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Project Runway 11/16/17--"Finale part 2" summary

Previously on “Project Runway”: we had a two hour episode which I'm sure is partially because they refused to get rid of anyone so there were five home visits. Brandon and Ayana easily passed through to Fashion Week, as expected. Kenya took some advice from Tim, which directly backfired when the judges hated it. Or they had already decided she wasn't moving on and they just picked something to hate on, knowing it would be maximum drama. So Kenya was eliminated. Hopefully (and I'm sure this happened) she has a ton more business from plus-size clients who saw her on TV and loved her style. (click for more)

Kentaro is starting to freak out because the judges told him his collection is not cohesive. I guess. Margarita got yelled at because it wasn't “New York” enough, which is total horseshit because that has never been a requirement. You know they just made that up because they already decided Brandon is winning so they need to have some kind of excuse for why no one else could win. When they get back to the workroom, Brandon takes a nap. Literally. He is asleep on the couch while everyone else works. Don't you DARE reprimand him, Tim and judges. You created this by being up his ass constantly. Of course he doesn't think he needs to do anything. Ayana says basically this in confessional. Margarita is freaking out because Hurricane Maria is about to hit Puerto Rico. Jeez. Can you even imagine?

Tim Time! He goes to Margarita first and says they are thinking positive thoughts for her family. She's confused by her critique, because she read the “too tropical” thing as an attack and not constructive criticism. Good for you, girl. Thank you for calling them out. Tim says it was based on two pieces, and she only has a day and a half anyway. It sounds like Tim is telling her to ignore them, because she has a very clear customer in mind, and a very strong point of view, so give it to them. I do agree, because, total horseshit, but then again Tim has been giving really shitty advice to everyone. Like, he says something very specific and that's what the judges complain about when people are eliminated. But then again, sadly I never thought Margarita had a chance of winning, so I guess it doesn't matter. Ayana feels a lot better after her critique, because they didn't say anything negative really. Zac said something dumb about the headwraps, as if they're a styling choice and not a religious piece of clothing, so now she's making avant-garde headwraps? It's a hijab. It's not supposed to be avant-garde? Whatever. Ayana is super confident.

Kentaro knew his collection wasn't cohesive. He's mixing and matching some things differently, and changing the order of looks. Tim asks him if he feels he's more cohesive, and when he says he does, then Tim just leaves him. Why did Margarita get so much encouragement, while Kentaro gets a limp “Well if you think so then you know best”? Kentaro has a little color, but not a lot. But everyone is proud of his growth. Brandon didn't really learn anything except that crop top he put on Liris was a terrible baggy mess. He has another look he could have put on her, but for some reason he didn't. But it is better than the last one, he promises. He basically tells Tim he's going to “work his magic” and get it done. Of course he didn't learn anything. They didn't tell him anything. Tim tells everyone to “stay on your path” and leaves.

Kentaro is still making things, to tie looks together so things are cohesive. Margarita calls home to see what is going on. They've already lost power, but they're hanging in there. It's so cute to listen to her parents celebrate that she made the finale and her mom promises they'll swim to New York. Aww. At this instant they have a flight, and it hasn't been canceled, so they're hoping things work out. That must be so hard. Margarita goes back to work and tries to concentrate.

Oh look, a commercial for All-Stars. There are too many people in this commercial.

Next Day. Kentaro says he feels “mourning” but of course he sounds like “morning” so everyone snickers. He had to throw out a couple of looks, or change them. Then he interviews that he feels that Brandon or Ayana are going to win so fuck it, he's going to do whatever he wants. Thank you for calling that out. Also for your decision to fuck it. Margarita is also doing whatever she wants. Brandon and Ayana are mostly done. Margarita wants to go all out in response to her critique. Like, feathers. I think she should.

Model fitting. Brandon's new look for Liris does fit better, but it's not the most exciting. Margarita has a swimsuit, or at least a bodysuit, that she's put on Jazzmine. And a detachable skirt. Nice. Brandon is sewing labels into his clothes as everyone else discusses making sure they have time to iron. Kentaro looks at Ayana's collection and knows that's the cohesion the judges wanted. Margarita helps him put everything in the best order. Brandon asks after Margarita's family but she doesn't know if they made it out or not.

Tim returns to the workroom and says he hasn't had a single gather 'round this whole season. Well whose fault is that? Anyway, Tim is proud of everyone and they should all be proud too. He does not cry. Group hug! Everyone packs up and talks about how much they want to win.

Runway Day. Everyone is super excited. They do not walk to the show, which is sad. I miss them wandering the streets in the dark. The runway is huge. I think they made a U-shaped runway instead of just an out-and-back. Backstage is crazy as always. Not hot makeup guy Scott. Tim comes to tell Margarita that her family is trying to get there, but there are a lot of canceled flights. If they were already out of power, it's not looking good. They keep blowing fuses so the irons aren't working. No one seems to be missing anyone. The judges walk out so you can see Heidi missed the memo. Nina and guest judge Jessica Alba are in black, Nina in a pantsuit and Jessica in a pencil skirt. Heidi is in a purple shiny miniskirt and matching top with a V down past her boobs, and a big bow on the side and ribbons trailing below the skirt. And no back. She looks tacky AF. Oh I spoke too soon. One of Ayana's dresses loses a ruffle.

So I couldn't find the collections on Lifetime's website, which sucks anyway. So here is Entertainment Weekly. There are two pages, so Ayana and Margarita are on the first page, and then Kentaro and Brandon are on the second page. You should be OK in terms of spoilers if you don't scroll down far past the pics of Brandon's collection.

Margarita's sisters made it. She talks about an island girl living in the city and dedicates her collection to Puerto Rico. Aww. There is so much color. And giant sequined tropical fish. Jazzmine tears off her skirt and walks the rest of the runway in a swimsuit and she is FEELING IT. I know everyone knows Liris but that was stellar. They edit it like Zac and Nina gave her a standing ovation. There is one look with black but overall it is very colorful to the point of clashing. But it is also very cohesive and has a defined customer. Cohesive without being all the same and boring.

Brandon says his collection is called “Layers of Love”. It is cohesive, but I feel that's because he used the same print in every single look. It's all what we've seen from him: androgynous, loose-fitting, straps everywhere. Liris is still wearing the weird pants with the paper bag waist but now it's got a tank top so it looks better. I don't like it but I think it's very Fashion and the judges have decided that's important this season.

Kentaro was inspired by Japanese culture and nature. Also I think the music is the piece he composed. You know, the one he says he listened to a dead cat and felt it or whatever. The first look is a kimono-style piece with a giant tulle skirt attached. But only to the front of the look. It's a very minimalist collection, white and black but with an odd silhouette or pleats here and there. It's got the same Fashion feel as Brandon's but because there aren't any straps and whatnot it feels cleaner. But the pleated pieces are lovely. There is a little bit of blush and one red look with big sleeves but a short skirt. The last look is a loose gown with black tulle over the top of it, and the tulle is somehow crumpled so it floats and gives the look some volume.

Ayana titled her collection “Evolution”. Aww. Everything is modest, and a lot of it is shiny. As the show starts and she's in the back with Tim she bursts into tears. It's mostly in a dove gray, but somehow doesn't seem as boring as Brandon's. The dresses with all the ruffles are kind of sister-wife, but at least it's interesting. The last gown is very full and her headwrap is styled like a wedding veil. It's in a light ivory with some gold embroidery and it's beautiful.

Interviews with random people where they find at least one person to say something nice about each finalist. Fabio is here! What's up, Fabio? He's my favorite.

The designers come out for judging without models, so the judges can tell them how great the runway was today. So each designer gets two models to stand there? I guess. Ayana talks bout how she loves ruffles. The final gown is stunning. Zac says she's successfully convinced him that you can dress modestly and still be hip. Shut up, Zac. Whether or not that's true, it's such a dumb thing to say. Just shut up. Nina wishes for a little color, but she had athletic wear and street wear and a gown which was a great range. She loved the miniskirt over pants. Heidi didn't like the beginning of the looks, but she really liked one of the dresses with all the ruffles? Also praise for the headwraps.

Margarita wanted to show the world who she was. Lots of energy and joy. Jessica loved the sexiness and says it made her want to dance. She had tailored pieces and also big loose-fitting pieces. Also she DID add some feathers. Ha! Jazzmine was thrilled to get such a positive response to taking off her skirt. So I guess Margarita is getting extra points for having her plus-size model do it.

Kentaro talks about nature and music and stuff. Nina says there are two ways to know people like your fashion show: an explosion of applause, or dead silence. Everyone was so quiet because they were speechless. He organized everything really well so the looks flowed into each other, and so the red really popped. Very experimental, and Zac says it's like nothing they've ever seen on the show. Jessica tells him he made his country proud which seems kind of racist, to be honest. She's not from Japan.

Brandon was inspired by his girlfriend. Jessica liked the straps and things, but she's not seen them week after week. Zac tells Brandon that as the looks all came down the runway, they all looked the same. So now he's not excited about his shapes. Well shit, you could have told him that six episodes ago! When you told him not to make shirtdresses and then he made the same look every week! Brandon has been doing very similar looks and you never said anything to him about it. Tim never said anything. You had to suspect he'd make ten very similar looks. It's like they only this morning realized that he makes the same look all the time. Come on. The print is in every look. Brandon talks about his favorite collections, where there are 60 looks and then ten have the same fabric. OK but that's 60 looks. Do you not realize proportionally you have to have less than ten looks that are the same? Nina points out he only had ten looks, not 60. But you can identify a Brandon look from a mile away so that's branding which is important. Also Nina thinks he's given his peers a run for their money. No, Nina. The judges have been up his ass this whole time until ten minutes ago. Not the same as Brandon being just that awesome. They ask Liris how she felt, and she carefully says she's very proud to be in New York Fashion Week as a plus-sized model. But not a single word about the outfit she's wearing. Also can we not forget that Ashley had AN ENTIRE SHOW with plus-size models? Her whole show. I know Liris is emotional, but let's not pretend this never happened before.

Now it's time for everyone to say why they should win. Ayana wants to be a leader for the modest market. Margarita has an edge business-wise so will give the best return on their investment. Kentaro wants to talk about his story. Brandon has an interesting point of view and perspective.

Each designer had a clear voice and they all executed their vision. Kentaro thought about everything and it was “the most curated” according to Jessica. His first look was very intriguing. The only look they didn't like is the one he made yesterday, because they told him it wasn't cohesive enough and he was trying to link things. Ayana made modest clothes but it didn't feel like that was the point of the collection. I can see that. Like, it was a collection where everything just happened to be modest. Nina was surprised by the gown but in a good way. It's a sign of growth. Margarita is gutsy, and the audience loved it. No one liked the striped jumpsuit. It's not for everyone but she did have the runway moment of the day. Zac knows she appreciates curves and women's bodies. Heidi loves Brandon's “newness”. Is it new? I guess. It's the most youthful, says Jessica. But it was all the same. Nina brings up that other designers were “inspired” by Brandon and that's what you want. First of all, I don't remember anyone copying Brandon except for Kentaro that one time. Second, I don't know that they were “inspired” by him so much as they were copying him because you all were up his ass about how great he is, and they also wanted to win.

Oh good, a reunion. I have not missed the twins.

Margarita made a collection that was all her, but she is out. She gets back to the Scrap Bin and her parents are there. Yay! I'm glad they made it. Brandon was unique and is somehow inspirational. And also he's out. Well. I did not really see that coming. He's pretty upset, because the judges have built him up so high he was so confident he was going to win. He breaks down in the Scrap Bin. See if they had given him any kind of criticism it wouldn't have hit him so hard. Ayana finished her collection beautifully. Kentaro surprised them with his emotion and looks. Kentaro is...the winner? The fuck? Where in the fuck did that come from? I mean, I'm not mad, although I like Ayana, and the prospect of them trying to dumb down his clothes for JC Penny makes me laugh hysterically, but I feel like that decision came out of nowhere. Right? Have I not been paying attention? I feel so confused and that's not something this show ever does. Ayana is glad she made it this far, and she seems more OK with it than Margarita or Brandon. They make it sound like today's show just shocked them so much they gave him the win. But his collection was beautiful and emotional. Like I said, I'm not made about it but I am confused. When his family comes out to congratulate him his dad falls off the runway. His mom sobs that Kentaro told her he wasn't going to win so she can't believe it. Aww! There is a note that his collection is available on JC Penny's website. It's OK? I guess? But that pleather looks super cheap. Also all the regular sizes are on sale but none of the plus sizes are on sale? Fuck you, JC Penny.

Next time: reunion. Stupid drama involving the twins. Amy is not having any of their shit which is fun.


Duabe said...

Great job of recapping the finale Toyouke! I, too, was very surprised that Kentaro won, but I'm happy for him. Ayana's last gown was beautiful and she did a lot of different looks to show her growth - very surprised she didn't win.

Not so surprised that Margarita didn't win, although her looks were very colorful and fun. Brandon was so upset - I felt bad for him. You're right - the judges built him up and didn't give him any critiques about how similar his looks were during the earlier shows. He gave them what they complimented before, except now it looked all too similar, especially with the same fabric.

Here's the link I found with more looks from the runway:

It definitely shows jackets with the beads that Kenya used, as well as her peplums. Although we saw her in the audience, she was probably one of the decoys. Did you spot any others?

Toyouke said...

I know there was at least one other decoy, I guess it was Michael based on elimination order? I know I saw the twins and I think Samantha in the audience.