Monday, September 10, 2012

Hell's Kitchen 9/10/12--"Winner Chosen" summary

Previously on “Hell’s Kitchen”: Christina and Justin are the final two. They picked out menus and then had that one last competition so they can decide who gets to have first pick of the eliminated contestants for their team. Christina won (in a thrilling tiebreaker, of course). She picked Dana, Patrick, Kimmie, and Robyn. Not sure why she picked Robyn. Justin picked out Barbie, Brian, Royce, and Clemenza, who is kind of annoyed to be last. As they talked about menus, Clemenza was less than thrilled, and when Justin gave him some crap about how Clemenza should want to help Justin to win for Clemenza’s sake, Clemenza bailed.
Oh yes…the final episode recap of the entire season. No one minds if I skip this, right? Right. That’s five minutes off the episode right there.
The announcer pretends like Justin might be down a person for the final dinner service, but they don’t even bother to drag it out. Seriously, he says “And now the conclusion of Hell’s Kitchen” and Clemenza sits back down. You could have pretended a little bit. Clemenza talks about how he should be in the final two, because he didn’t go far enough, and Justin kisses his ass a little bit so he’ll agree to stay. Although Clemenza does admit he’s not bought in 100%.
Everyone talks about how they should win. Christina is depending on Dana, she says. Clemenza wanders off while everyone is meeting, because for some reason he’s decided if Justin needs him, Justin will come get him. Prep starts, and Justin is micromanaging slightly. I don’t think it’s overkill, I think he’s just worried about things getting screwed up. Of course Christina is the opposite, so she’s talking about having fun and telling her team not to call her “chef” which is stupid.
 Ramsey rolls in to look at the two menus. Clemenza burns some crostini. The whole team freaks out. Justin says “literally” a bunch of times, even though nothing “literally” happened. Brian all of a sudden holds up a whole tray of crostini. Nice. Justin serves cured wild salmon (olives are too salty), cod (which is good but looks like snot), rib eye (delicious). Ramsey tells him not to be too clever. Christina serves scallops and risotto (nice), crab meat salad (the ring mold plating is boring, Ramsey wants sexy), pork loin (delicious but too many collard greens). Ramsey just wants some oomph. Both Justin and Christina give a last-minute pep talk. Not very exciting but nice talks all the same.
Justin gets anal about his team yelling “heard” instead of “yes chef”. Christina tells Robyn to be honest with her times, and Robyn mutters back that she is honest, but Christina just says she has to trust her so be honest. Royce screws up some crab cakes and forgets the sauce or something. They’re dry. Brian gets ordered to help him. Royce interviews that Justin’s cursing doesn’t help anyone. Then do it properly, idiot. Ramsey is helping to yell at Royce. Royce is pretty lackadaisical about it. I’m remembering how much I disliked him. Christina is suddenly behind now, and we’re led to believe it’s because Dana fails at cooking scallops. Robyn also fails at risotto? Well, it did sit around because Dana was behind. Dana yells about appetizers being finished.
Clemenza is still screwing up, I guess, although I can’t figure out how exactly until he brings up some raw…something. Salmon, maybe. Clemenza seems to take responsibility, actually, and they finally finish. Dana cooks some fish, and it’s not seared enough so Christina tells her to redo it. Dana talks back and says it’s fine. “What? It’s fine. You don’t want it?” Christina tells her all she wants from Dana is halibut. Nice. Because she’s lost her mind, Dana brings up the halibut that Christina already rejected. Did she sear them to put more color on them? She didn’t even bother to do that. Christina catches it, and then Dana tries to argue that’s not what she did. Andi jumps in and basically tells Dana to shut up and cook some new fish. Ramsey yells at her too, and then tells Christina that she may have to kick Dana off the section. The last service, Dana sucked at fish then too. Why did you put her back there? Justin’s team is serving quickly, but something gets sent back for being cold. They blame Royce, who thinks Justin should have caught it before it went out. Dana finally brings up good fish. Justin gets on a weird kick and won’t serve anything his team brings him.
Christina is somehow on her last table. Dana’s pork is raw. Christina has to decide if she is going to serve part of the table, and she says not to. Ramsey is glad she chose to do that. Justin is suddenly on his last table also. And also Barbie brings up overcooked beef. Did you notice how both finalists had problems with their last table? What a coincidence. Barbie announces to the kitchen she doesn’t have two rib eyes. Wow. How did she run out? Did she screw up too many? Justin has to sub a filet for one of them. Finally everyone gets through service.
Ramsey says he’s doing away with the two door thing. The winner of Hell’s Kitchen is…Tavon. Ha! OK, that was funny. Christina and Justin get sent back to the dorms to chill for a minute. Ramsey dismisses everyone else, but I’m not sure where they go to. They never meet up with Christina and Justin. Ramsey “has a hard time” deciding things. Flashbacks to stuff. Everyone has ups and downs.
 Ramsey’s still doing the two door thing. Of course he is. How could you get rid of such a dramatic way of revealing the winner? Everyone wants to win, everyone has worked hard, etc. One last commercial break before the reveal…and the winner is Christina! She’s so overwhelmed. Justin is devastated, but Ramsey hugs him and his parents comfort him. Scott and Andy shake up champagne to spray people with. There are some outtakes of dancing for no reason. And it’s over.

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