Friday, October 29, 2010

Project Runway 10/28/10--Reunion summary

I can’t believe I have to sit through the reunion before I can see the finale. (click for more)

Everyone pretends they’re happy to see each other. They’re not totally shocked, but excited to see all their friends. The finalists, I mean. Heidi makes sure they all know they’ve grown. She then says in a voiceover that Andy has a clear voice as a designer. Andy montage. He does do some really nice stuff, but then there’s the Jackie O. look with the weird pants. He has great execution. After the montage when everyone claps Gretchen and Mondo pointedly do not clap.

Everyone talks about how they are stars and Peach has a huge gay following and Valerie got proposed to on Facebook. Hee. Casanova learned a lot of English. AJ says everyone always asks him for the scoop. Especially about Gretchen. Mostly people get asked about Ivy and Gretchen. See, I didn’t think Gretchen was a bitch. Not much after the team challenge where she just kind of imploded. And Ivy eclipsed her. She claims that she’s just confident and she gets choked up about how strong women are labeled “bitches”. Maybe that’s why I don’t think she’s a bitch, because she was just cocky. Ivy is shaking her head and says that’s fake. Seriously? April backs her up and gives an example: when Chris was around Gretchen would give him praise, but then in interview say she’d never liked anything he did. Oh, but you could call Ivy on that too. Let’s not heap it all on Gretchen. Gretchen says she has opinions on design, not people’s character. That’s true. Mike C. has gotten to know her and he knows she means well. Mondo says they’ll all be criticized at one point, so it’s not fair to pick on her. Well, I don’t think it’s fair to tell someone they did an awesome job and then say later you hate everything they’ve made. But whatever.

Gretchen montage. So I’ve seen a theory that the judges praised some of Gretchen’s stuff that maybe didn’t deserve to be praised as perfect and awesome, so she got a big head about it and then when they came down on her she was confused. That’s not the worst theory. They show the billboard, which I guess is good for Marie Claire because they’ve gotten some (deservedly) bad press lately. Not that I feel like helping them out, so last time I’ll mention it.

Tim talks about Mondo and Mike C.’s relationship. Mondo admits he was being a jerk based on hearsay, but he came around. Tim says Michael had the last laugh. Tim claims all the contestants were there for each other. I guess.

Mondo montage. Hee. Crazy colors and prints! Then there’s a montage of craziness. Mike C.’s Kors impression. “Animal wooly balls”. Hee, I forgot about that.

Heidi claims this season is so great because everyone spoke their minds and were themselves. Yeah, that must be it. Certainly wasn’t the judging. For some reason, montage of the family visits and then people talking about how tired they are. And crying. Which montage makes everyone cry, I guess.

Heidi makes everyone try to guess who will win, but who knows what the hell the judges will decide? They’ve been doing some crazy nonsense. Tim removes the finalists, and that’s it. That. Is. It. 20 minutes, straight through. Probably less, actually. Well, that was a waste of my time.

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