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Project Runway All Stars 3/15/12--"Finale Part 1" summary

Previously on Project Runway: Everyone had to make dresses to be sold in a boutique, and apparently the judges think America wants boxy shifts with horizontal stripes of various colors and a dust ruffle. I’m sorry, and I love Mondo, but that dress is not good. Austin and Michael, who each went out fourth in their seasons, got their redemption by passing through, so that means Kenley is out. She was much more tolerable this time around. (click for more)

Austin has shaved off the mustache. Aww. Mondo says he went from Errol Flynn to Kermit the Frog. He totally did, that is creepy. Angela has creepy eyes today. It’s the final challenge. Woo. Georgina and Isaac are here, for some reason. I hope it’s to announce home visits. Can you imagine Isaac visiting Mondo and his family? They must make a “mini-collection” of five looks. And they have four days. You couldn’t give them a week? Whatever. $3000 to shop, and they have to use the stupid accessory wall. Does that wall have enough accessories for fifteen looks? Joanna has “invited” them to her workroom at Marie Claire.

The Marie Claire offices are nice. Michael says he feels like Joanna. Unlikely. They really do have great offices. Also Joanna is in a meeting, which they walk right by as she pretends not to notice. Mondo is nervous. Joanna strolls down the hallway, and she’s wearing those open wedges that look uncomfortable, and a fab yellow dress. I like that they pretended she was super busy and made them sit around forever waiting for her. Everyone is nervous. Joanna says their collections should be a shift from the previous season, and done well. Mondo asks about theatricality, music, lights, whatever, as all three of them have been TOO theatric before. Joanna doesn’t think it’s essential, but it sounds like if it fits the clothes and the designer then they don’t mind as much. She then describes the “guest editor” position that is part of the prize, and it sounds like you’re an intern. I mean, she talks about being part of a team and interpreting runway looks for real life and working for Nina and how fun it will be. But it’s all nebulous enough that I think they probably won’t be doing a whole lot. Joanna says she’d be thrilled to have any one of them. Did they ask Nina to hide in her office while they were there so she wouldn’t be on camera?

One hour to sketch in Central Park. Austin is making a wedding dress, “the ultimate dress that most women will wear in their lives”. Mondo wants redemption. Michael claims to want it more than the other two. Mondo talks about wanting to win and he gets a little choked up.

They only have an hour to shop, which seems unfair. But then again, four days is unfair too. Michael wants a safari. Mondo is just pulling whatever, and he claims he’s not feeling it. Whatever, didn’t he win the last time he wasn’t feeling it? Austin says “modern day rock star meets Hasidic gentleman”. Yeah. Then he buys a whole roll of tulle for his wedding dress.

Someone has redone the workroom so the main area is now the lounge, and each designer has his own room to work in. Nice. Mondo is grumpy to Austin, who is only asking the producer-approved questions about his collection during dinner. Austin claims to be “helping”, but I think he’s just asking questions. Mondo shuts his door on the cameraman too, and he says he’s not happy with his fabrics anymore and he wants to quit. Whatever. We’ve heard it before. Austin has Austin things. Michael has all “ethnic” prints and shiny things and I think I saw some feathers.

Everyone is hanging out with Michael, and Mondo says there’s a lot of pressure and he feels “dead” inside, no motivation, and he goes and shuts the door to his room. I guess Michael said he could talk to him, and Mondo said “no thanks” and now the two of them are offended. OK, Mondo is kind of being sulky, but he doesn’t have to talk to you. If he doesn’t want to talk to you about it, that doesn’t mean he’s an asshat. Austin and Michael commiserate on how Mondo doesn’t want to pour out his soul to the two of them. He’s in his room with the door shut. He’s not taking up your time. So shut up about it.

Georgina shows up for some reason. Blah blah, she wants a vision, etc. Mondo looks bored, and she calls him on it. He says he’s tired of people telling him what he’s capable of and expecting things from him. You guys, it’s Killer Fatigue. Mondo has Killer Fatigue. That’s what people on shows like Amazing Race get, where they are just exhausted and done with the hoops that they have to jump through and they just don’t care anymore. It’s about to the point where he either needs to figure it out or quit, though. Georgina tells him she’s had to learn not to have breakdowns. It looks like Mondo gets started on something, but then he says he’s given up and takes the day off. Seriously, he’s lounging on the couch while everyone works.

They go out for drinks and dinner, where Mondo declares he’s done. OK, be done then. Mondo actually walks out of the restaurant. Michael points out that when Mondo is in that mood, that’s when he makes his best work ever.

The next day, Michael of course has a ton of stuff done, while Mondo has nothing. He’s started working, though, because he says this show has made him crazy and he needs therapy, so that is the theme.

Model casting. Austin actually runs to go get his wedding gown skirt to put on some girl. Really? He shouldn’t be doing that. They fight over models, doing coin flips. Mondo and Austin are fighting over multiple girls. Well that was some fun drama.

Now that Mondo has ideas, he’s going to ask Michael things all the time. He’s also painted some inkblots on muslin, which is cool. Austin has black satins. I don’t know. Now Isaac shows up, and Mondo admits to a crush. Really? I guess. They talk about the order of the show, putting new things first and big looks last. Isaac says every season, there is something that no one likes but him. That…wasn’t very exciting. They all listen to the CD and pick out tracks. Well, Michael and Mondo pick before they call Austin, so he gets the last one. Austin has some crazy things. Austin thinks that Michael’s clothes are only fit for a model--you can’t wear a bra and you have to be skinny.

Another day, and Austin is putting in hair spray. Today it’s Angela’s turn to visit. Of course no one wants to see her because she has a twist. One more look. Made out of this season’s discarded fabric. Nice. I think they saved it from each designer, so Michael’s bin has all the fabrics he used, and so forth. Also eliminated designer helpers! Whatevs. Mondo picks Mila, Austin picks Anthony, and Michael picks April. They get them for 24 hours.

April is kind of surprised, but is ready to work. Austin describes his collection, and Anthony just stands there. Until he gets into confessional, where he laughs and laughs. I missed Anthony. He says Austin really needs his help. April is ready to go on what she is making. It looks like everyone has plenty to do.

Model fittings. Austin says “leather tuxedo jumper”. The leather is from the Central Park challenge. Michael has white left over from his Greek flag dress, and Mondo has flag fabric too. Actually, Mondo has a ton of fabrics from different challenges. Anthony says it’s great working with Austin because Austin does what he tells him to do. He says some lace looks like “dead white lady”, which is hilarious because we don’t hear Anthony say it, just Austin repeating it in confessional. More working. Mondo is behind because he spent the first day doing nothing.

Last day before the show, and it’s Joanna time! Also time for helpers to leave. Austin has a gown in black with hot pink flowers. Joanna tells him to push it, and he says he is because he has this! And he pulls out what looks like shorts with suspenders, and huge inverted pleats so they are super wide at the hip. No one’s seen these before! That’s because they’re scary looking. Mondo tells her about needing therapy. He seems to be in a good place. Michael’s collection looks like a collection, and Joanna tells him resort wear is very commercial.

Hair consults. They are as exciting as they always are. More working. Michael admits he’s more worried about Austin than Mondo. Mondo is not worried about Austin. They all go home and worry about how much they have to do and how much they want to win. Clips of praise from the judges for everyone. And…then it ends. Whatevs.

Next week: I guess we’re finally done with this show. The producers award the prize to the person they want, and everyone talks about how great it is.

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Thank you Toyouke for another great season of recaps!

I think you're right - the winner was predetermined and we'll see only what the producers want us to see. Sad - it could have been a great season.