Saturday, March 1, 2008

Project Runway Fashion Week--Christian

Time for Miss Puffy Sleeves, after the jump.

Yes, her hat is covered in feathers. Other than that, it's a plain top and the skirt is covered in ruffles. It makes an interesting silhouette.

The top has those huge shoulders, and then a little patch that's sheer, and then elbow-length gloves, basically.

Blah. I can't see any details so from here it looks pretty boring.

Classic Christian. I don't know why you can see her zipper.

I know I'm not saying a lot, but there isn't a lot I can say that I haven't already said about Christian's clothes. Although I can say that I need some color, already. I guess he made the puffy part of the sleeves sheer so that's new.

I'm not sure what woman would wear a giant ruffly coat. It's cool, though, I guess.

How can that poor girl see? I mean, huge amounts of fabric at the throat, OK, but why do you need the hat too? At least the rest of the outfit is slim and fitted. Oh, and I guess there's some color, if you count beige as a color.

This is very much like Christian's art outfit, but the jacket is actually brown and fuzzy. It's like, fleece or something. I'm not sure.

The reason her shoulders look weird is because those panels are sheer. And I still don't like the exposed zipper.

Not only are there ruffles, but there are also feathers on the blouse. Not a ton, but mostly on the shoulders and down the front. There are also a couple peeking out of the folds on the sleeves, and then more on the backs of her hands on the gloves, and also on the tops of her shoes. I think the ruffles drown out the feathers so they aren't as obvious. Also the pants have a paisley print to them.

Even though this is asymmetrical, I still like it and I think you have to have the belt or else it's really bad.

Oy. You'd think that was a leopard print on top, right? Oh no, those are more feathers. Her entire upper body is covered in feathers, along with her head. And the feathers continue down the side to the skirt, and I think the entire train might be ostrich feathers. I wonder if she can walk in it. It replaces those feathered pants he had, but Nina and Kors might label it a costume and that would cost him.

Christian's collection is certainly the most couture of the finalists' collections, but with the judging this season being what it is, I can't tell if they'll yell at him for it or not. Although he may get in trouble for having so much black.

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