Saturday, March 1, 2008

Project Runway Fashion Week--Rami

I'm in a pretty good mood right now, so I'm going to do Rami's collection first. While I don't blame him for his beating Chris or anything, I just don't know that he's as great as the judges seem to think he is. Also there's the issue of having feedback from the judges already, but I'll talk about that at the end. Photos (from Blogging Project Runway) after the jump.

Rami likes to do asymmetrical tops. Most of the bodice is fine but the wide collar is only sewn on her left side. On her right side the pleating goes up to the neckline. I do love this color. I don't know how cutting edge this dress is, but it would sell well.

Again: this is pretty basic. It's OK, but it doesn't blow me away or anything.

So this looks like three pieces: red pants (with a shiny tuxedo stripe down the leg), the black and white blouse, and the black piece. It's like a vest, but cut under her chest, with a sash that reminds me of a kimono sash. The neckline and the way the sleeves are also remind me of a kimono, specifically the way one looks when you tie back the sleeves. The fabric I think is all one piece, so it changes from light to dark. It's draping, but not Grecian, so it's got that going for it. What you can't see is the racerback on the vest. I don't know about that.

This is his black and white dress that Nina loved so much. I could find another picture, but I think we all remember it from the last episode. Again, non-Grecian draping. I wonder if he had done some of that during the show, maybe there wouldn't have been such a backlash.

This dress has the same sleeves and collar as the first one, although on this one the fabric on the sleeves covers over where the collar would be so you only see it in the front. Other than that it's just a babydoll dress. Props for using this color on the Asian model, though, because I love this color and it looks great on my (half)Asian skin.

This top has ruffles and it reminds me of Christian's clothes. Except for the sleeves; they are cut up to the elbow and then they're bell sleeves, sort of. The skirt has cute pleats at the bottom, but it also has those panels on her hips that he likes to do. Those don't look good on everyone. There's a lot of detail here, and elsewhere, the panels almost look like quilting details.

The jacket looks cute. The blouse has a high neck and it almost reminds me of Danny V.'s orchid blouse but it's not as big. And this shot doesn't show the pants well. Oh, the pants. They don't fit right in the hip so the model looks weirdly huge. Then they taper down to the ankle, where there are buttons and what looks suspiciously like a cuff on a sleeve. Hmm, sleeves for pants, where have I seen that before?

This is the first dress that made me say, Wow. Good wow or bad wow. First let's get it out of the way that I don't like the headband things. OK, now for the dress. The bodice is woven, and it's gorgeous. The drape across the front is woven under the strips, which holds the drape in so it won't move the same way that his draped dresses do, and it keeps the bodice cleaner. I'm not a huge fan of the color or those shoes. But I bet this dress gets a lot of press.

These pants fit better than the other pants, I think. The collar looks quilted, with another plain fitted piece at her waist. I don't know about the one sleeve thing.

Oh, come on, like Rami would make a whole collection and not have a single Grecian dress. The draping is minimal, if that makes you feel better.

I cannot imagine how long this dress took to make. Every stripe is a strip of fabric. Some of them are ruffled, like on the sleeves, and some of them are either tacked down, like around her waist, or they're just stretched tight. The dress fits beautifully except right around her chest, which is weird but I don't think it's the way the strips are, I think it really doesn't fit. This is a beautiful dress, though.

This is the same dress Rami showed in the last episode, without any editing. Meaning the circles are still on her hips. But it's still a great dress.

Notice what's missing? No blue coat. I am pretty sure that the black dress that was underneath isn't here either. Nor is the yellow coat that Tim picked on when he visited Rami in LA. I'm not sure if he brought an extra look just in case, or if he made something last minute, but I'm sure we'll find out on Wednesday. But this brings up the point that people have been making, which is that not only did Rami get time to edit his collection like everyone else, but he got direct feedback from the judges before the final show. Nina and everyone hated that blue coat, so he cut it. I'm not sure that's fair to Christian and Jillian. I mean, Tim is great, but he's not choosing a winner. I hope Christian and Jillian address that, or someone does. Rami's collection is beautiful, but not particularly groundbreaking. It's almost ready to sell right now with no editing. No one ever makes it clear if they're looking for commercial appeal or avant-garde, or some combination. Obviously the judges can look for one or the other but be consistent! I've already ranted about that so I'm just going to say that it looks like Rami lightened his styling too.

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