Friday, February 14, 2014

Under the Gunn, or, Flannel is Fashion, I Guess

Oh yeah, this is what I remember from "Project Runway". Weird drama, some celebrity I've never heard of, and a win that doesn't make any sense. (click for more)

Ugh, you guys. This episode was close to what I remember from "Project Runway" and as a result I didn't like it. There is nothing new here except for whatever drama is coming from Nick. OK I'm not really going to complain about that because I love Nick's drama.

The challenge is to make a performance outfit for Zendaya. I have no idea who this is. So when judging came around and she was like "I don't think you get me/this isn't me" then I'm not surprised. Did they get a dossier or something and I missed it? At least "pop star performance outfit" is not a bad directive. I hated having to listen to her during judging. Everything out of her mouth made me roll my eyes.

So the big story is Isabelle. Yes, Nick threw her under the bus and it was shady. Can you really argue that she didn't deserve it? I mean, she's been pulling that stunt of working past time since the first episode. If she had been doing a fantastic job, then yes, Nick is out of line. But he's concerned because she can't demonstrate that she can accomplish anything. On time. After four challenges she should be ready to go. Plus that outfit was ugly. Crop pants! Sigh. That being said I do admit Nick didn't handle it well on the runway. Was there really a need to tell everyone about how Isabelle is terrible? Probably not, they can see what's up. Isabelle was pretty defensive about it. But does Nick's mentoring or crappy mentoring cause horrible time management? Does it cause one to sit on the couch and wave your hands around? No. Ideally they would have had a side conversation about how she needs quiet to sketch and he needs to see some ideas to leave her alone, but now she's gone so it doesn' t matter. Side note: Stern Tim Gunn is hot.

Mostly everyone else was boring. Blake didn't make his dropped crotch pants, thank God, because dropped crotch pants are horrible. The rest of his outfit was boring. Natalia made a workout outfit. Oscar...oh Oscar. Perversely I like his outfit because he went for it and at least it's not boring. Plus, how many people can make sequined hot pants and they don't look terrible?

I thought Shan should have won. That leather jacket was hot and the leggings would have been good for performing in. Instead we have a crop top and the weirdest fucking skirt ever. It looked like Asha had a leather button-down shirt that she put around her waist, and then trimmed, and then tied a flannel shirt around it. Like a challenge where you get a pile of clothes and you have to make a new outfit. Ugh. Well, I guess that's par for the course for this show.

Do you like Zendaya's music or whatever? Did you think Nick was really out of line? Let me know below.

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kitty said...

I thought Nick should have learned something from Isabel when she asked him for some silence while drawing -- and then applied silence on the runway rather than expressing frustration. It is elegant knowing when to speak and when to be quiet. Isabel's design is what got her knocked out of the running, followed by her poor construction. I'm not sure that more time to perfect her design would have helped her.