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Project Runway 4/22/10--"Reunion" summary

It’s reunion time! Last season we didn’t even get one, and this season they’re making it part of the models’ show. It’s only half an hour and there is no Andy Cohen. So that’s two things going for it. (click for more)

Tim is hosting with Nina and not with Heidi. I wonder what that was about? They never explain it. They congratulate Seth Aaron, who is still pretty excited. His hair is really tall. Tim turns to Emilio and says something about how Emilio thought he would win, and Emilio just stares at him before saying “Yes.” He then continues to say he was shocked the judges never said they didn’t like his collection, but he still didn’t win. I guess he thought all the praise meant he should win. Nina explains that his show was more of a “line” then a “collection”. He says he respects that and then they drop it.

Anthony is still full of sound bites and of course people recognize him! What a silly question Nina! One of the models got recognized but the woman was just like “You look like that girl on that show!” Ping tells a weird story that seems to imply she forgot she was on TV and that people would recognize her.

Montage of designers switching models as if it’s a crime. Amy steals Emilio’s model, so he steals hers back and makes a crack that Amy must not appreciate her. Jonathan makes the comment that the judges don’t like anything he puts on his model so he’s switching models. Tim is like, why did you guys switch it up all the time? Jonathan turns to apologize to his model he ditched and says he wanted to stay in the competition and nothing was working. Emilio was surprised that Amy stole his model, so he said he took Amy’s model “to let Amy know that, I know what you’re doing.” Amy’s like, what was I doing? Plus then he claims his comment wasn’t personal, he just wanted to make the point to everyone that he knew what she was doing. Which apparently was to steal a good model, which isn’t all that horrible. They make his poor model talk about the stupid hot pink string bikini, and Emilio admits she kept him from losing. So why did he give up Holly later? Emilio gets offended and says he didn’t dump her, except…he was picking models and he picked someone else. He claims that he felt horrible because when he had her, everyone wanted her, but the minute she was free no one took advantage of that.

Favorite challenge? Mila and Jay both liked the hardware store challenge. Out of nowhere, Maya says she was surprised Jay won that challenge, because he had trash bags and they have been done a lot. Yeah, but they didn’t look like trash bags and everyone thought they were leather. Jay points that out to her and Nina backs him up. Jay then says he wanted his model to look like Mila and Maya: “bitchy”. Well that was unnecessary. Everyone laughs though.

Nina asks the models what outfit they wish they had worn. One girl says she wished she’d picked Amy during the burlap challenge because she really liked Amy’s dress. Remember the models were the clients in that challenge and so got to pick out their designers. (I had to look it up.) Anthony is kind of insulted but acts like he’s not, saying he made her a dress she wanted. I guess she sounded like she was saying “I wish I didn’t pick Anthony”. Eh, he’s fine. I don’t think he really minded a lot.

Tim brings up the confessional interviews. They air a lot of commentary, but nothing new that we haven’t seen on the show. A model says Jay is boring, very LA or Miami, designing for tanned blonde girls. The Irish girl, the one that Jonathan ditched. Emilio claims he’s quiet but then bitches about Tim, and then Jesse and Ping. Anthony has some good sound bites. After the montage there is a lot of apologizing: Mila apologizes for implying her model was stupid for picking Anthony, Anthony apologizes for calling Mila a “petty 50 year old that doesn’t love herself” in the New York Post. Tim tries to point out the problem with Anthony’s comment, but he’s like, I said it, I apologized, I can’t give her a kidney. Heh. Anthony says Emilio is like an African-American version of Tim. Then Emilio tries to claim he doesn’t trash talk anyone. Sure. Tim calls him on it. Jay brings up the comment Cerri made. (Yeah, I looked up her name.) He says he does want to be in LA one day. She says she meant no offense, and if that’s where he wants to be and he does it perfectly, then fantastic, she just doesn’t like it. Jay’s response is “That’s why I would never hire models with bad teeth and thick legs.” There is shocked silence while Jay looks smug. Seriously? Everyone jumps on him and he’s like, well, I never worked with Cerri, and for her to not know my point of view is hurtful. She did know your point of view, she just said she didn’t like it. Nina points out that she didn’t insult him personally, and he tries to say it’s the same, but it’s not the same. Someone has to prompt him to apologize. We bring up Ping and Jesse, and she is still upset that he attacked her. They talk about it some, and it seems like the distance from the incident has helped because they both can discuss what went wrong. Ping says he attacked her personally, calling her a bitch. He apologizes sincerely, saying he uses that word off the cuff but he didn’t mean it in a negative way. I can see that. He just curses randomly and people who don’t know that’s how he is assume he means it.

We talk about Maya quitting. She had just graduated and felt she was not ready to go all the way. She needs to figure out more of where she is headed. Also she does regret that she could have gone to Bryant Park, but she’s going to do it on her own. They also talk to Seth Aaron’s model, who essentially gave up winning this show to take a DKNY job. They doubled her fee and she had bills to pay. Seth Aaron’s current model, the one who did win, is emotional about her because they’re friends. Nina says this group is one of the most talented ever. Jonathan loves that Nina is true to her opinions. Tim knows he can make comments that do not match the judges, but they are out of love. Aww.

Montage of Tim comments.

The end! Until next time, thanks for reading!

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