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Project Runway 7/31/14--"Unconventional Movie Nite!" summary

Previously on Project Runway: the producers brought 18 people to New York so they could get rid of 3 of them right away. I’m not sure why, but I guess so we can see Heidi and the judges doing things. Whatever. Then everyone got random ugly fabric and had to make something. Anything. This season’s Drama Queen quickly established himself, so when he was on the bottom we all knew he wasn’t going home. Also Amanda from season 11 (the teams season) returned for no reason. Actually I guess the reason is so she can pretend that she failed that season because she didn’t speak up, as her excuse for being a terrible person now. I am already tired of her obnoxious judgments. And THEN hot makeup guy Scott is gone! I know! So anyway, Sandhya wins, which, I didn’t like her dress that much but it’s fine, and drama queen Mitchell and Amanda hate it so that was satisfying. And then Mitchell was on the bottom but clearly he’s not leaving. Instead Jefferson is sent home for really bad shorts. (click for more)

Everyone wakes up to find someone snuck into the apartments to leave a bucket of popcorn and 3D glasses. Also a note from Heidi and Tim that it’s field trip time! Oh, we must be designing for a movie! 3D designs! Dress a movie star! Kini says maybe it’s popcorn because he watches the show, clearly. Everyone (well the two other designers in the top) interview that they thought Sandhya was going home. Char is nicer about it than Amanda.

The field trip is to a movie theater that looks really cool. Alexander says he knows there’s a “kick ass” challenge coming. OK, “kick ass” is maybe the wrong choice of words but good for you for knowing this isn’t just a random outing. There is a very lame trailer with the movie voice guy about fashion, and then Tim appears onscreen to tell them this is an unconventional materials challenge. I say “an” and not “the” because they seem to think we need more than one per season. I’m good with one. See Kini was the closest to being right. The materials are “movie and movie experience items”. That means they have actual film reels, which is cool, and then concession stand stuff, 3D glasses, props, costume stuff (that seems like cheating), tape from the lighting supplies. It’s the usual random assortment of junk. Then Tim physically shows up and says the other twist is it’s teams of three. When they filed into the theater they sat in groups of three, way far apart from everyone. I’m not sure how that happened but I’m sure it wasn’t random. Also the teams seem to have colors. Silver: Amanda, Korina, and Kristine. Amanda is already drama queening about the teams like she’s gonna die. Purple: Char, Kini, and Mitchell. They might be fine. Green: Emily, Alexander, and Samantha. Samantha’s a shit disturber so who knows. Red: Hernan, Carrie, and Sandhya. Sandhya is immune so Carrie is annoyed about that. Blue: Angela, Fade, Sean. Angela freaked out last week about getting things done so that might be a problem. Each team will make three looks, because the whole point of teams is for drama and not for working together on one piece.

15 minutes to shop, and you can only take what you can physically carry. It’s not as violent as it could be. Tim reminds them to talk to their teammates, but I’m sure that didn’t really happen.

Tim reminds them of their one day deadline, and says there will be a winning team and a losing team, but one designer will win and one will be eliminated. Also “no team leaders” which just means that if someone walks all over their team it’s not sanctioned by the producers. Officially. Unofficially they would love that. Korina thinks that somehow her team will have a little vintage but sci-fi futuristic. Or something. She and Amanda claim their team is the best. Amanda tells the other two that they can’t use fabric because the judges hate that, basically. Hernan claims he works with a lot of people so teams are easy for him. On the one hand, he’s taking over the team, but on the other hand Sandhya wants them to each do whatever and then try to make it cohesive, which never works. Green team claims they’re doing avant garde but no one ever does that properly on this show. Sean wants villains but Angela is insisting on fairies? She can’t do evil? It’s a weird argument. Fade is concerned she’s stressed out, which is smart because in confessional she’s about to cry.

I think Sandhya cut out numbers and put them on her skirt. Like a countdown. I think that might be too literal. Carrie hears her out, but then tells her that there will not be anything positive coming from that. Sandhya wants to be true to herself, but makes the mistake of saying “then I’ll go home for that” which isn’t true. Carrie and Hernan discuss it behind her back and Sandhya interviews that she knew they were doing it, which is strange. Did someone tell her or did she just guess? I mean, I’d say there was no way her look would be so terrible she’d put their team in the bottom if the other two were fine, but that actually happened on “Top Chef” and they actually asked the person with immunity if he would quit since he really had the worst dish. So I wouldn’t rule it out. Anyway, Carrie and Hernan are upset because Sandhya just went off and did the number thing without telling her teammates. Hernan and Carrie have interviews with their tragic backstories. Weird. Oh, Fade does too. I guess now that we don’t have to have 4 eliminations we have time to learn about everyone. Angela stands up for herself pretty well without being rude about it.

Tim Time! He is met with silence. Green team has a tank top with CDs cut like fish scales. It looks awesome. But then they have like, a black plastic mask bra. Kini has some braiding that his team stands behind. Sean talks about villains while Angela looks like she’s about to freak out. Sean also has straws but Justin made that test tube dress last season and you aren’t going to beat that. Angela has torn up scripts but I think she is only using the back but not the printed part. Also flowers which is not really “villain”. It doesn’t go and Tim is concerned. I still don’t get her insistence on how she can’t do villains? Whatever. Sandhya’s skirt is suspiciously absent. Tim thinks their looks are costumey. Also that he doesn’t hear “team” because it’s clearly three people doing whatever they want. He tells Hernan and Carrie they’re screwed. Korina has too much work left to do, as does Kristine. She’s trying to make a dress that’s flattering for all sizes? I’m not sure but she wanted to make a whole dress of cording and she only has a bra right now. They’re in trouble timewise.

Hernan decides his team is in trouble and he is the only one who can save it. He tells Sandhya her top doesn’t work, and that he told her like four times already. She responds that he isn’t helping, because he’s not actually giving suggestions. Hernan says that it’s not working and Carrie can do something now, and…something. I don’t know what he’s trying to say. Sandhya has to try to match the other two. Well that’s true. Sandhya interprets this conversation as “there is no respect for a team member’s voice”. I guess, but I didn’t really hear her trying to give opinions about the look. Just Hernan saying her stuff sucks. Which is also rude, but he does have a point about cohesion. Sandhya cries and Alexander tells the people eating about how he tried to eavesdrop on the drama. I think they decide that she’s upset because she doesn’t want everyone to think she’s slacking because she has immunity. She actually drags Tim away from whatever he’s doing to tattle that she’s being picked on and she wants his feedback. OK look. Hernan is kind of a jerk. But I don’t think this is anywhere near bad enough for a Tim intervention. It’s the second challenge. There will be plenty of challenges for you to “show your story” or whatever. The supposed point of the team challenge is to compromise. Also no one expects you to show your story on unconventional materials. Tim tells Sandhya she’s great and could win the whole season (sure) and now everything is fine.

Angela wanders into the sewing room, and Kini tries to joke with her, like “oh what now!?” but she takes him seriously and gets jittery. Not a good sign. Hernan orders his team to use his technique with the film strips. Model fitting. Angela only has a basic shift, I think the base of whatever fancy stuff she’s going to do. Also it doesn’t fit over her model’s head. Hernan decides their theme is “The Gold Era of Hollywood” because they have film and gold. Sigh. Carrie high-fives him because she has done nothing but agree with him all day long. Kristine’s look has a lot of clear plastic and skin, as does the rest of her team.

Runway day. Carrie talks about how there was tension between her and Sandhya, which, I guess there was but she made sure not to say so when Sandhya was around. Tim gives everyone two hours to finish. He also thinks there is spectacular work. There might be, I suppose. Angela’s design doesn’t seem to go. She also refuses help which seems like a terrible idea. YAY SCOTT IS BACK! Oh thank God. These are my priorities. Angela actually tries to be concerned and bossy about her makeup that Fade did for her. Korina thinks the first challenges are to tell people who you are and what you’re doing, except I think they are actually for not being the worst? So you don’t get yelled at later for being boring? I don’t know, she can stop talking any time.

Heidi is wearing a sheer shirt because of course she is. Guest judge is Garance Dore, fashion blogger. Sandhya: the treatment they’ve all used is to sew the strips of film together to make fabric. Somehow she has gold and red and blue in a one-shouldered top and miniskirt. There are strips hanging off it everywhere and I can’t tell if they’re on purpose. I guess it’s better than a literal countdown? Carrie: very short strapless dress in the same technique, mostly red with gold along the sides. The boobs are pointy. It’s not bad. Hernan: a longer dress with a mullet hem and a high neckline. It does fit well. Lots of gold. Tim’s advice is magical you guys. They go together in that sometimes in collections you’ll see several pieces made with the same fabric. It’s more cohesive than it was, anyway.

Kristine: the skirt is green with numbers and letters over it. I think they’re the cards you put in the marquee? So clear plastic rectangles with letters. The top is the cording bra she had made before, in a yellow-green. The green skirt just looks like a piece of plastic. Korina: more green plastic and some black fringe on the skirt, and the top is a deep V with black strips across the chest, like they’re holding it closed. Eh. Amanda: it’s all cording and cable ties, and not enough of them so the muslin is a good percentage of the dress. Everything is tacked down in the bodice but hangs loose from her waist down. It’s terrible and janky. Plus there is a tail of the marquee letters.

Samantha: the top is a tank top of cut up CDs, so it looks like fish scales. The skirt is film strips, but enough of them to make a solid skirt, all knee length. It even looks like she curled the ends under to make a bubble hem effect. It’s great. Emily: the top has more CDs but it’s mostly some kind of black plastic that doesn’t fit right. The skirt is film, but with wide pannier hips and then floor length strips. The strips look more raggedy than Samantha’s. Alexander: long gown, very stiff. The top part comes up to her face, but it looks like he fit her waist and then the gown is not moving. Like she’s walking around in a tube. The skirt is a mullet hem, and after the stiffness of the rest of the gown the loose fringe edges are bothering me.

Angela: short white dress with some black and white accents. The accents are weird paper cutouts in some geometric pattern. Fade: black plastic top that looks molded, and a ring of white straws just under her butt, and then film strips as the rest of the skirt. I don’t see how it goes with Angela. Sean: short V-neck sleeveless dress covered in white straws, with accents of black here and there. I’m sorry, but I keep comparing it to Justin’s test tube dress and it’s just not the same. It looks like a shag carpet. But points for getting plastic straws to look like fabric.

Mitchell: short shift dress covered in crap. It’s like he found everything sparkly that was kind of pink or purple and then put it on this girl. She’s like that cheap plastic iridescent wrapping paper that looks like different colors if you tilt it. I mean, he’s done it properly so it doesn’t look that sloppy, but it is a lot. Char: short dress made out of those paper tickets that you use for raffles, that come on a big roll. They’re all stuck together but curl up at the top near her face and at one hip. There are also cut up pieces of CD stuck on there. Kini: he braided something, maybe the cording, to make the bodice, and then there are a ton of ruffles at the neckline and the whole skirt. It’s a big bubble round skirt. It’s not terrible but not that great. But we heard basically nothing from this team so I’m assuming they’re safe.

Before announcing who is safe, Heidi calls Angela out for sucking, basically telling everyone it’s her fault they didn’t win because Sean and Fade were so great. Harsh. Heidi calls out Carrie, Sandhya, Hernan, and Kristine, Korina, and Amanda as the top and bottom. Back in the Scrap Bin people tell Angela not to beat herself up, but I notice her team is not joining in on that. Not that I blame them. Heidi tells Amanda’s team they are the winners, which is crap because their clothes were terrible. Plus they were so arrogant about how they were going to win! Ugh. Amanda explains the collection but I seriously cannot with her right now. Korina brags about how great their communication was. Ugh again. Zac thinks this says “movie kiosk” and it’s really cool. Heidi thought it was original, which it was because no one is going to make strings and muslin. Nina likes the color which at least is nice. Also she says something about how there are three different silhouettes. This is so dumb. Amanda didn’t make anything that other people haven’t made except she put muslin underneath it so her model wouldn’t flash anyone. How long does it take to tack down wire and cable ties? How is this unlike pink string and washers? Kristine says Amanda should win, Amanda refuses to say anything, and Korina picks Amanda. Did she brainwash you guys or something? I hate this show.

Heidi decides that Hernan and Carrie and Sandhya all made the same dress. They don’t all look the same. Carrie says they were really uncohesive before. Zac hates on the shapes, which is dumb because I do think they’re different. Heidi decides they’ll have to pick the worst dress, which can’t be Sandhya and isn’t Hernan because he sort of tried. Carrie gets defensive and says this isn’t all she can do or whatever. I think making everyone use the same technique was Hernan’s idea so he should go down. Somehow the judges don’t get why they started over. Hello, if they had done whatever each one wanted to do you would have nailed them for not going together. Sandhya says exactly that, and Zac looks smug as he interrupts her and says they just have to go on what’s there. Well then don’t be stupid and ask why they started over. Shut up Zac. Nina tells Sandhya her dress is the worst so she’s lucky she has immunity. On closer inspection it does look the worst; some of the strips look like she just stuck them on wherever. Heidi makes some noise about how they should manipulate materials. Oh you mean like hanging wire off a piece of muslin? Sandhya refuses to throw anyone under the bus, just saying they all tried their best. Carrie is like, Hernan and I shouldn’t go home, but her refusal to say anything is somehow more annoying. For a while I thought she and Hernan were saying Sandhya should go home, but eventually they throw Amanda under the bus. I think. Also Angela. Nina is like, I don’t see why we need to explain our decision to them, and Hernan says well you asked. And I answered. Ha. Carrie is really desperate.

Carrie is really taking it personally that Sandhya has immunity. She’s also convinced she’s the one they’ll pick to go home and I think she’s basing it on the fact that Heidi said Hernan’s was sort of better. I’m not sure how this film treatment was so much worse than anyone else’s use of film strips, unless we’re saying this team was too similar and that’s why they lost. Tim tells the judges that the reason everything looks the same is because Hernan was so stubborn the girls gave up and matched their looks to his. Nina acts like she blames Hernan now. Everyone loves Amanda’s stupid look. OK. Maybe it is plastic underneath and not muslin. It’s still dumb. Remember Patricia’s crap from that season? Where she would just hang crap on crap and the judges loved it? Yeah.

Amanda is the winner, because of course. Now she’ll be even more obnoxious. I hate this show. Sandhya is in. Carrie is out. Hernan is in. They pretended like they’d get rid of him too but you know they won’t. Carrie tells the judges they made the wrong choice. Ha. Back in the Scrap Bin she announces that she was supposed to be going to Fashion Week, and “no offense but we know who was going to be going home and that’s what I think is unfair.” Well the judges let Sandhya win last week for no reason and that’s how the judging works on this show. It’s complete crap. Also now you just look like a sore loser. You know if the situation was reversed, it’s not like you would give up immunity. Also maybe you should have stood up to Hernan instead of kissing his ass every chance you got. Tim has zero sympathy and no Tim Gunn Save.

Next week: “the future of fashion”. Also Heidi thinks she’ll be relevant 20 years from now.

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