Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I think the show is supposed to be about cooking

OK, I wasn't going to write about "Hell's Kitchen" this season, but then I watched the first episode(s) and it was surprisingly not bad. I mean, doing the first challenge in front of an audience so Ramsey can have people laugh at his jokes, that part was dumb. Dumb, but unsurprising, because it's "Hell's Kitchen". And then the sous chefs come out, and...wait, where's Scott? Where is bad-ass hot chef Scott? He left? What the crap is that!? I mean, Andi's cool and all, but MAN. That is not a good sign right there. (click for more)

Dinner service is the usual level of failure and cursing, although Gina and her medical emergency or whatever that was did spice it up a little. Also the puppet. The woman has a PUPPET. Come on. You can't tell me she isn't all an act to get more screen time. Nedra is my temporary favorite, just because I like her. Of course now she'll probably get on my nerves. Oh well.

And then Jean Philippe came out. JP!!!! Oh, I missed you, JP. I always stayed loyal and I never used that other guy's name ever. I don't even remember it anymore. I don't care that your accent slips. This almost makes up for Scott being gone.

Zach is the real deal. On your first day, to not only be the only one left in the kitchen but to knock out service. I'm going with Zach for the win. Sebastian goes home and good, because he's another one I suspect of acting like an idiot just for screen time. If you guys want screen time you should just go on Big Brother like everyone else.

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