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TAR17, Recap Leg 2, 10/3/10

Welcome to Leg 2! Last time, on Are You a Battlement?, teams raced from Boston to the United Kingdom, eventually ending up at the fake castle Eastnor. Claire got pelted with a watermelon (just in case you hadn’t seen the internet footage), and Chad and Stephanie bicker. But in the end, it’s Ron and Tony who are first off the plane but last at the mat. Who will be eliminated. . . next? (click for more)

Arrival at the pit stop last episode:
1st – Jill/Thomas, Team Who?
2nd – Nat/Kat, Team ER
3rd – Connor/Jonathan, Team Glee
4th – Brook/Claire, Team Infomercial
5th – Katie/Rachel, The Beach Bunnies
6th – Gary/Mallory, The Hillbillies
7th – Michael/Kevin, Team Internet
8th – Chad/Stephanie, Team Neverland
9th – Andie/Jenna, Team Adoption
10th – Nick/Vicki, The Geniuses

Eastnor Castle Meadow, Ledbury, Herefordshire, England, United Kingdom

11:55 AM Jill/Thomas (1st)
Clue: Make your way back to London Heathrow and take a flight to Accra, Ghana! Once there, make your way to Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park and find the monument to get your next clue. You have $137 for this leg of the race.

12:00 PM Nat/Kat (1st)
– Nat: “Kat is the big ocean liner and I’m the little dinghy on the side.”
12:20 PM Connor/Jonathan (1st)
12:21 PM Brook/Claire (1st)
– Brook asks for directions back to Heathrow, and proceeds to accost an old British man. (Toyouke: “I love everyone standing around on the ground all impatient for Brooke to hurry up and kiss the guy.”)
12:22 PM Katie/Rachel (1st)
12:40 PM Gary/Mallory (1st)
– (Toyouke: “Did she really just say she wants to hold an African baby? Huh?”)
12:41 PM Michael/Kevin (1st)
12:50 PM Chad/Stephanie (1st)
1:35 PM Andie/Jenna (1st)
– Andie: "This is the only time we're ever going to have like this!" (Toyouke: “I don't really want to hear about how Jenna was adopted every week.”)
1:45 PM Nick/Vicki (1st) – (Toyouke: “I wonder if Nick and Vicki know where Ghana even is. Nicky and Vicki? ...nah”)

Jill and Thomas are the first to arrive at the airport, where they find that the only flight to Accra is on Virgin Atlantic, and so every team will make the flight. (Toyouke: “I love how they tried to pretend Team Who has conflict and I'm STILL bored. “) Thus, the Amazing Green Line takes us the six hours to the Gold Coast of Africa. (Toyouke: “Woo! Bunching! Phil carefully pronouncing the city correctly and emphasizing the correct pronunciation!”) Teams arrive in Accra in the following order:

1- Nick/Vicki
2- Brook/Claire
– Brook: “Look at all the stuff on their heads!”
3- Chad/Stephanie – Chad: “Look at all the trash!”
4- Jill/Thomas
5- Nat/Kat
6- Michael/Kevin
7- Katie/Rachel
8- Connor/Jonathan
9- Gary/Mallory
10- Andie/Jenna
– (Toyouke: “I like that Andie gave out money without talking about how she's an awesome person and everyone else sucks.”)

Teams make their way to the monument. Some of them choose to give money. Team Glee holds on for dear life.

So, teams arrive at Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park in the following order:

1- Brook/Claire
2- Nick/Vicki
3- Chad/Stephanie
4- Katie/Rachel
5- Michael/Kevin
6- Jill/Thomas
7- Nat/Kat
8- Connor/Jonathan
9- Gary/Mallory
10- Andie/Jenna

Teams are now instructed to make their way to Makola Market to get their next clue. So teams run back to their taxis and arrive at the market clue box in the following order:

1- Nick/Vicki
2- Brook/Claire
3- Jill/Thomas
4- Chad/Stephanie
5- Katie/Rachel
– (Toyouke: “Aaannnnddd the volleyball players are the first with "Africa smells".”)
6- Michael/Kevin – (Toyouke: “You'll notice Michael is loving the market because it reminds him of his childhood in Taiwan and also because he kicks ass.”)
7- Nat/Kat
8- Connor/Jonathan
9- Andie/Jenna
10- Gary/Mallory
– who had to switch cabs because of a dead engine.

When teams arrive at the market, they see the large sign. (Toyouke: “Makola Market. (Keep It Clean and Tidy.) Hee.”)

And teams come to the second roadblock.

Who thinks they can handle some shady dealings?

In this roadblock, one team member must go into the market and sell enough sunglasses to earn 15 cedis ($10) and are not allowed to sell any pair for less than 3 cedis. Once the 15 cedis are collected, the roadblocker takes the money to the lead vendor so that teams get their next clue.

(Toyouke: “If sunglasses are so popular, Phil, why aren't you wearing any?”)

The following team members complete the Roadblock.

1- Nick
2- Brook
– (Toyouke: “I wonder if anyone even understands all the shit Brooke is saying. Or if they're just like, "Oh, cute blonde American."”)
3- Jill – Thomas: “I feel helpless because I can’t help.” Well, that’s profound.
4- Chad
5- Katie
– I’m calling her Red, because I can only identify these girls by their shirt color.
6- Michael
7- Kat
8- Connor
– who just wants to get out of there, so sells his first pair for 10 cedis. (Toyouke: “Oh, smart boy. Everyone is selling them for the cheapest price but maybe the better strategy was to see how much you could get for each pair.”)
9- Jenna
10- Mallory
– “Get your sunglasses for your shaded pleasure!”

After much sunglass selling, teams complete the Roadblock in the following order:

1- Brook/Claire
2- Michael/Kevin
3- Connor/Jonathan
4- Chad/Stephanie
5- Katie/Rachel
6- Andie/Jenna
7- Gary/Mallory
8- Jill/Thomas
9- Nick/Vicki
10- Nat/Kat

Teams are then instructed to make their way to the June Fourth area of town and find Tesshi Road and Peace Motor Spare Parts to get their next clue. Teams then arrive at the Motor Shop in the following order:

1- Brook/Claire
2- Chad/Stephanie
3- Katie/Rachel
4- Michael/Kevin
5- Connor/Jonathan
6- Jill/Thomas
7- Nick/Vicki
8- Gary/Mallory
9- Nat/Kat
10- Andie/Jenna

And we get the Detour Clue.

Tune In OR Check Out
*Tune In: Teams must walk to nearby Adom Electricals and pick up a television antenna system. They then travel to a nearby marked house and install the system to the specifications of the owner. Once they have a proper television signal, they can get their next clue from the owner.
*Check Out: Teams must find Emmanuel’s Woodworking shop and collect a coffin in the shape of an object. Teams transport the coffin to Hello Coffin showroom, where the owner will give them their next clue.

(Toyouke: “Those are the greatest coffins ever. Also, "Hello Coffin" is the best name.”)

1-Brooke/Claire choose Tune In
2-Chad/Stephanie choose Tune In
3-Katie/Rachel choose Check Out
4-Michael/Kevin choose Tune In
– (Toyouke: “Asians! Electronics! ...that's all I got.”)
5-Connor/Jonathan choose Tune In – And then, in the First Bald Snark of the season, switch detours to Check Out.
6-Jill/Thomas choose Check Out – (Toyouke: “WELL there is a personality. Asshat. Because it's one thing to not care about the feelings of your fellow racers, THOMAS, but one would hope you might care slightly about random natives whom you are accosting.”)
7-Nick/Vicki choose Tune In
8-Gary/Mallory choose Tune In
9-Nat/Kat choose Check Out
10-Andie/Jenna choose Check Out

Teams complete the detour in the following order:

1- Brook/Claire
2- Katie/Rachel
3- Michael/Kevin
4- Chad/Stephanie
5- Jill/Thomas
6- Nick/Vicki
7- Connor/Jonathan
8- Gary/Mallory
9- Nat/Kat
10- Andie/Jenna

Teams get their clue and find that they must now take a taxi to Kaneshie Market and find the marked bridge, the PIT STOP of the second leg of this racearoundtheworld. The last team to arrive MAY be eliminated!

1- Brook/Claire – who win a 10 day trip to Hawaii, complete with spa package and helicopter tour. (Toyouke: “Brook. You came in first on Leg 2. Calm down.”)
2- Katie/Rachel
3- Michael/Kevin
4- Chad/Stephanie
5- Jill/Thomas
6- Connor/Jonathan
7- Nat/Kat
8- Nick/Vicki
– (Toyouke: “Hey! Nick and Vicki didn't say anything stupid today!” Kmanpat: “Darn, there goes my title quote for next week.”)
9- Gary/Mallory – Mallory: “Phil, any news will be good before I have a heart attack and die on the mat!” (Toyouke: “See? Mallory freaking out on the mat was funny.”)
10- Andie/Jenna

And Andie and Jenna are gone. There is crying and wishes of hoping to go farther. But we’re glad we got to meet each other. Woo.

1st – Brook/Claire
2nd – Katie/Rachel
3rd – Michael/Kevin
4th – Chad/Stephanie
5th – Jill/Thomas
6th – Connor/Jonathan
7th – Nat/Kat
8th – Nick/Vicki
9th – Gary/Mallory

Next week: It looks like more Ghana. Nick finally blows his cool. And Michael can’t keep his, because he gets overheated. (Toyouke: “No! Michael is awesome! Crisis in previews means nothing! Previews lie!”) Until next time!

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