Thursday, May 12, 2016

Interview with Sam from "Project Runway: All Stars"

Normally I don't go looking for things like this, but here is an interview with Sam. I very much enjoy reading, as the spiritual successor to Television Without Pity. Be warned that the interviewer, while a very funny woman whom I enjoy reading, is also a Sam fan.

Opinions behind the cut: (click for more)

Anyway, the things I took away from this interview are:

1. This does not change my opinion of Sam as an arrogant diva who is more than willing to shittalk everyone but is not very happy when anyone criticizes him.

2. He says that he knew when they only gave him ten days notice that he wasn't going to be the winner, which is fair because it probably means someone else backed out at the last minute, and they just need a body. Preferably a body that is already hated by other bodies that will be there. The next thought he had being that he would make it his task to "elevate" the cute. No one is casting you to elevate anything. The producers of "Project Runway" do not give two shits about elevating fashion, as evidenced by the shoe wall being fucking Chinese Laundry.

3. There was briefly an insistence that he didn't hate Kini, but then after a while he gave up and just slammed him endlessly. Was Kini so terrible? I don't think he was nearly as bad as Sam would like us to think. Also you can't argue that you got over anything, or you are somehow above all the drama when every interview has some insult attempting to be funny. Maybe Kini was cold in the workroom, but if you just watch the confessionals Sam is not a shining example of maturity.

4. OK the one thing I actually thought was a good idea. Sam argues that the designers are not given enough time to actually design anything. I mean, see above about elevating fashion. His suggestion was that the producers should give all the designers all the challenges up front. Just like on Rupaul's Drag Race, where the contestants have a list of all the runway themes before they arrive. Or The Great British Bake-Off. Not only do you get a list of themes (so you can pick out your recipes and they can buy your ingredients) but you get a real-time week between episodes to practice. Why not tell everyone what you'll be doing and then they can come in with ideas? The execution may still fail. Although you can kind of make a list now: "show us who you are", unconventional materials, red carpet, avant-garde, couture, make something for Heidi, make something for Heidi's clothing line, makeover a "real woman", be inspired by New York. I would fully support this change.

Other blog news:
If you haven't heard, Blogging Project Runway is shutting down. They really helped me increase my readership and bring many of you here. Thank you for all your hard work, and good luck.

Also, I am taking suggestions for shows to write about this summer! ABC has once again failed me in the "let's produce this super-weird reality show for the summer" department, because they're just doing Battlebots and reviving old game shows. It doesn't have to be a new/current show, as long as I can find it on the internet (legally if at all possible). Scripted shows are a possibility too. I did cut my teeth on LOST. Just something to keep me writing and occupied over the summer vacation.

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