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Project Runway All Stars 12/19/13--"#Nina's Trending" summary

Previously on Project Runway: Time to design for QVC. The designers had to make a gown for the program director to wear to some party near the Oscars. Winner will have their dress sold, naturally. Viktor revealed to Elena and Seth Aaron (and the country) that he was HIV+. I’m not sure why it was now, but it happened. Zanna said green doesn’t sell magazine covers, and jewel-toned strapless gowns are boring. It’s not for a magazine, Zanna. Korto made a very simple maxi dress but with a bright orange skirt and she was the winner. She also made a dress that is very easy to manufacture, but it was pretty. Irina made a very complicated wedding dress, essentially, that fell apart on the runway. For once the judges actually took the dress falling apart into account and sent her home. I think other people had worse dresses but whatever. (click for more)

Alyssa makes everyone tell her how All-Stars is different from the regular show. Korto says she can take things better. Oh and the judges are nicer. HA because Nina is here. Yay! She plugs some blog or something, and bloggers. They will each pair up with a blogger to identify “a fashion trend” and design an outfit around it. Somehow everyone will predict the biggest trend for 2014 and then the bloggers are models so I’m glad to see they haven’t forgotten about the “real woman” challenge. But you know all these people left know how to handle that. The “twist” is it has to incorporate purple. Oh sorry, “The 2014 Pantone Color of the Year”, radiant orchid. There is a hilarious moment when Alyssa pauses before the reveal, and Elena says “Black?” in a really hopeful voice. Then Elena pretends she loves purple. Nina says the winner will get to shoot a video with her endorsing them, that will go on the front page of the fashion blog. Sure, that’s a good prize. Nina’s endorsement. Oh, and then Pantone will give them a bunch of stuff.

Everyone picks bloggers based on headshots. All the bloggers look like models so it’s not exciting. As the designers watch videos of the bloggers, they all seem like regular beauty/fashion bloggers…except Seth Aaron’s pick. As soon as she comes onscreen, I thought, “…did they plant a drag queen in there? Awesome!” Seth Aaron interviews that Gigi is transgender. So not quite the same. She’s still gorgeous though. All the bloggers come into the workroom and they discuss designs. Elena claims to be “the bright color queen”. Is she? For some reason I can’t decide if she is and I don’t feel like looking it up. I thought Gigi would be a twist but I don’t think it will affect Seth Aaron. Chris obsesses over not being able to find the right shade of green. Did Mood pull the purple color for them? It doesn’t look like it. I can’t believe they would make them hunt for it.

11 hours to work. Elena gets pissed about how everyone is using neoprene like she did three years ago. I guess in retaliation she’s using a handsaw to cut up fabric but it’s really loud. No one is happy. I don’t know if people are really trying to predict trends so much as they’re just trying to do cool stuff. But it does look like everyone has orchid. Viktor is making a jumpsuit and is worrying about being in the top. Elena is worried about Nina, because Nina hates her. Well, I don’t know if Nina hates her or Nina just won’t let her get away with anything. Seth Aaron tells Elena that Nina can smell fear. Probably.

Zanna time. Korto is making a white suit. Seth Aaron’s seaming looks nice, actually. But it’s bordering on a Star Trek uniform. Chris claims he hasn’t seen a “feminine trench” and Zanna immediately says “Burberry”. Hee. Viktor’s trend is “good girl gone bad” which doesn’t really seem like a trend. It’s not him? Or something. Elena’s coat is crazy. But it does look well made.

Model fittings. Korto’s blogger brought in shoes. Love it. Elena’s crazy coat is way too big. Viktor doesn’t like how his jumpsuit looks so with an hour left he’s decided to start over. I think he’s making a dress out of black neoprene, cutting holes to show the purple. He really doesn’t want to be in the bottom. I can’t tell if they’re showing him saying that all the time because he wins or because he’s out.

Runway day. Chris talks in confessional about what he has to do today, and flips off the camera. Hilarious. The models appear and Viktor’s model really likes his new dress. Lucky him. Hot makeup guy Scott. Viktor manages to break the zipper on the dress. At least it’s on his model already. Elena fixes it I think.

Georgina is gone AGAIN. Did she get sick or something? Christian is here. His hair looks mostly normal. Also Nina is back, of course. Also Francisco Costa. Why do we have two guest judges all the time now? Seth Aaron: black sheath dress, in neoprene I think. There are two stripes that start at her shoulders, then curve in to her waist and back out again, along with matching stripes in a belt. It looks good. Elena: black miniskirt and a gray and purple jacket. The jacket has a big peplum and a high crew neck. It looks really huge on her tiny model. The purple is in thin stripes over the light gray. I think it’s a cool jacket but the proportions are off. Viktor: black dress with a full skirt. The purple shows in holes he cut in the black. Over this is a white leather jacket. It’s really retro 50’s, like a girl wearing her boyfriend’s jacket after prom or something. Chris: army green lace trench dress. That is what Chris described it as. The front has a mullet hem and he left the lace at the hem so there’s a scalloped edge. It’s double breasted, with a belt, and then it’s green and gold lace. A lace trench coat. The purple is in a clutch. Korto: white pants and a white sleeveless top. The top has layers folded over with some purple tint to it. It looks fantastic. The layers are big, so it doesn’t look too busy, and the tint is not really obvious which is nice.

Viktor thought his motorcycle jacket would stay timeless, but Nina tells him it’s happening now so it doesn’t count. But the dress is cute. The color layer under the black is the only new thing. Elena’s jacket is all thin lines like a maze. The proportions are off, or maybe it should be a blazer. She succeeded on texture but everyone hates the way the jacket looks. Her blogger loves it though. Seth Aaron I guess made a trend out of sewing in panels. So the color is not appliqued on? That’s the trend? Sure. It’s the best showcase of the color but it certainly is not new. I think Nina is bored. When you get close to Korto’s top you can see that the purple is lining the folds. So as you look straight on at the top, you can see just a tint of the color, because it’s underneath the white. The one thing is they don’t like the shoes. Nina hates the bag and shoes but she loves the rest of it. Chris names his trend “new vintage Paris soft military”. Sigh. Isaac likes the dress more now that he knows what is going on. They don’t seem to like it that much. Nina says the lace looks like seaweed. Chris says “Thank you” in a flat, annoyed tone, and Nina replies “It’s not a compliment”. Hee. Chris explains that he does know it wasn’t a compliment.

Chris is kind of whiny about Nina but that was funny. Korto approached the challenge in a really smart way. She’s the only one who made pants. Elena’s jacket has a great texture but it’s too big for the model. Isaac wants her in the top but Alyssa and Nina make faces. Alyssa asks Nina to stay forever and I think she should. Seth Aaron made a very nice dress that they have seen too many times before. No one likes Viktor’s jacket. Chris put too many things in his trench, and then he was so proud of his purple clutch. But no one liked that he only put the color in the clutch and not the clothes.

Korto is the winner! She asks permission to skip. Hee. Seth Aaron is in. Elena is in. Viktor is out. So you kept him last week when he had that terrible puckery green dress but then he makes a decent dress and you send him home? Over a lace trench coat? Whatever. He loved everything he did and knows that plenty of women would love that leather jacket.

Next time: ready-to-wear. Elena tears something, Georgina actually shows up for once, Chris runs around. I’m not sure when this will air, but if it’s right after New Year’s I might be late in posting. I’m pretty sure it’s not on next week though so enjoy the break!

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