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Project Runway 2/21/13--"A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock 'N Roll" summary

Previously on Project Runway: We recycled some more challenges, and had everyone make collections with materials from the hardware store and also a flower shop. They didn’t have to mix the two, so there were a lot of dresses made mostly of flowers. And then they ACTUALLY gave them two days to make their outfits. I know! The Dream Team finally won, but it’s too bad for Michelle, who was traded to the other team and therefore has never won anything. Samantha used some silver mesh and put leaves and flowers inside it, so she was given the win. Team KIR produced Patricia’s mess of strings of flower fringe, but that was good apparently, and also Amanda’s totally fine sheath dress with keys and moss. Amanda had too much drama for everyone, and they tried to throw her under the bus, but in the end Joe and his boxy sweater dress was sent home. I mean clearly because he was kind of weird, and this way Amanda can hate her whole team. Then Tim said they have business to deal with. Or something. (click for more)

Time for this unfinished business. Heidi has the velvet bag. Pff. That’s all? Shuffling the teams? Apparently not really shuffling teams, but moving everyone into teams of two. Samantha, as the winner, gets to pick out her partner first, and she picks Daniel. That’s what the bag is for. Richard picks Stanley, Patricia picks Layana, Matt and Michelle (she has to say something bad, sigh), Kate and Tu, so Amanda and Ben. So there are six teams here.

Back at the apartment Amanda recounts how everyone threw her under the bus. She of course says her confidence is low. Because it would be. Ben is worried because he doesn’t know Amanda, except for how her team threw her under the bus.

Tim makes everyone go to a bar. It’s very cowboy saloon. Today they are designing for Miranda Lambert. I’m impressed some of them know who she is. These clips from her concert, she looks like Melissa Ethridge. Each team will be designing two looks, a performance look and a red carpet look, because heaven forbid we don’t weigh everyone down with a ton of work and cause recappers like me to have to write about as many outfits as possible. I bet they only get one day. Tim name-checks the episode title for the performance look, and for red carpet he says “chic, young, fresh”. The two looks do not have to match or go together.

Patricia is making textiles again. Amanda is from Nashville, and is making the performance outfit. She and Ben are really getting along. Kate says Tu is always super nice. Mostly everyone is getting along. It’s not super exciting. While shopping, Daniel and Samantha are both pulling leather. So leather for both looks? Then everyone is there buying navy leather, except Michelle, who proudly declares she is different. Ben worries he’ll go overbudget but he is way under. Tim asks them if they have $130 dollars left over, and I think that receipt was for both of them. How do you not spend $130? That is how far under they are. That never happens.

Back at the workroom everyone freaks out over Miranda Lambert again. Lots of hard work. Maybe because there are only two people per team so your screw-ups are more obvious. Daniel has some weird technique that I don’t think he has done in leather before. So we’ll see. Ben thinks he might actually be on time.

Tim time! Samantha is making a leather vest and a ruffled dress. Daniel’s leather strips seem interesting but he doesn’t really have a lot done, plus Tim tells him maybe it’s too much. A deep V and a high center slit? Yeah. Layana is fine, I guess, but then Patricia has made “bullet holsters” like a bandolino. What? Tim admits he was terrified but at least she’s not boring. I guess he’s more OK with it after the explanation. Kate has made a tight red leather dress. OK. Tu wants her to be more curvy, and maybe has extra flaps and whatnot. Tim says Tu’s “Gaga-ized” her, which is hilarious that Tim’s using that as a verb, and Tim is also very worried. Richard has some long fringe and mesh. Mesh with no lining. Nice. Amanda has a full dress with hand-cut fringe. It looks like she took the rectangles of fabric and made slits, but not all the way to the edges. Ben also seems to be doing well. Matt has some details that are impossible to see from a distance. He also doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing with the skirt yet. Oh, look, they’re only getting today. I wonder why they didn’t consult with Miranda?

Matt talks about trusting yourself and I guess he’s more worried than usual. Everyone trash talks each other. Michelle thinks she is doing a good impression of Nina but she is not. Nina is not Italian and she does not pause every three words. Model fittings. It’s mostly fine. Richard’s model is pretty naked. Now Amanda is worried about time management and she claims her brother is in Maroon 5, and don’t I remember someone from the Road to the Runway show saying something about Maroon 5? But I thought they were saying they slept with the drummer? Wow, if I misheard that, I really need to get it together. Matt is not done so of course Michelle is freaking out.

In the morning Michelle tells her apartment Matt has no bottom. That is a quote. He’s reduced to making a simple pleated skirt. Richard is discovering he has no lining for his mesh and neither does anyone else (in terms of his being able to borrow stuff). Daniel uses a fork to make a rough edge for his skirt. Richard discovers he used part of his budget to buy a Mood T-shirt. You did? What? Anyway, he makes a tube dress out of it. Hot makeup guy Scott. Tu is still sewing. Stanley is gluing sequins on.

Heidi is trying very hard to make sure you see her legs in her super short skirt. Oh, Miranda Lambert. That hair pulled back so sharply is making your head look tiny and your shoulders and boobs look humongous. Or maybe it is the low-cut leather top that your boobs are coming out of. I don’t think it’s flattering, is all. Amanda: short black dress (or maybe it’s navy—I have a crappy TV and the snow is jacking up the signal) with fringe all over it. When her model walks, it moves a lot. There is also a ton of silver chains and jewelry. Ben: long dark blue dress with a strapless sweetheart neckline and black beaded fringe hanging off one boob. Tu: short black dress, high neck, and weird flaps on her hips. Like a peplum, except there is no fabric over her stomach. And the flaps are outlined in white. Amanda: red leather bodice, that ends just below her hips, with a long flowy chiffon skirt. Interesting. There’s a train too. Samantha: black leather motorcycle vest, with the silver zippers and everything. The skirt is short and has some fringe. Pretty short, though. Daniel: blue metallic leather halter top, that looks all ruffly, and a plain blue long skirt with a train and that weird frayed effect at the hem.

Matt: black top with one sheer shoulder strap, and a black folded skirt. Boring. Michelle: long black skirt, a lighter leather vest, and a necklace that seems to be made out of long strips of white leather hanging down like fringe. Huh. At least it’s interesting. Patricia: somewhere at the bottom is a bronze sheath dress. But over that are two criss-crossing straps made of beige leather, and then fringe. It looks like the whole dress is made of fringe because you can barely see the bronze. Just at her boobs. The straps have folded pieces so they do look like bandoliers, and there is more fringe at the shoulders. I do not get Patricia at all. Layana: long navy dress, sweetheart neckline, and a keyhole in the back. There’s a simple silver belt. Richard: short black dress with random black and silver fringe hanging off it. It’s very striking but not very country. Stanley: long black dress with a deep V and a belt piece made from shiny leather or snakeskin or something.

Patricia, Layana, Kate, and Tu are safe. Why is Patricia always safe? What? I don’t get it. Is she really great and I’m just not with it? Whatever. Richard, Stanley, Amanda, and Ben have the high scores. They get to stay for now. Richard gets praise for his mesh and fringe because it moves but she can move in it. Heidi claims that it looks expensive, which is crap. It’s not expensive. It’s interesting and moves a lot and is good for performing in. Not expensive. Stanley talks about his dress, and his dress is nice, but it’s not very exciting. There is a lot of volume in the skirt, but Miranda likes it. Nina thinks maybe it is not good for Miranda, specifically, although it’s a good dress. Nina tells Ben his dress is elegant and beautiful. They talk about how nice it is, although Miranda worries the fabric will be unforgiving. No one mentions the fringe hanging off her boob. Amanda talks about how her fringe is cut on an angle and then she mentions that her model is wearing a normal bra, and it doesn’t show with the way that the back is cut. Nice. They like the fringe and how easy it is.

Michelle talks about the open neckline she covered up with her giant fringe necklace. Miranda says she likes the top, and could wear it with other things, and Heidi (bitchily) says that they’re not here to pick apart the outfit. Then she says it’s no fun, and even if it’s not great I think it’s supposed to be fun. The skirt is too casual. The back is good. They of course love the front with the necklace gone. Matt is babbling about patchwork lace and timing. There is a ton of detail, but it’s hard to see and this is supposed to be a performance piece. It’s too boring. Miranda tells him to have confidence in his own craft, and that she would love to have seen patchwork lace and whatever he was talking about. Michelle then randomly sticks up for him, which is weird after she’s been shit-talking everyone. Daniel talks about his leather technique and the frayed thing. From far away the leather looks like tinfoil. Miranda thinks it’s someone’s “interpretation” of what a country star should wear. Nina hates pretty much all of it and tells him so. Oh, he is in trouble. Samantha has immunity, but she was boring. It’s not her, and Zac is all, that is terrible, but sometimes when you have a specific client you can’t help it.

Amanda’s dress is very versatile and looks great. Ben’s dress is elegant. Zac says it was clean, except, boob fringe. Richard’s fringe thing is cool and I guess is rock and roll. Stanley’s skirt was a little too full and maybe the bodice wasn’t perfect, but it was still a good dress. Nina doesn’t think Michelle has good taste. Ouch. Matt’s plan was good, but he didn’t produce anything good. Heidi asks if they want to give him another shot. Daniel’s dress looked cheap, and he had no idea there was anything wrong with it. Nina thinks this is the first time everyone got to work on their own, and I guess they think Samantha could have done better since she’s immune.

Miranda says the winner is Richard. He laughs a lot. Richard and Stanley are in. Amanda and Ben are in. Samantha is in. Matt is out. Aww. He’s upset, because the outfit wasn’t really him and it’s too bad that’s what he’s going out on. He’s proud of himself for trying.

Next time: real women challenge! It looks like sassy old ladies. Freaking Joan Rivers, who is yelling at people. That should be good.

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