Thursday, October 27, 2011

Project Runway 10/27/11--"Finale Part Two" summary

Previously on Project Runway: Absolutely. Nothing. Oh, Tim visited everyone and people were in various stages of freaking out and Anya had literally nothing. And then everyone came back to New York and showed their stuff. And Anya was pretty bad but so was Kimberly, for some reason, but when it came right down to it they “couldn’t make a decision” so everyone went through. So really, no one was eliminated, therefore nothing happened. 90 minutes I’ll never get back. Hell, how many hours of this season? I suppose I’ve wasted my life on worse things. (click for more)

OK, let’s do this. Anya knows she didn’t show her best work yesterday. She also knows Josh is upset, and while I don’t like Josh, I don’t like this stupid twist either. Viktor knows that now he has feedback from the judges, which can be used to tweak his collection until it’s perfect.

Tim comes in and says that he loved the things the judges said that hated. Including Josh’s weird caftan/leggings/whatever the hell that was. Oh, TIM. I’ll agree with you about Viktor’s dress with the jacket. However, he seems to be in agreement with the judges about Anya. And then suddenly they are getting an additional $500 to go to Mood. What? Seriously? Oh, I can’t imagine WHY they would do that. It’s not like someone, say, a former beauty queen maybe, is in serious trouble and needs several new looks. I mean, the last time they sprung a surprise windfall on the designers was when Anya lost her money. And no one lost their money this time! Look, I’m going to call it right now. The producers want Anya to win. Maybe the judges do too, I don’t know. But she showed up with complete crap for a collection and magically everyone made it to the final runway show and now they are all getting extra money to make new clothes. They didn’t even do that “oh, an extra look that you have to make now that ties things together” that they like to do.

Everyone just sits around and discusses what they’re going to do, even Viktor, who had a great gown that was very dramatic but he didn’t like it. They go shopping. Anya claims she’s’ just picking out things that she likes and not thinking about it. Kimberly spends $499.95. Nice.

They have the rest of today to make whatever they want. Viktor has bought some sheers. Anya is planning to make three complete new looks. Josh has purchased neon green, and orange and yellow stripes. Ha! They all get hair consults which is never exciting but I suppose the product placement pays the bills. Josh makes hot pants in neon lime green. Viktor suggests he should maybe finish the collection he has instead of making random new things. He’s irritated he’s’ not done, but…your own fault, dude. He totally loses it, to Anya of all people, because he has nothing and he’s going back to nothing unless he wins and he doesn’t want to rush it and so forth.

In the morning, it’s the day before the runway. See, that was misleading yesterday. They made it sound like they only had one day to work. Viktor makes an analogy about holding a motorcycle. Kimberly says she can’t change her mind anymore. Anya of course is very far behind. Josh is perhaps getting energy from his hot pink sleeveless hoodie. Stupid consults with Collier and not hot makeup guy.

Tim time! Kimberly is up first. Tim doesn’t like her pink skirt because it’s overworked in front. She doesn’t know how she’s going to fix it though. There are a lot of things she has planned but she doesn’t know what exactly she’s going to do. Anya apparently got that advice to “pull whatever fabric you want” from Tim. She says that she feels more herself, but “100% it’s not my best work”. The rest of her conversation sounds like she’s been eliminated: I’ve learned a lot, it was a great experience, stuff like that. Viktor is removing two of his prints to edit. He’s got a long black sheer gown. Josh of course has his new neon colors. Tim hates it. It doesn’t’ go with the “vibe” of his other clothes. And then some things are tacky.

Josh was confused by the critique he got, although his explanation seems to be “I am confused because this is what I was going to do.” Kimberly has finishing to do but on everything. Anya thinks she might have more than 10 looks but not 10 she wants to show. Viktor might cut some things too.

Model fittings. Josh loves everything. I think he wants people to look closely at his clothes and discover their beauty. Anya likes her silhouettes. Viktor curses at the sewing machine. Anya is working up to the last minute, laying the dresses on the floor and cutting hems. The dresses just look like swaths of fabric.

Runway show! It is damn early. Everyone is excited to show, and carefully doesn’t mention how they aren’t the only ones showing today. Kimberly says it’s anyone’s game at this point, bless her heart. The usual last minute freaking out occurs. Kimberly loses her sewing kit and freaks out. Anya lends her stuff. Anya appears to be still sewing.

Finally. Pictures of collections are from Blogging Project Runway Guest judge is L’Wren Scott.

Kimberly is up first. She says this is where she comes from, and her mom was her inspiration. Collection here A lot of her skirts fit weird. Like, they’re pretty short, and they ride up in front or in back or something. But it’s very colorful and it seems to go together.

Josh is second. Collection here He dedicates it to his mom, of course. All his models have big heavy booties on and they drag the clothes down. It’s very Josh: loud colors everywhere. Tim is backstage with each designer as their collection walks, telling them how great they are. It’s weird.

Viktor’s collection He’s made himself a vest out of one of his prints. He was inspired by the city. The stuff with the prints is fantastic, but the new sheer stuff he just made is weird and doesn’t go with the prints. Oo, the long sheer gown is not good. The one with the cheetah spots. But he made a black tank and pants to go with that leather jacket. Just like they told him to.

Anya is last, which somehow doesn’t surprise me one bit. Collection here She dedicates her collection to her brother. The first girl comes out holding the skirt of the dress so you can see how it flows, but you shouldn’t have to help it along, I don’t think. The long green and gold outfit is actually pants. And she has a dress with a modesty tab and the judges absolutely NAILED Josh for that the other week.

Best sound bite is from Jaybird, who says he doesn’t like Josh’s personality but he liked the collection. I love you Jay.

Judging time. That means this is almost over. Everyone talks about their inspiration and their collection even though they did that last week. Kors gives her praise for doing everything they said but still staying true to herself. They liked everything except for the big flowy print with the fuchsia skirt underneath. That wasn’t so great. Heidi likes the pants. The pink dress with the jacket is really great. Nina likes that Kimberly can take rich fabrics and make them easy and modern. Heidi claims to have gotten Josh’s point of view and she liked his weird tacky print. Kors praises his editing and styling, which I must admit, the styling is pretty good. He has a vision which he owns. Nina says “most improved”. Huh. His weird green shorts, that had laces up the front, Nina hated them on the runway. But in the little lookbook she has, they are interesting to her. Kors says he made his gimmicky fabrics look believable, to which I say ha!

Kors thinks Viktor’s sheers are too must of a “runway joke”. Heidi says what I did, which is that the sheers and the original collection of prints do not go together. Nina tells him he should have mixed the sheers and prints in the same outfits, which is bullshit because last week they told him not to pile things together. But whatever. Kors actually criticizes Anya and says that she lost diversity in the shapes of her pieces. Kors loved the first one, and tells her she should push it. And then he says she needs variety, even though last week they told her to make Caribbean clothes. L’Wren tells her her outfits won’t work on a variety of body types. Nina repeats what Kors said. Seriously? Last week you were like “this isn’t you, where is the easy Caribbean flow, blah blah”. Pff.

Everyone says why they should win, but it’s the same thing they said the last time they asked that question.

Kimberly had a lot of great clothes, but maybe they didn’t make the greatest collection. You can see her point of view, though, and it’s not a common point of view. Nina thinks she needs more time to mature. Viktor’s collection was beautiful, but not perfectly connected. It was like he had two collections. The prints were absolutely fantastic, but the sheers did not work. It would be commercially successful. All of Anya’s work is done last minute. For some reason they give her extra credit for this. Lots of V-necks. They think she’ll evolve and grow, but not everyone can wear the clothes she makes now. Also everything is a loose flowing dress. Kors argues that it all went together, at least. Nina claims she is smart enough to make different clothes next collection. Josh’s collection is described as fun and with good tailoring. And they laugh at his horrid styling that he used to have. They like that people might like plastic now. Nina says he has maybe too many ideas, but he does have ideas. Anya has a very distinct and “unique” point of view. But Josh’s clothes today have more design to them.

Heidi praises everyone. She talks to Kimberly last, because she’s out. Kimberly doesn’t look very surprised. She says they’re already winners, because they showed at Fashion Week. She’s grateful to have made it all the way to the end. Viktor is out. Bullshit. I mean, I’m not surprised, but it’s stupid. He’s disappointed, but he knows his line represents him. Anya is the winner. Oh, I never saw it coming. How could we have guessed. Josh, bless him, says his collection was better and Anya’s was beautiful but maybe not well sewn. Anya’s thrilled, she did it, she’s made her country proud. All the usual things.

So, Gretchen last season and now Anya? I smell another large exodus of people. Bye everyone.


MsDee912 said...

Didn't even watch it last night...Just got to work and read your recap. You called it!! Your so clairvoyant!! Until next time

Duabe said...

Thank you, Toyouke, for another season of crystal-clear vision to cut through all the bull****.

Anya seems like a nice person, but Viktor did a great job all through the episodes. Josh can go back to Josh World and I wish Kimberly the best. Sooo.... Anya wins...

Will miss your commentary until next season, when we pull up our chairs and watch again.

Anonymous said...

You are so right in regards to the exodus. I gave PR another chance after the Gretchen fiasco, but I can honestly say I'm done, and probably won't even watch the all stars. Anybody thinking about trying to be successful should start working on a porn tape now. There are now so many successful/famous people to look up to that have had a porn tape "leaked" on the Internet. No need to mention names.