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Project Runway All Stars 12/5/13--"Marge Madness" summary

Previously on Project Runway: the reason for the previous non-elimination became clear. The producers needed an even number so they could do this challenge in pairs. Everyone was supposed to be inspired by Bonnie and Clyde and the “glamour” of the 1930’s. I didn’t see much 30s inspiration but these types of themes never pan out anyway. Jeffrey won with a giant coat, which was cool but also a big boxy coat. Mychael created a jacket that didn’t work and was sent home. (click for more)

Alyssa says some cryptic nonsense which would be more impressive/scary if they hadn’t spoiled it weeks ago. Today they’re designing for Marge Simpson. Specifically for a date with Homer. No green, and Homer asks that it be easy to remove. Korto says she is all about easy to remove. Hee. Interesting. They’ve designed for Miss Piggy and no one considered the fact that Miss Piggy is a puppet and doesn’t need to breathe or eat. So will they make something ridiculous because it’s going to be animated anyway? Winner will get their dress animated and on a future episode.

So it’s still “design a pretty dress” but at least it’s for an interesting client. There are pictures in the workroom and paint swatches for skin and hair. Ha! That is hilarious to me for some reason. Somehow Elena is inspired by the red of Bart’s shirt. Irina seems to have put a tutu over the regular tube dress. Jeffrey is like, not everyone can pull off my dress. So let’s hope he does something crazy.

Back in the workroom everyone gets hand-painted hi-tops with the characters on them. Nice. People get to work but so often everyone changes their mind. So whatever you see might not have anything to do with what happens later. Chris has picked out a print but now he’s worried it’s too young. He says he’s not doing a plunging neckline and low back because she’s a housewife. SHE’S A CARTOON. You will not have to worry about a bra. Viktor is ignoring Chris so Chris is whining about it. Last week Viktor helped him a lot and Viktor feels he suffered for it. So I guess now they aren’t speaking. Viktor tries to do the voice but he sounds like Elmo. He says he doesn’t want to be in the bottom again.

Zanna comes in with 5 hours left. I haven’t written very much, have I? It’s not the most riveting episode. She warns Jeffrey not to go too futuristic. Elena says she doesn’t drape. So she’s draped her dress, the super easy part, and hasn’t started the jacket. Korto seems to be in good shape. Viktor has taste. That’s what he says. Chris has made two dresses. He’s the one that used to do that, right? One is an ugly print, but the other is a one-shouldered boring dress. Irina has some panels that open up? It looks like a cape with sparkly lining? I have no idea what is going on. Seth Aaron has made a red carpet gown, which Zanna sort of yells at him for. It’s polka dots. It’s supposed to be a date dress.

Viktor wanders off to find Chris and apologize for being distant. He wasn’t ignoring Chris, he was trying to focus to get out of the bottom. There is no mention of “I really helped you and you almost won but I was on the bottom so it’s a competition and I’ll see you later.” Model fittings. Viktor praises Chris’s print. Then he says Seth Aaron is thinking of Marge as a cartoon and he needs to separate that. SHE IS A CARTOON. Ugh. Everyone takes a break to drink product placement water. Then they make fun of Seth Aaron’s dress because it’s like his 5th dress today. He starts cursing and says he’s lost.

Runway day. Viktor appears to be wearing one of those tall furry hats like the guards at Buckingham Palace. Seth Aaron is making a new dress from scratch. Hot makeup guy Scott. Irina’s dress is poofy. Seth Aaron magically has a dress now. It’s not complicated, but it’s a dress.

Georgina is not here, so we have Anthony Ryan. Anthony Ryan has shaved his head except for an inch-wide strip right down the middle, cut very short. It looks terrible. He just doesn’t look good bald. Guest judges are Abigail Breslin and Stacey Bendet, who designs for Alice + Olivia. Korto: short dark sequined dress, with one sleeveless arm and one arm with a loose elbow length sleeve. It looks like a dark blue or a black. There’s a V-neck but it’s not super low. The back is loosely draped, but still high enough to wear a bra. I like it, it’s sexy but something a normal person would wear. Chris: strapless knee-length dress in a floral print. The print is coral, green, and bronze flowers on a black background. It looks kind of retro, but on one hip there’s a weird poof of fabric so she looks lopsided. I still don’t like this print. Jeffrey: long purple dress with a mullet hem. But the hem is just above her ankles in front and floor length in back, and it is just cut off straight. Like he cut the front off but didn’t round the edges. The neckline is a weird pink collar with wide lapels that looks unfinished.

Irina: purple sheath dress with a center panel of black sequins. Then there are big swaths of purple chiffon hanging off all the sides so now she doesn’t have a shape. The model walked out with a belt but she undid it before walking down the runway. It’s certainly eye-catching, though, because the chiffon is longer than the dress in back. Viktor: tight sheath dress in silver, with a sweetheart neckline and black illusion netting across her shoulders. So the dress has little cap sleeves and a high crew neck, but all in sheer. There are silver spikes and hardware details at the bust and neckline. I like it. Seth Aaron: long purple gown with a V-neck and a black belt. It looks like he took two pieces of fabric and sewed them at one end, then draped it over the model and gathered it at the shoulders. I could probably make that one. Elena: long red gown with a boatneck and a black blazer. The blazer is well-fitted, and then she takes the blazer off and the back is all draped and has fabric hanging off like a cape. I can’t imagine that looks good with the jacket.

Viktor is safe. Too bad, I liked his dress. Irina was going for a dramatic reveal. Isaac says he likes the dress both belted and unbelted. Everyone loves it. It’s creative but maybe a little too fancy. Seth Aaron claims he needed to think of animation. They like the color but the judges are bored. Anthony Ryan knows he just put the fabric up there and belted it. Isaac is offended that Seth Aaron said something about housewives and throwing in the towel or something. “I know Marge and I think she would rise to the occasion.” Isaac, did you just claim to know a cartoon? Sigh. Korto wanted sparkle. It’s maybe not Marge, but that seems to be the only thing the judges don’t like about it. Jeffrey’s dress is even dumber up close. The neckline looks really flat and so it’s super weird. Like it’s not lapels like a jacket but flat panels. Isaac hates her butt. Also he put his purple dress with pink lapels with bright orange plastic shoes. Chris was going retro, on purpose. It looks like a sarong, and looks better without the belt. Isaac is bored, and he says the waist has some weird buckling. Elena thinks her jacket makes the dress less dressy? Both Isaac and Anthony Ryan like the dress by itself. Alyssa says Elena makes her excited about coming here. *eye roll*

Irina’s design would animate well, even if it’s maybe too dramatic. But they do like the dress itself. Isaac would wear Korto’s dress, if it was him. Heh. It’s sexy. The consensus seems to be that Elena’s dress is far better than her jacket, even if the dress is the same dress Marge wears now, except in red. It’s pretty similar. Isaac is sad that Jeffrey sucked, not angry. Oh, fake mentor disappointment. The dress was terrible and the shoes were a travesty. Chris’s belt was bad but the draping was also terrible. The print is a toss-up, because some judges like it. Seth Aaron half-assed it and they (well mostly Isaac) are pissed about his dismissive “housewife” comment.

Korto is safe. Irina is the winner! Yay! Elena is in. Chris is safe. Seth Aaron made a lazy dress, and Jeffrey is too much of a tortured artist. Jeffrey is out. Seth Aaron stops to cry and say how awesome Jeffrey is and how you will not see any more shitshows out of Seth Aaron. Jeffrey tells us being on the bottom in All-Stars is like being on the bottom of the top.

We get a shot of Marge in the dress, which looks pretty accurate.

Next week: field trip, helicopters, Zanna is pissed. Seems like a collection of bad clothes.

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