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TAR24, Precap, 2/23/14

Welcome back to the Amazing Race!  This time, we get our second round of All-Stars!  And, for the first time, we get to see some of our favorite teams for a third time!  (Toyouke: “Wait.  Are we getting all these people playing three times because CBS thinks we still want to see them? Or because latter seasons have lame casts that no one cares to see again and the only people we remember are the ones that are so annoying we never want to see them again?”)  Well, whether we wanted to see them again or not, here they are, running the race for a second or third time because they were All-Stars / Unfinished Business / Falling Apart / Whatever.  The eleven teams are: (click for more)

Bopper and Mark, Team Kentucky (TAR 20, Fifth Place), are the friends from Kentucky.  When we last saw them, they failed miserably on a Roadblock involving Indian Dance and could probably really use the cash.  (Toyouke: “See, I like them and they're both unemployed.  And I have no objection to Mark and Bopper since they have unfinished business in the form of "failing to dance" going for them. “)  I don’t know if they can go much farther than before though.  Prediction: Fifth Place.

Brendon and Rachel, Team Brenchel (TAR 20, Third Place), are now married from California.  (Toyouke: “Christ. They're MARRIED!? “)  They know each other from Big Brother.  (Toyouke: “Big Brother couple, we're not here to make friends, blah blah. Go away.”)  I agree.  But they did really well the first time through.  And if they win, Brandon promises Rachel that they can make babies!  (Toyouke: “And SPAWNING!?! She implies that Brendon told her he'd have a baby with her IF they won.  And unlike Kentucky her job is...apparently being a reality show personality. I hate the universe. She thinks America loved her and wants to see her on TV as much as possible.”)  I didn’t like them the first time, and so they are probably never leaving my television.  Prediction: Fourth Place.

Caroline and Jennifer, The Country Singers (TAR 22, Fourth Place), are friends and country singers from the south.  They are both blonde, and are direct descendants of famous people; Caroline is in Daniel Boone's lineage, and Jennifer is the granddaughter of John Wayne.  (Toyouke: " Let me make this clear AGAIN, I do not care that either of them have famous relatives or ancestors or whatever. When you take that away, what do you have? BLONDE GIRLS. They might as well be beauty queens. Whatevs.  I don't care one bit about these people. ")  Point taken.  But they did well last time, so they may have something up their sleeve.  I predict fail.  Prediction: Eighth Place.

David and Connor, Team LIVESTRONG (TAR 22, Eighth Place), are a father-son team from Salt Lake City, Utah, and are oddly enough both cancer survivors.  Hello!  (Toyouke: “YES A MILLION TIMES.”)  Connor also is a professional cyclist.  They proved last time, when Dave twisted his ankle that anyone can win multiple legs with an injury.  (Toyouke: “Anyone team that can manage to keep a first place standing without an Express Pass and while one member can only use one leg deserves another shot. They are what "Unfinished Business" is made for. Yes I know this is not being billed as "Unfinished Business" but I think on this show that should be the only reason you get back on. "Here is another chance to succeed since your failure last time was not your fault because bad taxi/weather delay/ridiculous challenge/HAY BALES"  Also Connor is cute and when asked about strategic changes he would make heading into this race Dave said "NOT RUPTURE ANYTHING".””)  Prediction: Winners, TAR24.

Flight Time and Big Easy, The Globetrotters (TAR 15, Fourth Place; TAR 18, Second Place), are Harlem Globetrotters.  Enough said.  (Toyouke: “OMG I LOVE THE GLOBETROTTER MUSIC! I love that they cut that in.”)  They lost in TAR15 when Big Easy couldn’t figure out a clue about Kafka.  So intelligent clues are their downfall.  (Toyouke: “I enjoy watching them but they fall in the category with the cowboys. You had your second chance. Time to accept it's not happening. I wonder if they keep getting cast because the producers are like the Survivor producers and cast the same people over and over in the hopes that one time they'll win. Like Boston Rob.”)  Prediction: Tenth Place.

Jet and Cord, The Cowboys (TAR 16, Second Place; TAR 18, Sixth Place), are from Oklahoma, and have both won five world rodeo championships each.  They are here because apparently the powers that be think they are awesome.  But?  COWBOYS!  *insert TAR Cowboy music here*  (Toyouke: “Yeah I think two times is the max. Once for regular, and one All-Stars. I love the cowboys but I am not particularly looking forward to another season of watching them fail at tasks. However I am really amused at Jet's bio where he answers everything with the shortest answer possible. Like he's rolling his eyes at the whole promotion thing.”)  Prediction: Sixth Place.

Joey and Meghan, The YouTubers (TAR 22, Fifth Place), are YouTube Hosts from Los Angeles.  You can check out Joey's channel here: and Meghan's here:  (Toyouke: “Who in the world thought we would like to watch Joey fulfill every negative gay stereotype again? I'm already angry at this season and it hasn't even started yet.”)  I agree.  Why can’t we get some normal gays for once?  Prediction: Seventh Place.

John and Jessica, Cocky YDC (TAR 22, Ninth Place), are the YDC from Huntington Beach, California.  John seems pretty.  And tall.  Apparently he resembles the musician Macklemore.  (Toyouke: "Was season 22 really that great? I feel like they picked out the most annoying people to race again and I don't remember particularly liking that season or remembering anything about it. Admit it, you remember nothing about these people except that John is the total moron who was eliminated while holding an Express Pass. They are totally bland otherwise.  And he still doesn’t look like Macklemore.”)  I think if John can get his head out of his rear about strategy they could do well.  Prediction: Second Place.

Leo and Jamal, The Afghanimals (TAR 23, Fourth Place), are cousins from Los Angeles.  They seem pretty driven, as Jamal is already CEO of a company.  (Toyouke: “Maybe it's just that the "average" person likes all these people. I mean...people watch "The Bachelor" right? And that show is dumb. Otherwise I am not sure why the producers asked some of these people to be on TV again. Maybe they asked everyone and only annoying people agreed? Let me tell you, though, when I heard they were on this season I was so glad because it meant they weren't going to win THEIR season.”)  They retain their nickname, as the producers seem to have felt the need to give everyone a nickname this season.  Have you noticed?  Prediction: Third Place.

Margie and Luke, Team ASL Rainbow (TAR 14, Third Place; TAR 18, Eighth Place), are a mother and son, where the son is deaf, can’t read lips and can’t speak fluent English.  Mom translates, quite well I may add.  (Toyouke: “I mean...could they not get enough people from more recent season? I like them, I just don't need to see them anymore. Although I'm sure you are excited to see Luke again. I will say that I am SO GLAD they allowed Luke to put in his bio that he is passionate about his involvement in the LGBT community. Because the previous two seasons it never came up to the point that they might have been trying to squash the information.”)  I think the Joey / Luke dynamic could get wild too.  Prediction: Ninth Place.

Natalie and Nadiya, The Twinnies (TAR 21, Fourth Place), are twin sisters from New Jersey.  (Toyouke: “They're loud but they are fully competent girls so I actually am pleased to see them. And Nadiya says she hasn't changed since the last time. "No, still a badass." I still can't tell them apart though.“)  I like them, but as soon as they have to drive somewhere, they are goners.  Prediction: Eleventh Place.

And there it is.  Don’t forget to tune in Sunday, February 23 at 7:00 pm CDT (not really, because FUCKING GOLF) for the hour premiere.  See you with the first recap soon!

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