Friday, February 7, 2014

Under the Gunn, or "Unconventional Materials" Does Not Mean Offer Fabric

So one thing that I found weird, is that I was not aware of how my knowledge of New York Fashion Week was tied to "Project Runway". NYFW has started and I had no idea until it started. Normally I would have been all over it weeks ago to complain about how many decoy collections there would be. (click for more)

This week I was able to watch the episode live so there are more thoughts, but they are disjointed.

So...the challenge is to be inspired by a graveyard? With fake fog and Halloween decorations and fabric and unconventional materials? If you get five bolts of fabric, then this is not an unconventional materials challenge. Unless the intent is to shame everyone into not using fabric, which is dumb, because just do like you always do and don't offer them any. So the result was a bunch of regular clothes, with random accents of random things.

Why is Isabelle getting random captioning? And in a weird "fun" way where you just put the words on the screen randomly? I mean, she's flighty but I can understand her. Actually they're doing it with multiple people and that shit is not cute. That is really annoying. You are not hip, Lifetime.

There is still a lack of drama here. Mostly just trash talking people in confessional. The one piece of drama was Michelle telling Asha that her dress was "kind of cute" and "not really you". In confessional she got really condescending about how she just wants to help everyone. It is too early in the season for unsolicited advice when not on a team. Oh, and look, those two are the two left at the end! Michelle wins, which is cool. I agree with this more than last week. I would have been OK with Asha winning too, because she's moved away from that exposed midriff and into clothes that are pretty cute.

Also here's an interesting thing: didn't Nick tell Isabelle not to make her model's hips too wide? And then Michelle winning with a dress that did exactly that? And Anya told Brady not to make junior clothes and then the judges pretended they WANT junior clothes? Are these judges way way different from the regular judges? Because I feel like the mentors brought their own baggage into this process and it's backfiring.

Nick seems to have calmed down. Of course Anya is still implying he's helping too much. Tim is praising Anya just like everyone did her season, but I wonder if her skills or lack thereof don't hurt her when she's just advising. And then they were all "Well someone from Anya's team is going home, so let's force her to do it!" That's a copout. Be a judge and eliminate someone. Brady goes home, and we don't know why exactly, but I would say he didn't really use any unconventional materials and his dress was boring. I mean...this is why you don't offer bolts of fabric if you want unconventional materials. They didn't say why Anya picked him right? It was all the usual platitudes about how he's still great and has a great future and stuff, right?

Oscar wins a random prize for being nice? That was not announced previously and seemed to be out of the blue? Weird. I mean, that's great for him but let's not encourage people to "be nice" by giving out random cash prizes. 

So what do you think? I know there were a lot more people but none of them really stood out to me during the episode.

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