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Project Runway 9/27/12--"It's Fashion Baby" summary

Previously on Project Runway: The designers made costumes for the Rockettes. It was actually a good challenge, I like the extra restrictions on costumes for dancers. Chris won by making a bodice with the New York skyline. It was pretty cool. Ven made an ice dancing costume, that was boring to boot, and went home. His decoy finale collection was full of folded roses. And also? I saw a picture of him and Kenley from the Emmys and the dress she had on had nothing to do with the dress he made her from that challenge that he won. Nothing. Also the next season of All-Stars was announced. Wendy. Pepper. There is the possibility of a Wendy vs. Josh fight to the death. At least, we can hope it’s to the death. I don’t want to deal with Josh anymore but I also cannot resist the thought he might go up against Wendy Pepper and Ivy and Kayne and lose.
Melissa and Sonjia are much more serious now that Ven’s gone and there’s only six people left. Elena promises to “claw” her way through and end up in the finals. Chris wants to make a collection “so bad” which would mean more if I didn’t already know he made one.
The designers end up at Babies “R” Us, which worries everyone. Dmitry opines that Heidi has “105” kids. Heh. She wants them to make a look for her baby line. What? Why? Babies? What possible use is this? There are actual clients and babies. They actually show the matching, or at least they list all of it, and I don’t know why it matters. I guess boys vs. girls. Elena wants to win. Winner gets his/her outfit sold. Heidi will also be giving them fabrics and notions so they will match her line. Clearly, she has a line. Free labor.
Elena is thinking blazer, but fun and playful. Melissa thinks feminine = pink. Fabio reveals that his first job in New York was as a babysitter so he’s all over it. He starts talking about overalls and pockets and a flap in the back. Chris loves his kid, because she has cheetah-print hi-tops. He has the mom go around and pick out things she likes in the store to give him hints. Heidi tells them they have a dossier and a “special” surprise. Elena translates “special” as “fucked up”. Heh. Probably.
The workroom has fabrics and little toddler mannequins. And baby dolls. The kind that cry and have sensors so they know when you pick them up. HILARIOUS. I love it. Tim says the dolls are so they know what is involved in clothing for infants. If it’s crying, you should either feed it, rock it gently, or change it. Heh. Fabio already has his baby in one of those carriers that sits in front of you. There is no purpose to this. Children’s clothing designers don’t have babies near them all the time. This is here so we can watch single childless people flail. I’m all for the entertainment though.
It sounds like there will be two winners, one boy and one girl. Fabio talks to his baby, as we all expected. I mean, out of the people left, who is going to treat the plastic doll like a real baby and talk to it and stuff? It’s Fabio. Chris is moving his dress form and manages to knock the head off. Melissa is sticking with snaps so the clothes can go on and off easily. Chris thinks he can beat Elena and Melissa, the other two designers with girls. Everyone has to consider that little kids run around and stuff. Elena, to no one’s surprise, is not a fan of the dolls. Melissa claims to have a good baby, which is possible because I think they randomly set how often the baby cries and stuff. The dolls start screaming all at the same time, which irritates everyone pretty much. Chris makes a Judy/Liza reference for extra credit.
Tim time! And a special visitor! Actually just Heidi. They edit the sound like all the babies stopped crying when she walked in, but I doubt it. Elena is making a “dressy girly blazer” with no shoulder pads. Heh. Heidi doesn’t want basics, I guess because she wants special things. Fabio has a cool lining, but Heidi wants it visible. It seems cute. I have faith in Fabio, at the moment. Dmitry has black bands as suspenders, sort of, but Heidi is not a fan. She does this every time. She comes in and hates everything. Sonjia has a jacket made out of fleece, and matching pants, which should not match exactly and be boring. Chris’s mother wanted a very exact jacket, denim with ¾ length sleeves, in white. For some reason Heidi doesn’t worry about white clothes on kids, and then she tells him to make a skirt with the appliques. Chris wants to make Heidi happy, as opposed to the client. Melissa has made some pants that Heidi says she already has. Heidi is bored. The leggings are only interesting because of the fabric. You can only make leggings for kids in so many ways. Before they leave, Heidi says there is a twist (SIGH) and now they have to make an outfit for mom too. LAME. I only want to talk about six things, not twelve. They have all day tomorrow to work. The challenge is really about the baby. Mom should look cool, but they will judge on the baby outfit. Also they will have to bring the dolls to Mood. Hee.
Everyone goes to bed but the dolls wake them up in the morning. They provided cribs! Ha! Dmitry deadpans “I forgot. I am a father now.” Chris brushes Fabio’s teeth so he can hold his doll. Tim comes in the next day and says he’s taking the dolls to daycare. Everyone cheers as Tim piles all the dolls in a plastic wagon and wheels them away. It is hysterical. Tim and a wagon full of crying plastic dolls. Melissa says’ it’s perfect because she was going to neglect the doll anyway. Hee. Melissa is behind, but she’s made a super cute face out of sequins! Cute! Elena tries to figure out draping, and asks Dmitry. But she can’t just do it, she has to get in a dig at him that she’s asking because he always drapes and stuff.
Fittings. Melissa’s baby outfit doesn’t fit quite right. And she has nothing for mom. Chris promises the baby will be super cute but mom hates the outfit. He’s very upset. Mom also hates the print he picked out for her. Chris seems to be saying “oh well” to that. Everyone drags themselves home finally.
Chris tells his roommates Dmitry and Fabio not to help Melissa if she needs help. Cold, but you shouldn’t. It’s a competition. Tim comes in and says they have 45 minutes before the clients come in, and then an hour after that for hair and makeup. Melissa is stressing. Fabio thinks she will be her own competition. Chris’s client comes in and says she’s sorry and she worried he was upset yesterday. He wants to move on. Dmitry thinks he can win, but Sonjia is competition. Melissa has to ask her mom to help her sew buttons. Hot makeup guy. Oh, the GLASSES! The glasses increase the hotness. Melissa is still sewing. Fabio is very confident. Dmitry is worried because his baby is tired and won’t “sell” his look. Hee. Tim has to come collect Melissa from the sewing room. She’s relieved it’s over, but upset it sucks so much.
Guest judge is Hilary Duff. What. Fine. Fabio: baby has a dark top and pants, with white trim, and a hat. He looks cute. Mom has a sort-of-denim-mottled dress with a slight mullet hem. Melissa: baby has a black vest with a sequin face on the back, and a white shift dress that rides up a lot. Mom has shorts that are horrid and a stupid big vest. It’s not good. Dmitry: baby has a red knee-length jumper with a truck on the front. Like a big pair of overalls. There is a hood that sticks up like a Mohawk and blue sleeves. Mom has a gray pencil skirt and a random top I can’t see very well. Sonjia: a gray suit made of fleece, and a colorful top. Mom has a long gray skirt, possibly also in the fleece, and a black top. I like it. Chris: white jacket and dress with appliques all over it, and mom has a dress in a green busy print. It’s fine. Elena: green pants and a pink top with a black jacket. But she seems to be able to move in it. The baby looks cute. Mom has a black pencil skirt and a gray wrap looking top.
Everyone has to stick around for critique. Kors waves at the babies which I find really funny for some reason. Sonjia wanted a twist on a blazer, making it out of fleece. Mom actually has a dress and a denim jacket. The baby looks mostly dressed up but he can move in it, and it goes with mom. This whole time everyone is waving at the kid because he is waving at all of them. Melissa’s jacket/vest is great, but the dress rides up and is too simple. Also for some reason there’s a zipper, which is not good. Mom’s shorts are linen and they look wrinkled. The baby’s dress is cotton, which is “crunchy”. The vest is great though. Also Kors for some reason loves mom’s outfit. Hilary also cuts her some slack that you don’t know some things until you have a kid. Fabio put a pocket on the back of the baby’s vest with some cute print. Kors calls it a modern take on nautical. The baby’s outfit is one piece, actually, which is cute. Heidi thinks mom looks too old, but Nina likes them both. It’s not too cute, but it’s a onesie which is great. Elena has some embroidered flowers on the back and some jeans, and mom wanted something form-fitting. Kors likes the jacket, but he doesn’t see the connection between all the pieces. Heidi agrees. Everyone likes the jacket except Nina, who says it’s not practical. Elena mutters something and Nina is like, that’s my opinion. Mom looks great but it’s not a mom challenge. Dmitry made a hood that when you unzip it, it looks like a cape. That’s cool. Kors doesn’t appreciate the hood. Heidi tells him that’s common and this is a trend. I mean, how is Kors going to know? I think the moms like it, and Kors has to be talked into it. Chris says his outfits are for a special occasion. The white is not practical. Heidi for some reason is OK with an outfit for special occasions. They like the dress, for a party or brunch or something. Kors likes mom’s dress too, because they go together and clearly they would be worn to the same place. If mom complained about anything, they don’t show it.
Fabio’s outfit was cute, and nautical without being cliché. They also really like that it was one piece. Sonjia also made something modern, and being separates you could recombine it with other things to make more outfits. Heidi likes Dmitry’s look, because she could see a kid demanding to wear it all the time. It kind of looks like a crayon but maybe that’s not horrible. Chris did a lot of work and it has a wow effect. Elena piled too many pieces on, even though her jacket was great. Not that practical though. Melissa’s dress was too grown up, and rode up too much. Her vest was cute though.
Sonjia is a winner! Chris is the other winner. They are both thrilled. Dmitry is in. Fabio is in. Melissa is in. Oo. Elena’s not thrilled, but she is kind of relieved that she doesn’t have to deal with any more challenges. Tim comes to send her to her space, and says “What are we gonna do all day every day without [HAILSTORM OF BLEEPS]” Hee! Elena’s glad she didn’t compromise her vision to please anyone, so she’s content.
Next time: final (?) challenge. Avant garde. Some freaking out. And so forth.

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