a panel that looks like it’s wrapped down between her legs or something. Justin: sheath dress with a miniskirt and a high crew neck. Her sleeves are attached at certain points so there is some skin peeking out of her shoulders. It’s black on the sides and sleeves, with a black, white, and gray print on the center panels. It’s nice but I’m not super impressed. Gunnar: strapless gown with a mullet skirt. The skirt is stiff, too, so it has a bell shape. The bodice is diagonal slashes of pink and brown and possibly a print? It looks stiff like it doesn’t fit her well. The skirt appears to be dusty rose pleather. It’s gathered, but not into formal pleats, but there’s no waistband so it almost looks like he made it too big and had to fix it somehow. Helen: long red gown, strapless with a narrow strip of skin at her waist and a high thigh slit. That’s about it. Actually it’s two pieces, a bustier and a skirt.

Dmitry: black velvet jumpsuit. The top is one shouldered, with a flutter sleeve, and it looks really shiny so maybe it’s not velvet? It moves really well but the top looks cheap from some angles. Jay: gray short dress with a V neck and some thick straps. The bodice is diagonal strips of the fabric, perpendicular to the sides of the neckline. The skirt is a wrap skirt. It’s all a pewter that is slightly shiny, and I can see where people though she was going to the club. I guess I could see it at brunch? I mean, the back is just the two straps running down to her waist. And it is kind of short. Sam: slim pants and a top with a big peplum and elbow length sleeves. The top has a deep V, and the sleeves are one print, but the rest of the top and all of the pants are the same gray and blue plaid print. It’s a lot of all the same print. The back of the top has a rectangular keyhole. Fabio: long pink gown with a V neck and sleeveless. That’s about it. He’s put it with lavender gloves though which is weird. It’s a nice dress. Michelle: sleeveless top with a high crew neck, and a matching skirt. The whole thing is in several layers of lace, all carefully draped for coverage (although you can still see her bra). It’s a weird brown-yellow color. The skirt has big hips like jodhpurs.

Jay, Dmitry, and Sam are safe. Helen says she used both the front and back of her fabric to make some visual interest. Georgina thinks it’s fresh but a slit plus midriff plus corset plus deep V is way too much. Sonjia claims she’d wear that dress for her bachelorette party, and it’s in Vegas so that’s why it’s tacky. Isaac pretends it’s not tawdry and they love it. Sure. Justin wanted an architectural piece. The back is great but Isaac thinks there’s something wrong with it that he can’t claim. He had the easiest combo (silk gallery opening) and he didn’t really do anything with it. Gunnar says a mullet hem provides bounce like a butterfly. Ugh. The top is fringe, because the fabric was fraying. It’s not flattering, and her waist looks thick. The strips are random, but they don’t look random enough so it looks like a mistake. Michelle explains her layered lace. This is a very difficult color but she pulled it off. Isaac says “dirty little wink”. However the hips are tricky. Fabio’s dress is denim, and Georgina wishes he had just used regular denim. The dress is fine but I think they wanted blue denim. Isaac hates it and he hates the styling. Ugh, her eye makeup is like, a huge band of lavender across her eyes.

Helen had some good ideas, but maybe too many ideas. Michelle took a risk with her color, but her skirt maybe is too wide. They still love Sonjia’s tacky dress. She can’t even get a lap dance without flashing everyone! Come on. Apparently you say “Vegas” and everyone forgives everything. As they get ready to discuss the bottom, Isaac says it might take a long time and Alyssa asks if they should pee first. Hee! Justin’s dress was just common and blah. Fabio didn’t use the denim they wanted, and it wasn’t masquerade ball. Jay had non-blue denim too but you don’t see them complaining about it. Gunnar was going for something but it’s clueless. The judges joke about wrestling to determine the loser.

Helen is in. Sonjia wins. Sigh. Michelle is in. Justin is in. Gunnar is out, so Fabio is in. Yeah…I can get behind that. Alyssa actually stirs herself to give him a hug (she demands Isaac help her). He seems really OK with being eliminated. Like he’s going to rise from the ashes or whatever.

Next week: make outfits for singles going on a first date, Michelle cries about menswear.

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