Friday, October 29, 2010

Project Runway 10/28/10--"Finale pt. 2" summary

Previously on Project Runway: everyone worked on their collections and then had to make a new look at the last minute. The judges decided Michael C. wasn’t good enough, although his clothes looked more high-end than Gretchen’s did. Who knows what the judges ever think, though. (click for more)

Gretchen is kind of shocked she’s here. Mondo and Andy are super thrilled. Gretchen finds a note at breakfast saying there are “friends” waiting to meet them. Mondo hopes it’s not family.
They go to Parsons to meet for the reunion. Wait. Wait one damn minute. THIS is how the reunion is going to work? You SURPRISED the finalists with the reunion?? Jesus. Well, I’m not cluttering up my recap with it. You can read that here.

Waste. Of time. So anyway. One day before the finale, everyone gets to work on finishing touches. Andy is thinking about what the judges said last time, how he had no range. Gretchen is trying to improve her styling to have more drama. Mondo splits a zipper but is trying not to freak out.

Tim time! He says that even though they just made an 11th look, they can only show 10 looks, so one has to go. But it also sounds like it doesn’t have to be the new one. Mondo doesn’t want to have a circus, but the judges also liked his showmanship. He knows he’s always been in the top, so what he’s doing must be working. Mondo’s going to scrap his evening gown, which is all black and not really him. He’s treating it as his last runway. Andy had a more complicated bathing suit. Why didn’t he show that one? He’s going to take one bikini out, but there is the one he showed which is not that great, and the one he hasn’t shown which has twisted fabric Tim likens to hair growing out of her crotch. Not good. Gretchen is scrapping her newest look, because she got nailed for her outfits not being fancy enough. “More dramatic styling” for her is brighter lipstick, crazier hair, and high heels.

When Tim leaves, he leaves them with hair and makeup stylists and all 10 of their models. No model selection this season, I guess. That’s no fun. Tim tells them he’s excited for all of them but doesn’t cry. Mondo and Andy have headpieces so they have sleek hair, but Gretchen is doing like, tousled and matted. Eh. Model fitting. Everyone seems to be feeling good about their models. Even Andy, who doesn’t quite know what everyone will be wearing. Some of Mondo’s girls didn’t show. For real? Fire them. That’s crap, there are plenty of models waiting to be in this show.

The three finalists go back to the hotel and talk about how it’s finally the end and they’ve all grown and whatever. Just get me to the end. This has been the LONGEST season and I’m ready for it to be over. Everyone interviews about how much they want it, and Gretchen says this has been humbling which is funny. Mondo’s the most emotional about how bad he wants it.

3am wake up call! They go to the tents, and Gretchen comments on everything. Things get going and Mondo is missing models. He’s also saying that some guy screwed up his lineup and he’s bitching at people, but in his Mondo way which is fairly polite. With 40 minutes left, Tim tells him he should be in hair and makeup and leave his lineup. Andy is hemming pants. Mondo has to use an alternate, who has short hair and makes it not cohesive. But what can he do? Andy is flailing. Some pants are a mess. Jessica Simpson is the guest judge, feh, also the dress she has on is SO unflattering. I’m sorry, but it makes her shoulders look super weird, like her arms are so fat she doesn’t really have shoulders but like, her neck just slopes into her arms. And I’m sure her arms aren’t like that. Gretchen does not get any footage about her troubles. I’m sure she had some. But we don’t get to see them.

Finally. Time to go. Heidi claims to be attached to the designers.

Gretchen is up first. As usual for the past few years, rather than describe each look, I’m going to link to the collections. Tom and Lorenzo, formerly Project RunGay, always have many many pictures and do a fabulous job of putting them together. Here’s Gretchen’s collection. Her stuff is fine, aside from the liberal use of hot pants. I like her jewelry. I do not like clunky heels. The whole thing feels resort wear, not really “high fashion”. I mean…not that that automatically means no one will buy it. But the last model is wearing a dress and a leather vest and flat sandals. Also Gretchen herself is wearing a sheer skirt over granny panties.

Andy is up second. Andy’s collection is here. There’s a lot of shiny and it looks more expensive than Gretchen’s. It does all feel like party clothes, though. There is some talk that the woven top was stolen from someone else. I’m not sure if they will bring it up or not.

Mondo’s collection. Mondo’s collection is very Mondo, lots of black-and-white prints in lots of combinations with little pops of color in skinny belts and headpieces.

Montage of famous people talking about each designer so we get a selection of people talking about who they think will win.

The judges sit around by themselves and say nice things about the designers before they come out. Everyone’s a winner! Jessica wants to wear something from one of you! Andy explains he was inspired by Laos and textiles from there. Kors likes that he had an Asian theme but not a costumey collection. His dresses were interesting but simple at the same time, but overall Kors thinks his collection was narrow. Heidi wasn’t impressed with the first look, but she liked some of the stuff in the middle. Nina was glad to see the “softer” side of Andy, but he kind of lost something with it. It’s not as much Andy. Nina wants some edge. Jessica really liked his stuff.

Gretchen’s collection is called “Running Through Thunder” (…sigh). The prints were nice and there were a lot of different types of pieces. Her pants were modern and the whole thing felt easy. Nina also likes that she listened to what they said about the styling, even though the whole collection was pretty monotone. They also have a problem with her opening look, like Andy’s, because it was one of the hot pants looks and it was kind of weak. Kors can see who this girl is, that wears this collection, but then there are random leather pieces that don’t go. Everyone loves the jewelry. Heidi says this is a hip girl, although wearing all the same print, and Jessica wonders if you saw all this together on a rack somewhere, how many things would you buy?

Mondo was inspired by Mexico and the Day of the Dead. It was all Mondo. Jessica liked the skull T-shirt. His collection was cohesive, great use of color, but Nina thought it was too overwhelming. It’s teenager and he should have edited down. Jessica loved the personality and the uniqueness. Heidi points out that the long polka dot dress didn’t go over well with Kors and Nina the last time, and Mondo defends himself. I guess Kors didn’t like how it was so much print, and then he attacks the look with black and white plaid pants, and it’s so much plaid, and Mondo previously made super high-waisted pants in shiny purple with black plus signs and yellow accents, but THOSE pants were awesome. I’m sorry, but seriously. Be consistent. Kors tells him never to lose the drama, but it’s costumey. Sigh.

Everyone says why they should win. Mondo has grown as a designer and a person, he loves himself more and therefore can create. Gretchen has also grown and has listened but been true to herself, and will immediately make them proud if she wins. Andy says winning would let him start a big journey.

Individual pieces from Andy are praised but overall Nina wanted some “Andy” edgy pieces. Jessica asks if they scared him. Ha! Kors didn’t like the headgear. Overall, there’s no bite, and they all agree he’s out.

On to Gretchen. She has good sensibility, likes accessories, and is in tune with what’s happening. Her clothes are on trend, and she stayed true to herself. It was a collection. They move on to Mondo, who has incredible talent and is crazy creative. The strapless dress with the bubble hem and the pink tunic are the favorites. Kors wishes he would edit. Nina complains that she warned him about it. It sounds like Kors and Nina are bitter that he didn’t take their advice so they’re spouting crap about how ready-to-wear is so great and editorial and wonderful. This is stupid. More stupid than usual. Heidi and Nina argue about Mondo vs. Gretchen. Nina compares Gretchen to Seth Aaron. This is so stupid. You are going to lose viewers. You are rationalizing your decision that you made for no apparent reason. HEIDI is the voice of reason! You know there’s a problem with it. Heidi does bring up the excellent point that there is nothing wrong with Gretchen’s collection, it’s just not exciting. PLUS they praised Mondo all damn season for having crazy prints and colors and suddenly it sucks. And didn’t they eliminate Emilio last season for being TOO ready-to-wear? I knew I was tired of this season.

Heidi tells Andy that he’s talented but not the winner. He seems OK and I know there are people who will buy his stuff. Heidi talks endlessly about how awesome both Gretchen and Mondo are, and then names Gretchen the winner. WHATEVER. That is my reaction. Hire new judges, Lifetime. You just gave the win to a woman who had a monotone collection with one print. Good job. Everyone loves Mondo so he’ll be fine. I’m done.


Anonymous said...

Gretchen's collection can currently -- and every year, in every season in every city in the US -- at that bastion for women who have completely given up. It's called Chico's.

Anonymous said...

Meant to say, her collection can be found at Chico's!

Duabe said...

Great recap Toyouke! We can always count on you to be the first blog with the best take on Project Runway.

Good on you for calling out the judges. Didn't they just say that they didn't want to see clothes that they could get at any department store? Didn't they say they were looking for "fashions" from the designers? Which side of the bread did they want buttered anyway?

Did my eyes break last night when Mondo's turquoise outfit went down the runway? Did I see a necklace and then no necklace and then a necklace again and then no necklace? Did anyone else see that? Have to watch it again to find out I guess?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Toyouke, for perfectly encapsulating my feelings about this entire season and its outcome. I have watched PR, the good, the bad, and the ugly, for all eight seasons and I have officially had it. I am done with the drama, I am done with the inconsistent judging, I am done with the way this show is scheduled, produced, edited.

And the granny panties won. If that isn't jumping the shark, I don't know what is.

David Desk said...

Who can forget that Seth Aaron won last season and Emilio lost because the latter's was too wearbale according to Nina? And what about Christian ultra-couture all-black collection? Who would ever wear any of those, except to a costume party?

Anonymous said...

I also realized that the necklace on Mondo's turquoise outfit appeared n disappeared during the show.could it be something wrong happen or the camera have something to hide?