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TAR26, Recap Leg 4, 3/13/15

Welcome to Leg 4! Last time, on At Least the Airport Drama Was Interesting, teams raced from Japan to Phuket. Plane tickets were hard to come by, and Harley and Jonathan ended up half a day behind everyone else. Well they would have been, if the other teams hadn’t found HoH and a bed and breakfast waiting for them. After ziplining with food, teams dressed up for a drag show. Cue a LOT of overcompensating complaining from some of the men, especially Tyler. At the Pit Stop, Matt proposed to Ashley in front of pretty much everyone. Harley and Jonathan did end up in last, but were saved by the first non-elimination leg. Who will be eliminated. . . next? (click for more)

Toyouke here, because Kmanpat is on his way to Spain. So there’ll be slightly more yelling. Mainly yelling about how gimmicks are stupid, because I am tired of YDCs. Just like how on Survivor Jeff yelled at someone for not fitting in to his stupid tribes that he made up. They were your stupid idea, Jeff. You put Nina in that tribe so don’t blame her for not fitting in. Anyway…shut up gimmick seasons.

Arrival at the pit stop last episode:
1st – Mike/Rochelle, Team Smalltown Sweetheart YDC, #TruckStopLove
2nd – Hayley/Blair, Team Mismatched YDC, #RxForLove
3rd – Jelani/Jenny, Team Intelligent YDC, #TheLegalTeam
4th – Laura/Tyler, Team Clueless YDC, #TeamSoCal
5th – Aly/Steve, Team Olympian YDC, #SochiLove
6th – Matt/Ashley, Team Best Friend YDC, #The Hairstylists
7th – Bergen/Kurt, Team Flaming Gay YDC, #TeamBlondeDate
8th – Jeff/Jackie, Team Sexy YDC, #TeamJJ
9th – Harley/Jonathan, Team Famous YDC, #TeamNewKid

Baba Nest Rooftop Bar, Phuket, Thailand

3:26 AM Mike/Rochelle (1st)
Clue: Fly to Bangkok, Thailand! When you land, make your way to the temple Wat Yannawa.

3:51 AM Hayley/Blair (2nd) – Hayley continues to snipe at Blair for not listening to her yesterday. Shut up, Hayley. Blair’s plan is to let her be in charge and take responsibility for everything.
3:52 AM Jelani/Jenny (3rd)
3:54 AM Laura/Tyler (4th) – Laura says she likes Tyler and he’s cute, but “romance” and such takes time. So I guess that means she’s not into it.
3:58 AM Aly/Steve (5th)
4:01 AM Matt/Ashley (6th) – who remind us about how they’re engaged and got a date night from Bergen and Kurt. They sit on the beach and watch some fire dancers and drink champagne. It looks like a nice date.
4:02 AM Bergen/Kurt (7th)
4:03 AM Jeff/Jackie (8th)
7:01 AM Harley/Jonathan (9th)

Everyone heads straight for the airport to try to make a 6 AM flight. We don’t see anyone else get tickets for this flight…but they do show shots of all the teams getting on the flight except for Harley and Jonathan. Teams get their flights in the following order:

Flight 1, Air Asia, departs 6 AM:
1) Mike/Rochelle
2) Hayley/Blair
3) Jelani/Jenny
4) Laura/Tyler
5) Aly/Steve
6) Matt/Ashley
7) Bergen/Kurt
8) Jeff/Jackie

Flight 2
1) Harley/Jonathan

Teams get cabs and leave the airport, but we aren’t shown what order they leave in. We do see that Jelani tries stealing a cab from Jeff and Jackie, or at least they both try to take the same cab and Jelani blinks first. He complains that he was there first and he doesn’t want to give up a cab in a race. Jenny feels the time wasted in the argument, while at the airport where there are a million taxis, is not worth it.

Teams arrive at Wat Yannawa in the following order:  

1- Laura/Tyler
2- Hayley/Blair – Blair tries to use his strategy of “force Hayley to make all the decisions” but Hayley is so passive-aggressive she just says “I feel like whatever I decide you won’t listen so I don’t want to decide”. Then after she says he’s in charge she tells him not to look over there because they already looked over there. Shut up, Hayley.
3- Aly/Steve 
4- Matt/Ashley 
5- Jeff/Jackie
6- Mike/Rochelle
7- Bergen/Kurt
8- Jelani/Jenny – they had a slow driver. Who took them to one of the Detour options first.
9- Harley/Jonathan

Once Harley and Jonathan arrive they find their Speed Bump.

A Speed Bump is a task that must be performed by the last place team on a non-elimination leg. Once they complete this task, they may return to the place where the Speed Bump occurred and continue the leg. In this speed bump, teams must make a traditional Thai grasshopper with river reeds. Once they complete the grasshopper, they may continue racing.

Teams complete the Speed Bump in the following order:

1- Harley/Jonathan

After much folding, they continue with the rest of the teams in getting the detour clue.

And we get the Detour Clue.

Wheel OR Water
*Wheel: Teams take a tuk-tuk around the city, making two stops. First stop forces them to play snooker and sink a red ball in a pocket. The second stop asks teams to feed cats. If they survive, they will receive their next clue.
*Water: Teams take a water taxi around the city, making two stops. The first stop asks each team member to eat a thousand-year-old egg. The second stop asks them to go to a temple and make a traditional offering. If they survive, they will receive their next clue.

Street traffic ends up sucking. Also the Water teams get a plaque with detailed instructions after the first stop, while Wheel teams get…a bottle of milk with the name of a café on it. The Caturday Café. Sigh.

1- Laura/Tyler choose Water
2- Matt/Ashley choose Water – however they stop and eat an egg at a random stall first. Womp womp.
3- Aly/Steve choose Water
4- Jeff/Jackie choose Water – but fall behind on the way. They discover there are only five water taxis, so they are forced to Bald Snark to Wheel.
5- Mike/Rochelle choose Water
6- Bergen/Kurt choose Water– they strike a deal with Mike and Rochelle to work together to find the place.
7- Hayley/Blair choose Water – after wandering around for forever. They are also forced to Bald Snark to Wheel. Meanwhile Hayley is her usual delightful self.
8- Jelani/Jenny choose Wheel – at least they know they aren’t last. Jenny doesn’t want to run everywhere, but Jelani does. They’re starting to break down.
9- Harley/Jonathan choose Wheel

Teams complete the detour in the following order:

1- Laura/Tyler
2- Bergen/Kurt – they get fortunes about mates, and Kurt lets us know they’ve officially decided they aren’t right for each other. Aww.
3- Matt/Ashley 
4- Aly/Steve 
5- Mike/Rochelle  
6- Hayley/Blair
7- Jeff/Jackie
8- Jelani/Jenny – Jenny is “deathly scared” of cats. Uh…sure.
9- Harley/Jonathan – Jonathan is allergic to cats.

Teams are now instructed to make their way to Patumwan Siang Gong and search for their next clue. Teams arrive in the following order:

1- Laura/Tyler
2- Bergen/Kurt
3- Aly/Steve 
4- Matt/Ashley 
5- Hayley/Blair  
6- Jeff/Jackie
7- Jelani/Jenny
8- Mike/Rochelle - I have no idea where they’ve been. No one ever says how they fell three places.
9- Harley/Jonathan

Once they arrive, teams get the Roadblock clue.


Who’s feeling clutch?

In this roadblock, roadblockers must remove the transmission from a faulty engine block, and then search for a screwdriver left behind by a mechanic. Their next clue is in the handle of the screwdriver.

The following teammates take the Roadblock:

1- Tyler – his whole family works on cars, although he himself has no idea what he’s doing.
2- Bergen
3- Steve
4- Matt
5- Blair
6- Jeff
7- Jelani
8- Rochelle
9- Jonathan

After many power tools (but no real “searching”; the screwdriver is inside the transmission), teams finish the Roadblock in the following order:

1- Laura/Tyler – they also find the Date Night, a dinner cruise.
2- Aly/Steve 
3- Matt/Ashley 
4- Bergen/Kurt
5- Hayley/Blair  
6- Mike/Rochelle – yeah! Girl power!
7- Jeff/Jackie
8- Jelani/Jenny
9- Harley/Jonathan

Teams now find a cloth that says “METAL PALACE”. They will have to figure out that they must go to Loha Prasat, the PIT STOP of the fourth leg of this racearoundtheworld.  The last team to arrive may be eliminated!

1- Bergen/Kurt – Bergen jokes about being first and freaks out when he actually is first. Hee. They win a trip to Puerto Vallarta.
2- Hayley/Blair
3- Aly/Steve – who are told they can walk. They eventually get a taxi to the right place.
4- Laura/Tyler – who are taken to the Metro first.
5- Jeff/Jackie
6- Mike/Rochelle  
7- Jelani/Jenny – as they wander with Matt and Ashley, Jenny wants to ditch them and get a cab without them noticing. Jelani hollers to the other team that they should get a cab, so Jenny yells at him and then they get a tuk-tuk anyway. Matt calls her a bitch, but, RACE. Alliances are terrible. Also this plan was to get a tuk-tuk, get away from Matt and Ashley, and then figure out where to go, which is maybe a terrible plan.
8- Matt/Ashley – who spend 90 minutes wandering around near the auto shop before figuring it out, which is how Jelani and Jenny caught up. Ashley trips as they chase Jelani and Jenny, for the final indignity.
9- Harley/Jonathan

And Harley and Jonathan are eliminated. Boo. I actually liked them. They are super cute on the mat though.

1st – Bergen/Kurt
2nd – Hayley/Blair
3rd – Aly/Steve
4th – Laura/Tyler
5th – Jeff/Jackie
6th – Mike/Rochelle
7th – Jelani/Jenny
8th – Matt/Ashley

Next week: The Race travels to…somewhere, and people argue.  Until next time! JK not next week! April 3rd! Sigh.

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