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Project Runway 10/20/11--"Finale Part One" summary

Previously on Project Runway: when asked to be inspired by sculpture, everyone mostly was inspired, even Laura, who was inspired by circles and was eliminated. For some reason they didn’t like her literal circles. Everyone tried to continue the drama, especially Josh, but it’s gotten very old and when asked who he would take with him to Fashion Week, he didn’t even have the balls to own up to it. Instead he pretended he respected Anya, even though he spent most of the challenge bitching about how she won instead of him. (click for more)

Look, I’ll be honest with all of you. I really do not care about this finale. I don’t care who wins today. I don’t even really care who wins this season. I already know what will happen: Josh and Anya will be safe, and either Viktor will be out for being too commercial, or Kimberly will be out because she’s not commercial enough. Or some other arbitrary and completely ridiculous criteria that make absolutely no sense. Or they’ll act like they can’t decide and they’ll have a final four. It’s just irritating at this point and I’m pretty much done with it.

Heidi only gives them five weeks to make a 10 look collection, because Lifetime fails at planning and as a consequence, they were still filming this season when it premiered in the summer. Everyone talks about how they’re tired and they can’t believe they’re going to make a collection and they’re excited and all the things they always say. Kimberly starts to say she’ll miss people, but then she stops and says she’s just excited to be going home.

Tim goes to Kimberly’s house first. She says she’s been working hard. Her studio is painted the exact shade of Kmanpat’s dining room. She talks about “urban girl transformed”. There are a lot of colors, with some great jewelry. Tim says this is totally her, and then tells her to take some risks. Kimberly does not want to bore Nina. Hee. Her sister and best friends are upstairs to hang out with Tim. Kimberly is inspired by her mom and she really wants to represent African-Americans in the fashion industry.

Then Tim gets to travel to Trinidad, that bastard. Of course he is out on some dock somewhere in his suit. He says he didn’t think Anya would recognize him if he went casual. You could at least wear jeans, Tim. Anya’s brother sounds just like her and is very supportive. She has some colors picked out, but she says she’s not clear on what shapes she wants, or garments, so she’s behind. And then she admits she hasn’t been able to draw any new shapes. Tim is concerned, naturally, but she’s been in a rut. He tries to encourage her to get out of this rut. Oh, like Anya isn’t going to pull a collection out of her ass and the judges won’t tell her it’s the greatest collection ever.

Viktor is up next. He’s thinking “urban coast”. He already has a clear vision and fantastic jackets and things. He has one gown that Tim thinks might be flat. But I think overall Tim is impressed. Viktor’s boyfriend is super cute and they toast Viktor and talk about Viktor’s growing up in Mexico.

Sigh. Time for Josh. For some reason they’re meeting Tim in a restaurant, Josh and his sister. Which restaurant is completely empty which is weird. He did a lot of sports but now he’s left that behind. Josh doesn’t have as much done as he would like, but it all has a direction, he says. He’s found some patchwork bright fabric, and some green and blue fuzzy fabric that makes me dizzy. A lot of neon colors. Tim is forced to think of ice cream and cheap and that’s not good for him. In the end Tim has rejected 5 or 6 of Josh’s fabrics. There is one dress that makes Tim want to weep, and of course Josh says this is the “center” of his collection. Once Tim leaves Josh has two pieces left that he thinks he can use. Good.

Time for everyone to come back to New York and hang out in a swank hotel. There’s a terrace. Gorgeous. Josh shows up first and cries about how his mom should be there. The girls show up next and shriek and laugh. Let’s hope someone starts a Jay-Karasaun-Wendy Pepper-level fight. Tim brings them champagne. Tomorrow they will get started. There are no fights that night, sadly.

Everyone unpacks and eyeballs everyone else’s collections and interviews about how everyone else sucks. Tim comes in and says they will need to show three looks tomorrow. Model fitting will not be until tomorrow. Viktor has a cropped white jacket with a ton of texture on the sleeves. It’s fantastic. Josh finally says something nice about someone else and admits he’s kind of afraid now. Josh interviews that it’s about staying true to himself, and also that his collection is completely different from when Tim showed up to his house. He’s showing some black and white looks, and some color, but it doesn’t go together. Kimberly needs to make up her mind and pick out three looks. At the moment she can’t decide. Anya has actual completed clothing now. It’s all very Anya, therefore Tim is disappointed. She’s feeling mighty low because it seems this may be the first time she’s gotten a negative review. She can’t start over now, though.

Anya is obviously flustered, and Josh can barely restrain his glee. She’s seriously is saying she’s let down all of her family and the town and the country and it’s horrible. Josh wants to show his great use of color. Kimberly has to pull it together. Anya is still freaking out.

In the morning everyone gets ready and is nervous. Viktor says he’s finished, while everyone else is still working, so he’s got an advantage. The models come in and immediately a zipper breaks on one of Anya’s pieces. She doesn’t have time to fix it, so she’s going to use another piece. Josh is putting turquoise heels with bright pink pants. Viktor gets makeup. No really. Viktor and Josh talk about how Anya is finishing things last minute. Kimberly is doing the same thing but I guess no one said anything about her. Everyone talks about the chance to show their point of view at Fashion Week.

No guest judges today. Viktor is up first. Strapless cocktail dress in black leather with insets of blue fabric. The skirt is full, and has zippers that are open, like vents, with the blue fabric inside. I really like it. Second: white pants with a dark pink liquid print. The backs of the pants are black. There is a black jacket, and a tank top made of long glass rectangles. Very striking. Third: that awesome white jacket, with a black bustier and a mullet skirt. The skirt is very short in front and has a train in the back.

Anya: short dress with a V neck in a brown print. The skirt is about 3 inches shorter in front. Second: black swimsuit with a low V and a sparkly zipper/line up the center. This is with a simple beige cover-up robe. Third: long gold gown with one shoulder and a wrapped back to it, so it’s interesting from the back. There’s a weird flap on her hip.

Kimberly: off the shoulder top in a vertical striped print, in greens and blues. The front looks fine, but the back is open and it looks like a smock. This is paired with dark blue pants. Second: blue top and a heavy skirt, with brocade or something. The front of the skirt looks like it’s not made properly, and again the top is backless with a weird thing up near her neck. Plus the pleating in the back makes her butt look big. Third: long black gown with a mock-turtleneck style neck. It’s long and sparkly and backless. But black.

Josh: hot pink flood water pants and a jacket with some vertical seaming that is interesting. Plus a print tank top. Oh, and the blue shoes. Second: little black dress. That’s about it. There’s a keyhole in the back with a single vertical strap. Third: a jumper with long pants, in black. The collar is plastic, in a mottled reddish brown shade. In the back there is another keyhole and an exposed zipper. Actually I think maybe it’s not a jumper but a sheer gown over leggings.

Anya’s first dress has gone over well, but the bathing suit looks bad (oo, she needs more support for the girls and the exposed zipper looks tacky) and the gown looks unfinished. It’s not perfect enough. Kors says the styling is not helping: large heavy jewelry and bad shoes does not look Caribbean. Nina tells her to embrace what she’s good at. Kimberly talks about her urban looks, and Kors can immediately tell they’re her clothes. He likes that the sexiness comes from the open back and not a low-cut front. However there is too much jewelry and her blue pants have matching blue shoes so they all blend together too much. Nina agrees on the styling. Heidi hates the pink skirt that is poofy in the back. The front hem is arched in the front. It looks pinned? Is that on purpose? Kimberly admits she had an ivory jacket to go with that skirt but it was a little too big so it’s not here. Heidi and Nina clutch their pearls in horror.

Viktor talks about his brother and gets choked up a little. The prints in the short dress and the pants are pictures of Mexico that he put onto fabric. The tailoring is fantastic. Kors says he has to say one bad thing about the sunglasses on the leather dress. He then says that the white leather jacket is too much with the mullet dress, that the dress is gorgeous enough on its own. Heidi steals the jacket and talks about how great it is. Viktor says he really loves the jacket though, and Kors tells him to whip up some black pants and a black tank top. Nina asks him to take off the leather skirt with the short dress, and they like the dress without it. Kors says each piece is great, but they shouldn’t all be put together on the same girl. Josh talks about how innovative and tailored his stuff is. Heidi likes his stuff. The jacket looks good, but the buckle is cheap looking and the shoes conflict with everything. The little black dress is good except for the little tab just under her boobs. Kors haaaaates the back of the long dress. It does seem to be leggings, very tight leggings with an exposed zipper. Kors makes him take the belt from the jacket and put it on the short dress, and Josh argues that it looks bad but then Kors likes it. I think it looks like a strap from a backpack, with that plastic buckle thing. Bleh. Nina tells him his styling is finally good.

Everyone goes to the Scrap Bin and freaks out. Josh fishes for complements and Anya falls for it. Viktor has wonderful pieces, with great prints and perfect tailoring, but he must edit. Josh has to fix his long gown/leggings/whatever, and Kors insists he fix the short dress with the tab. He had the best styling though. Anya’s point of view only came through in the first dress. Heidi says she should have done what she was good at, which if you’ll recall is exactly the opposite of what Tim said. Two of her looks were not good. Nina didn’t like Kimberly’s color palette, they didn’t like her styling or accessories either. The girls did not do well today. Then randomly they say “Anything’s possible”. The final four have a Kumbaya moment backstage.

Heidi warns them that if they move forward, they must do what the judges tell them. Oh, I mean “listen to feedback”. Josh is in. Viktor is in. Kimberly is in. Anya is also in. Big fucking surprise. Admit it, when you saw that she was the last one up there, not one person thought she was actually out. Josh is pissed. I would be pissed too, probably. He interviews (randomly, in another outfit) that both of them should have gone home because they both had horrible critiques and this is serious! Serious stuff! Fashion Week! They’re terrible! Whatever. On the After the Runway show he’s saying how he’s so glad they all went to the final episode together, because everyone has a different point of view and it would be such an injustice. Did you forget that everyone just watched you bitch about it? Laura Bennett comes back and she sadly agrees with him, about how she’d be angry if no one was eliminated, but at least she pointed out that he wasn’t OK with it.

Next week: This season is finally over.


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Finally over. You said it!

Anonymous said...

Finally over. You said it!