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Project Runway 3/5/08--"Finale pt. 2" summary

Previously on Project Runway: Everyone worked on their Fashion Week collections, Tim had advice for everyone that everyone decided they wouldn’t listen to, entirely, and the judges stopped jerking Chris around and eliminated him. But not before they were horrified by his human hair trim. Ha. Ha, I say. (click for more)

3 days to go. Now is the time for people to freak out. Christian is freaking out. Rather than talking about how awesome he is, he’s telling people he’s scared. Finally he is not full of himself and I like him better already.

In the workroom Christian is looking sideways at Rami’s collection and being surprised and concerned. Everyone notices. Tim comes in to investigate. Jillian has a new striped top (or bodysuit?) and Tim doesn’t know if it fits her collection. She’s going to leave it in anyway. Rami says he toned down some stuff. Everyone is pretending to work but also watching Tim talk to the others. Tim loves a two piece dress of Rami‘s. Christian sounds pretty hesitant. He actually listens to Tim, which of course freaks Tim out. He says he needs to win. AND he’s praising Jillian and Rami, saying they’re creative and how can he compete with them? Wow, he really is freaking out. Tim leaves them with the news that model selection is in 30 minutes. Jillian’s never done that before. Christian demos the walk he wants.

Jillian wants some petite girls, and she thinks for too long sometimes, she says. Rami says some of the girls were terrible. Christian wants edgy girls and dark-skinned girls. And “walks for days” but doesn’t everyone want that? Everyone goes home to crash, and it looks like they moved all 3 into the same room.

2 days to go, and first thing today is makeup consultation. Collier Strong time. I’ve never gotten into the makeup segment. Except for when Jay made them look like aliens. Now is fitting time. Frantic working, and spying on other people. Rami snoots that Christian has to learn how to design for women and not models. Not so sure Rami designs for women. Whatever. One of Christian’s models complains about the shoes, which are booties with feathers. Like, think of rounded toed boots but cut at the same height as sneakers. Christian insists he traipsed around his apartment in those shoes so they can too. But they’re ugly and they look uncomfortable.

Jillian has laid out her looks, and she realizes that her group of models is all random looking (in that they don’t go together and everyone is different heights) and she wants to switch some out. Christian is like, whatever, her own fault. She’s calling around to try to switch some models.
In the morning Jillian is still complaining about the model selection, so Rami tells her to call the guy and stop whining. Well, not the last part. The guy basically tells her that it’s too damn late. Rami asks her if she could please focus on the positive, and she says, “No“. That’s totally me. When I get in that kind of mood, just go away and don’t tell me to calm down or whatever. (Kmanpat: “Totally! You can be such a bitch when--ow!”) Hair consults follow.

6 hours left. More girls are showing up, I guess they didn’t get all the fittings done yesterday. Jillian says she just has to accept her models, and love the diversity of her models. Christian is tired of staring at everything, he just wants to get it over with. Everyone packs up in moving boxes, the kind with the metal bar to hang stuff. That means they’re pretty much done, and ready to go. Tim comes in for one last gather round. Jillian, Rami, and then Christian. They have a group hug, and Tim says he’s so proud he has no words. That’s pretty damn proud. But you will note that he doesn’t cry like last season.

The day of the show they’re up at 4:15am. When they walk to the tents, it’s still pitch black outside. Everyone talks about how big this is and so forth. Once inside the tent they have another group hug. Christian says the runway is long, but that’s just because he’s short, I think. With two hours left, people are looking for girls, and they have teams of dressers that are helping sew. Christian’s girls are late and he’s so over them. Random shots of inside the tent with various Runway alumni and other Bravo celebrities. (Kmanpat: “Oo! Danny V! Yum!“) Christian completely flips out because he’s missing two girls. One shows up, but with 30 minutes to go I think one is still missing. He’s actually crying and saying how unfair it was. When she gets there we don’t get an explanation of why she was so late. All of Rami’s models have either headbands or one braid down one side of her head. Everyone talks about how big this is, how emotional, they’ve finally made it, etc.

Heidi comes out in a shiny top that could be made of safety pins. Posh Spice is the guest judge today. There is an old Asian woman behind Posh. I don’t know. Sorry, I’m looking for reality show alumni in the crowd.

Jillian says she was inspired and this is her first collection. You can see pics here. (Look, I know the formatting is messed up. The whole blog is messed up. Blogger really pisses me off sometimes.) If you want to see pictures of Chris’s and Sweet P’s collections, use the tags on the side. They’re not showing up on the front page for some reason. Nina at one point is chitchatting with Niki Taylor. The short dress with the square neckline gets applause, but not much else. And the pants that look like a dress. Other than that, nothing new comes from watching the clothes in motion, other than that all her models can walk and no one trips over the clothes.

Rami says he celebrates women. Which every designer says, at one point or another. He thanks his family and friends. Rami’s collection. There’s clapping for…I am not sure. The gold dress, the draped one that is the most Rami, gets applause and from Heidi too. And the gold striped dress? The model trips a tiny bit. The long black dress from last week, everyone loves. And those last three girls, the two gold dresses and the black dress? They are walking VERY carefully.

Christian just says, thanks for coming, like they came out just for him. Christian's collection. He would love to dress Posh. He gets a lot more applause than everyone else did. I like the way the ruffles everywhere bounce when the models walk. And the one in the feather dress didn’t trip or anything.

The producers make sure to have lots of people vote for each designer. My only comment about that is, Padma should totally hire Jillian to make her clothes for “Top Chef”. She could do better than some of the crazy stuff she’s worn in the past. Personally, I liked that in Jillian’s collection there were surprises: the wide-legged pants, the black sweater than looked like a jacket. And I like her tailored look. Rami’s was beautiful but it feels like clothes for movie stars and celebrities and nothing I would ever see around here. Christian’s clothes are worse than Rami’s in terms of wearability, but they make more of an impact. You say, “That dress is made out of feathers. No one in their right mind would wear a dress of feathers. But it’s crazy and awesome.”

The judges were all impressed, these three could fit into the rest of Fashion Week, blah blah fierce-cakes. The winning model gets a fashion spread too. I just noticed, none of the models were wearing the last showstopper looks. Jillian kept her inspiration that she used for the art challenge. Posh likes the details. Everything was feminine and modern, and Kors was surprised by the knitwear. Heidi saw something new. Nina loved that she took a chance, but then her collection looked a little disjointed. Christian talks about hard and soft effects, he’s babbling, and everyone knows he‘s nervous. Posh loved everything, it‘s her own style. Kors labels it “chic drama” and the last dress with the feathers was spectacular. But they were almost all black and it can get boring. Posh didn’t care because she loved everything. Rami discusses Joan of Arc and separates. Heidi loved it (shocking) and they loved the woven pieces. I only saw one woven piece: the green dress. They show on replay the weaving on the back of one of the blue dresses, which was impossible to see on the first run through and is nearly impossible to see now. Kors didn’t like the primary colors but the presentation was cohesive, and he showed every style and category “from soup to nuts” whatever that means. Posh knows he spent a ton of time making things. He has a strong point of view, Nina says, and he tried to show separates, but his strength is in eveningwear. She does not tell him she was bored.

Kors liked Jillian’s sweaters, they were fun, and her clothes are accessible. Posh liked the silhouettes, but she doesn’t know her signature. They discuss commercialism. Christian paced his show well, and it was stylish. It’s not accessible to the average person. It looks overworked instead of effortless. Kors says Rami puts so much thought into his work you can tell. They don’t like his colors. Seriously, I was glad to see any color at all. Everyone makes up their minds.

Jillian stepped outside her comfort zone (huh?), Rami constructed perfectly (and has an enormous…talent), Christian is a showman even though he‘s barely old enough to drink. Jillian is out. She’s really disappointed, but she wouldn’t change anything. Christian wins. He totally loses it. I guess I’m not surprised. It was obvious the judges were impressed with Jillian but they didn’t worship her the way they did Christian and Rami. And near the end they got bored with Rami. They want craziness and impact. Rami says “you’ll be wearing my clothes”. I doubt it. Back on the runway Christian is still flipping out. Posh says she’d be honored to wear his clothes. Perfect. He pretends he knew it all along. Now he’s taking a “vacay” because he needs a “breaky-break”. He’s such a freak. And I say that lovingly as a person who has many freaks for friends. And he wins a car! To drive around New York! Where no one has cars! Haha!

Casting call for next season! Heidi tells people to bring attitude! So we’ll have another season of drama. Thanks for reading! I’ll be back next week for “Top Chef”!

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