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Project Runway 8/28/14--"Rock the Wedding" summary

Previously on Project Runway: make a dress for Heidi for the Emmys. Boring. Some people made things short and shiny and tacky, but they were told it was not OK. Everyone had the chance to go back to Mood and buy more fabric, which not everyone did. Sandhya took all the extra money and everyone complained about it, but you snooze you lose. Anyway, Sean won, for making a long dress with fringe. Apparently fringe is in. It was a fine dress. Then in a weird shocking development there was a double elimination as both Mitchell and Kristine were kicked out. Very surprising. I could have done with getting rid of Korina also but I’ll take Mitchell. (click for more)

All the girls are just like, sitting around the apartment not talking. Amanda says it’s pretty tense because out of nowhere Korina told her she’s a phony. Yeah, that’ll go over well. Korina sort of laughs and says “Don’t even think about it, just do you.” I’m not sure why she thought that would help. Not that I disagree that Amanda is annoying and I guess phony. Why talk after that? Amanda cries and I can’t summon any sympathy.

Everyone heads for a “music hall” and it seems to be set up for a wedding reception. Then Dita Von Teese walks in on Tim’s arm which is way more classy than this place deserves. She promises she is not marrying Tim today. Hee. He does say that people are doing things that are non-traditional with their weddings, so this week’s challenge is to make an “alternative” wedding dress. Tim and Dita claim there are no rules, but I’m sure there are magic secret rules the judges will bust out when they feel like it. Also you have to make a “coordinating dress” for the reception. Oh, why two dresses? Because teams of two! Heaven forbid you have multiple people work on one dress. I hate this. Fade and Emily (they link arms and walk down the aisle which is so dumb), Alexander and Samantha, Kini and Sean (Sean has immunity), Sandhya and Char, and Korina and Amanda. Ha! You could have seen that coming from the first scene. You’re both annoying and full of yourselves so you should get along great, right?

Char and Sandhya decide Char will make the reception dress and Sandhya will do the wedding. They seem to be doing “colorful rock star”. In citrus. Fade and Emily discuss denim. Korina wants to do a suit for the wedding. That’s the twist. Weren’t they BFF’s just the other day? I’m already tired of them. Kini and Sean also have a suit. Mood is Mood.

Samantha claims Korina drags all her roommates down as a giant plot to get them eliminated. Sandhya and Char have a very bright yellow. They have a problem with some leather and pointy boobs. Sandhya tells her how to fix it, but Char is blaming the leather. Kini’s pretty confident. Korina is confident also, but when she talks about it she doesn’t mention Amanda. Char interviews that she also thinks Amanda is fake but she already told her. I feel like Char was up front about it but Korina was all “Let’s be BFFs!” and then turned on her. Amanda runs to the lounge and tells Fade how everyone hates her. Apparently she’s also upset Char said “every time you win, you take a win away from someone else.” THAT’S HOW WINNING WORKS. How can you be mad about that! If you win someone else does not win! I don’t get how that is so upsetting.

Tim Time! Samantha has some red lace and then white petals and then red feathers. The red is not working. But both dresses are out of the same lace so they look too similar right now. Then Samantha claims to never have been to a wedding which is just too weird. Tim is worried about the leather in Char’s top that she was worried about before. He says it must be “superbly executed” which is dumb. It’s one day. The yellow is so bright they’re going to have to make it perfect. Fade and Emily have black. Tim warns them to make sure the two dresses would be worn by the same person. Korina must get herself into the look. I’m not sure what that means either but whatever. Amanda appears to have ANOTHER fringe dress but she promises she’s not doing that. Tim loves Amanda but tells Korina she is too boring. Ouch. Wait, why are we reassuring Amanda that she is great? Am I supposed to be satisfied that Korina got in trouble? Because I don’t like Amanda either. Kini and Sean are doing a lesbian wedding and no one else had that idea which is weird. They’re making a tuxedo look which seems like it will be cool.

Amanda is so pissed she says Korina can just do whatever she wants for that look and leaves her out to dry. Model fitting. Kini has done his usual insanely quick sewing job. Char is struggling.

Runway day. Korina is convinced if her team loses she’ll go home because Amanda is the golden child. It’s true. Amanda complains that she asked Korina exactly how she was annoying and Korina wouldn’t say. I am not surprised. Char is still pretty worried. Korina is not done with anything. Amanda offers to help her, but then when Korina takes her up on it she just like, stands there like she doesn’t know what she needs to do. Like, “I know I offered to help but now I will do such a bad job you’ll let me off the hook.” Then she complains about Korina to the model, which is real professional. Kini is helping Sean because he knows Sean can send out a topless model and still not be eliminated. Hot makeup guy Scott. Fade has painted some of his dress but I can’t even tell where. He’s being robbed of wins on a weekly basis, you guys. Amanda’s failure as a person continues as she made the pants too small. The pants she offered to make. For Korina’s model. Did she ask about what size Korina’s model was, since she’d never worked with her? Of course not. I just cannot imagine that you would be so careless after a surprised double elimination. But then again, Korina has a good point that Amanda can do no wrong. With two minutes left, this model does not have pants on. Sandhya interviews that Korina came in thinking she was the shit and now she’s in trouble. Too bad.

Guest judges are Dita Von Teese and Chiara Ferragni, “top style blogger”. Heidi also reminds us about the Tim Gunn Save which suddenly makes me wonder if they eliminate Amanda and then waste the Save on her. Ugh, I hope not. (Editing note: it goes wedding dress, then reception dress) Kini: black dress with a knee-length pencil skirt and a tight top with a deep V and tight elbow length sleeves. On one hip is a big ruffle. It’s cute. Very striking, but it doesn’t say “wedding” that much. I could see it though. Sean: tight black cropped pants and a white blouse with a deep V and kimono sleeves. The back of the blouse drapes down like a cape. I like the pants. Alexander: long slim red lace dress, with a high neck and no sleeves. Over the red lace is white petals but there are a lot so the lace only shows through in small patches on the skirt. It’s sheer in the skirt. Actually it’s not bad. Samantha: short dress in the same red lace, but with a solid skirt. The top is sheer except for red feathers in a bandeau top across her boobs. It works pretty well actually. Korina: tight white satin pants and a white jacket with black trim. The jacket isn’t that exciting, just some wide lapels and elbow length sleeves. Yawn. Amanda: short A-line dress with a halter neck (the kind that are a collar). It’s white with black triangles hanging down. Blah. At least it isn’t obviously fringe.

Emily: long black gown with a black lace hood. The skirt is black but open. Like it has cut-out circles. The bodice is solid and the shoulders and sleeves are lace. It’s super goth which works surprisingly. Fade: short shift dress with a V neck. It’s got horizontal stripes of solid black and lace, but on angles so it’s more interesting. And painted somehow. Sandhya: super yellow gown, long, with a draped skirt and a bodice with some technique she created. It’s all woven and tied like tiny bows. I don’t mind the yellow that much but bear in mind I have a crappy TV so it may be brighter than I think it is. Char: short yellow dress with a handkerchief hem. Lots of pieces hanging off it. Some of the back is really short.

Amanda and Korina are safe, because of course. Fade and Emily say their bride was in Japan and she’s introverted. They hate it, surprisingly. Well, they hate Emily’s. It’s too cliché. Heidi likes both of them, but Heidi has terrible taste so who knows. I mean, she tells Fade she wishes his dress had a lower neckline. The sleeves on Emily’s look cover her hands which is not so great. The looks don’t go together. Kini and Sean’s girl needs a suit so that’s why it’s similar to a suit. It’s incredible and Zac labels them the “dream team”. The ruffle is maybe a little overpowering. Nina sounds half asleep. But it does look like the same girl. Sean and Kini both think Kini should win. Hee. Char says they wanted something different. There are too many ideas and the color did not work. Dita thought there would be some epic story about why she’s wearing yellow. The bodice of Sandhya looks nice but then the bottom looks like crap in comparison. And Char’s handkerchief hem looks like scraps. Zac and Heidi pretend that they have to cover their eyes from the yellow which is just dumb. Sean and Samantha say something about Juliet? I’m not sure. There is too much embellishment. Nina is verklempt. Alexander’s dress looks like two dresses on top of each other, a red lace one and a white applique one. Plus the skirt has a huge obvious horizontal theme. Too 80’s. So I guess there were three bottom teams and one top team.

Poor Char is upset in the Scrap Bin. I’m worried about her. Her skirt is terrible. It’s not sewn well and it looks like it didn’t fit so she put some more fabric over the top of it. Nina wonders what she spent her time doing. Sandhya’s skirt is…I can’t even tell. Like she made a slim long skirt but jacked up the seams so badly there’s a giant fin on one side. Then draping over that. They do like Fade’s dress. Emily’s dress, though, is a parody and they don’t like it as much. Samantha’s hem has a weird dark band. They argue over if her dress is worse than Alexander’s. The lace is nice but the weird petals hide it. They like Sean’s top, but Kini claimed earlier he made the top so I’m not sure. They do like Kini’s dress though.

Sean wins again. Kini fake smiles and is in. Stupid. Emily and Fade are in. Alexander and Samantha are in. Char is out. Stupid. Sandhya is in. She is upset and I think she could have stayed and you could get rid of Amanda. Tim gets choked up and then says “if this were several challenges from now I would save you in a heartbeat.” Why don’t you save her now? What? How does that make sense? Stupid.

Next week: a repeat of that challenge where everyone got borrowed jewelry and had to make something and everyone made black dresses. Boring. Tim says something weighs heavily on him so maybe Char is back? Some weird clothes on the runway.

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