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Project Runway 4/22/10--"Finale pt. 2" summary

Previously on Project Runway: Tim told Seth Aaron to change everything, Emilio refused to listen to Tim about anything, and Jay lost everything and was eliminated right before Bryant Park. (click for more)

Everyone talks about how excited they are to be in the finale and there is some trash talking. Seth Aaron’s collection is called “glamorous Hot Topic” by Mila. I know some people who would be all over that. Emilio says Mila’s garments are beautifully made but are very “severe” and “demure”. She retaliates by saying she can see his collection in a boutique in Harlem in 1994. Oo…Mila wins that round. Seth Aaron says Emilio’s collection is “older”.

Tim time! Seth Aaron has 24 looks. Complete looks. Wow. He’s got some color, but is going for cleaner looks that hopefully are more sophisticated. Tim asks if they’ve seen some of Emilio’s looks before. Emilio points out that sometimes what Tim says and what the judges say are different. That’s true, and how much less hostility would there be for Emilio if he had started out saying that instead of “Tim’s not a woman so what does he know?” Mila has some styling issues; namely that she needs to have rougher, more edgy styling. Tim tells all of them he’s excited for tomorrow. Are they showing tomorrow? They have model casting today. That doesn’t seem like enough time at all. How will they have time to fit everyone? How will they have their makeup consultation with Collier Strong?

Model casting is not super interesting. It usually isn’t. Mila wants edgy and Emilio says that he wants “global” models or whatever, but his tone says “See how awesome I am because I have ethnic models!” I fully admit I don’t like Emilio and that may color my opinion. Oh, they are having makeup consults now. Well then.

Model fittings happen right away. Emilio is fixing things now that he’s seen them on women. Everyone is doing last minute stuff and talking about how much they’ve worked on this and this is their dream and so forth. That is all the work time we will get. I want some more.

In the morning, the alarm goes off at 2:40am. Seth Aaron greets the day with cursing, much as I would if I had to wake up that early. Everyone goes into the tent and stares at the runway. Seth Aaron makes snow angels while Emilio is like “We don’t have time for you!” Hee. They start dressing people and doing hair and makeup, and I see someone putting on nail polish. Isn’t that dangerous? Two hours before the show someone tells Mila 3 of her models aren’t there yet. She doesn’t know how to replace them, and Emilio is having the same problem. With an hour left the models still aren’t there. Tim tells them they are pulling alternates. Lots of futzing.

There are audience shots of Jay and Jonathan. I wonder when they put them in the audience? Guest judge is Faith Hill. OK then.

I am going to do like last season, and place a link to the collections. This time I am linking to Blogging Project Runway, which is an excellent blog that posts this recap and many like it (often funnier). They also have all the news you could want. Every time I try to post pictures myself the formatting gets all wonky. Seth Aaron is up first. He thanks his family and says he was inspired by 1940’s Russian military. I love the first red dress, but not the weird tights. Actually I like most of his stuff. Maybe not the black dress in the middle, with the red belt and the vinyl center flap things. Love the pants with the yellow plaid. And the last coat (the next to last outfit) is fantastic. That purple dress is weird and lumpy.

Mila is freaking out. She keeps it together to talk about her collection and her shadow inspiration. There is a lot of black and white, and a lot of stripes. I like the third look, the one on the Asian model with some purple. Other than that, I am dying for some color. There are little bits of purple but not all that much. I do still like the last dress, the silver one she showed the judges last episode.

Emilio says his collection is called “Color Me Badd”. I know, but I can’t spell it any other way. Oh man, that reference is almost 20 years old. Now I feel old. Anyway, back to Emilio. Under the first coat, the dress has a similar look to the second, red dress. The sleeves and neckline are pretty much the same. Under the red coat (the fourth look) is a one-shouldered tight sheath dress in the print that I believe is somehow his name. I don’t know, everything is like, black and primary colors except for that print, and the last dress doesn’t seem to go with everything else. I think I liked Seth Aaron’s the best.

Cue the montage of multiple people talking about which collection was the best. My favorite? Raven-Simone talking about how Emilio was “bringing back the 90’s”, which makes me think his collection title is intentional. (Kmanpat: “Oh girl I think I love ya/I'm always thinkin' of ya/I want ch-ya to know I do it all for love!”) I’m better with bringing back the 90’s instead of the 80’s.

Judgment time. Heidi and everyone say they are very proud. Seth Aaron wanted to show innovation but still be himself. Kors says that his clothes are beautiful and powerful. It’s luxurious but still young, and wearable. Nina says his clothes are more sophisticated. Faith Hill and Nina liked his black and white pieces. Heidi does point out that the last dress, the purple one, is questionable. Emilio talks about sportswear and color and proportion and wearability. He claims the name is because color can amp up a collection but maybe you want to be bad today. Faith loves the coats. Kors tells him that his collection is very commercial, but the least commercial thing, the gown at the end, is the best. And then he does point out that the gown doesn’t really go with the rest of the collection. Nina thought it was heavy on the tailoring and coats and didn’t have enough feminine pieces. Mila talks about shadows and dimensions and textures. Heidi likes the changes she made. Kors likes that she modernized the styling, and also anything shiny. Heidi and Faith want some of the pieces. They tell her to relax some because it helps.

Kors feels Mila’s show is a culmination of the entire season. She made some modern pieces and mixed textiles well. However, it wasn’t surprising. Heidi counters that Seth Aaron’s collection wasn’t surprising either, that it was obviously him. Kors was impressed it was so sophisticated, but he almost overworks pieces. Nina thinks he is a little braver than the others. Emilio’s collection was well done, but he went commercial instead of going editorial. Kors calls it a “line” instead of a “collection”. So what is important? Who said the most? Who said the most all season? Or who has business sense? Emilio wasn’t the most exciting, but his clothes were the most flattering.

Heidi praises everyone. They certainly are very nice to everyone today. I feel like they usually aren’t but I don’t remember. Mila is out. She’s glad for the experience. Seth Aaron wins! Yay! I didn’t think I cared, but I did. Emilio is really upset, but he says he’s created a brand which was his plan and he’s excited about the future. Seth Aaron is moved to tears and he tells his kids that hard work does pay off. He jumps around and is generally cute.

ETA: Here's the reunion show!

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Ginny said...

I just realized how much your background reminds me of Jonathan's designed fabric which I really liked.

I'm so happy that Seth Aaron won! But the last thirty minutes were NOT pretty. I'll miss that hot mess when I watch the rerun.