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TAR16, Recap Leg 8, 4/4/10

Welcome to Leg 8! Last time, on If You’re Going to the Seychelles Islands, Be Sure to Leave Your Bags Upon the Shore, teams took the slow flight to Africa. Coconuts fell out of carts, Steve and Allie left bags at a task, and the Cowboys made so many mistakes they galloped right into last place. . . but found the second of three non-elimination pit stops. Who will be eliminated. . . next? (click for more)

Arrival at the pit stop last episode:
1st – Steve/Allie, Team World Series
2nd – Dan/Jordan, Team I Love You Bro!
3rd – Brent/Caite, Team Like The Iraq Such As
4th – Louie/Michael, Team Sherlock
5th – Carol/Brandy, The Lesbians
6th – Jet/Cord, The Cowboy Brothers

St. Pierre Island, the Seychelles

7:22 PM Steve/Allie (1st)
Clue: Fly 5100 miles to Penang, Malaysia! Board the 2 AM “Twin Spirit” Ferry to the Mahé Airport. Once you arrive in Penang, make your way to the Snake Temple to get your next clue. You have $128 for this leg of the race.

(Auburnium0513: “More bunching, really? Wait, the cowboys are in last, I'm okay with the bunching if it helps the cute cowboys.”)

7:36 PM Dan/Jordan (2nd) – Jordan reminds us that it is his dream to win the Amazing Race. I think he needs to dream bigger.
9:15 PM Brent/Caite (3rd) – who call the detectives “The Daddies.” (Toyouke: “Calling the detectives "Daddy" would be SO DIFFERENT if it was Brent and not Caite. I'm just saying. Well...not that different.” Auburnium0513: “As long as we’re talking about Caite, what's with the glittery headband?”)
9:16 PM Louie/Michael (4th)
10:19 PM Carol/Brandy (5th)
– Carol: “We’re a strong team! We’re competitive!”
10:22 PM Jet/Cord (6th)

Teams arrive at the ferry. Like the Iraq and the Detectives discuss their dislike for the lesbians a little bit more, giving a bit of foreshadowing to a potential Yield or U-Turn in the future. (Toyouke: “Are the lesbians a threat? Or are they mean to Caite and her sparkly headband?”) When Steve and Allie arrive, the detectives loan them some clothing. (Toyouke: “'Hard man to fill his pants.' Hee.”) Teams take the ferry to Mahé, arrive at the airport and all get on the same flight to Dubai and on to Penang. Cue the Amazing Red Line!

Teams arrive at the airport in the following order:

1- Brent/Caite
2- Steve/Allie
3- Louie/Michael
4- Carol/Brandy
5- Dan/Jordan
6- Jet/Cord
– Cord: “How do you say ‘fast’ in Malaysian?” Jet: “Fast!”

Teams teksi (Toyouke: “Hey, my dad was right. He said when he was in the Peace Corps that the people who had the easiest time learning Malay were people from the East Coast and that it was close to English in a lot of places. Like "teksi".”) and arrive at the Snake Temple in the following order:

1- Dan/Jordan – who somehow got the fastest cab driver in Malaysia.
2- Brent/Caite
3- Steve/Allie
4- Carol/Brandy
5- Louie/Michael
6- Jet/Cord

Teams now get the Detour Clue.

Buddhist Tradition OR Chinese Tradition

*Buddhist Tradition: Teams must travel to Tien Kong Than Temple and carry four 10 foot, two 8 foot and six 6 foot incense sticks up 150 steps to the temple. Once there, teams place the incense in the correct order in the burner, light the tips and get their next clue from the proctor.
*Chinese Tradition: Teams must travel to Padang Kota Lama Park Esplanade and choose a pair of chengay, which are giant flagpoles 42 feet long. Teams then carry the flags on their heads 120 feet across the park to get their next clue.

(Toyouke: “Seriously? 'Balance a giant flag on your forehead'? Is that a thing you can master in 10 minutes?” Auburnium0513: “I know how hard it is to balance a broom on your hand, like hell if I'm going to balance a flagpole on my HEAD. Incense sticks all the way.”)

1-Carol/Brandy choose Buddhist Tradition – Brandy: “This is the 10000 step climb of Lao Tzu.”

2-Brent/Caite choose Buddhist Tradition – Brent: “I wish God would turn on the air conditioning.” (Toyouke: “Yeah, I'm sure he'll get right on that.” God: "Sorry, I can't reach the thermostat from the tub.")
3-Jet/Cord choose Chinese Custom – Jet: “We picked this skill up as kids when we saw a broom, got bored, and started betting who could balance it on their nose.”
4-Louie/Michael choose Buddhist Tradition – (Toyouke: “No your cab driver is not like Jason Bourne.”)
5-Dan/Jordan choose Buddhist Tradition – The brothers let their awesome cab go at Snake Temple, and go to the wrong temple for the Detour, after trying to get out of their cab and run when traffic got thick. Oops.
6-Steve/Allie choose Buddhist Tradition – They also go to the wrong temple for the detour, and then decide to try Chinese Custom. When Allie complains loudly enough, Steve relents and they Bald Snark back to Buddhist Tradition. (Toyouke: “Steve, that's not the way to choose a Detour.”)

Teams complete the detour in the following order:

1- Jet/Cord
2- Brent/Caite
– (Toyouke: “Shut up about beating the lesbians. It's like Lynn and Alex bitching about Boston Rob all the time.”)
3- Carol/Brandy
4- Louie/Michael
5- Dan/Jordan
6- Steve/Allie

Teams are then instructed to travel to Teluk Bahang and find Koli Sri Singsonuga Kaliamann Temple. Once there, a number of things happen.

When they arrive first, Jet and Cord find the Speed Bump.


A speed bump is a task that must be performed by the last place team on a non-elimination leg. Once they complete this task, they may return to the place where the speed bump occurred and continue the leg. In this, the second of three speed bumps, teams must make their way to Tropical Spice Garden and find the spice tea lady. Teams then smell the crushed spices she has and determine which one of three teas was made from the spices. Teams then deliver the correct tea to the meditating guru in the swing. If it is correct, they will receive their next clue.

(Toyouke: “I like this Speed Bump. Can't we have that as a task?” Auburnium0513: “These speed bumps are getting more and more substantial as the seasons progress...”)

Teams complete the Speed Bump in the following order:

1- Jet/Cord – after they get it wrong once.

After that, teams arrive at the temple in the following order:

1- Jet/Cord
2- Carol/Brandy
3- Louie/Michael
4- Brent/Caite
5- Dan/Jordan
– whose cab driver stops for gas. Jordan: “Is this completely necessary?” (Toyouke: “Yes, generally gasoline is necessary for driving. You shouldn't have given up your awesome cab driver.”)
6- Steve/Allie

And teams come to the seventh roadblock.

Whose life could use a splash of color?

In this roadblock, one team member must smash coconuts and find one with colored milk. Then, the roadblocker must use local materials and create a Hindu float offering. Once complete, the float gets given to the guru and set out to sea, and teams get their next clue.

(Auburnium0513: “Oh, I would ROCK at this Roadblock. ‘Make something pretty based on this guide?’ I'm all over that, I have mad design skills!”)

The following team members complete the Roadblock.

1- Jet
2- Carol
3- Louie
4- Caite
– (Toyouke: “Why does Caite taking her coconut to the ocean get the Fake Chariots of Fire theme?”)
5- Jordan – (Kmanpat: “Jordan doesn’t need a splash of color; he’s a rainbow unto himself.” Toyouke: “Of course Jordan is taking this one. And of course he screws it up.“)
6- Allie

After much coconut smashing and float building, teams complete the Roadblock in the following order:

1- Jet/Cord
2- Carol/Brandy
3- Louie/Michael
– (Toyouke: “"Come On, You Coconut-Smashing Fool!" should have been the episode title.”)
4- Brent/Caite
5- Dan/Jordan
6- Steve/Allie

Teams are now instructed to travel to Pinang Peranakan Mansion. This is the PIT STOP of the eighth leg of this racearoundtheworld. The last team to check in MAY be eliminated.

1- Jet/Cord – and they win a trip for 2 to Maui with five nights and massage, luau and romantic dinner for 2. I’ll have a Romantic dinner for 2 with a cowboy, please. (Toyouke: “I’ll take the other one.”)
2- Carol/Brandy – Carol: “We’re waiting for the eyebrow, Phil!”
3- Louie/Michael
4- Brent/Caite
5- Dan/Jordan
6- Steve/Allie

And Steve and Allie are eliminated. And not because they had no clothing either. They both are very emotional about the loss.

1st – Jet/Cord
2nd – Carol/Brandy
3rd – Louie/Michael
4th – Brent/Caite
5th – Dan/Jordan

Next week: Teams race to Singapore. There seems to be heights. And Jordan apparently doesn’t do them well. Oh and Brent and Caite annoy the lesbians. (Toyouke: “I don't care what Brent and Caite do. “) Or something. Until next time!

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