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TAR17, Recap Leg 0, 9/26/10

Welcome back to the Amazing Race! Miss me? I thought so. First off, we have some excellent new countries to visit this year, and we get a nice stop over in Africa! Plus, I hear that we don’t start in LA for the first time in six seasons. Also, no married couples. We’re at eleven teams, so no monkey business from the producers, and Toyouke and her sister are nearby to throw in their two cents as always. The eleven teams are: (click for more)

Andie and Jenna, are a mother-daughter team from the Atlanta Georgia area with a twist: mom gave up her daughter at birth to an adoptive family. As per regular Race fashion, they are using TAR17 to develop their relationship. (Toyouke: “I hate to lump them into that group of stupid. But...they're using the Race to get to know each other better. I want to like them, but I'm afraid I won't.”) Otherwise, they seem fairly athletic and together. Barring any unforeseen drama, they could be successful. But they are an all female team. Prediction: Seventh Place.

Brook and Claire, are cohosts on the Home Shopping Network. They are also best friends. Brook is also a former beauty queen. Claire is the lovely lady that you see getting her face smashed in with a watermelon on Leg 1 in the video that seems to have made its rounds on the internet a few times at this point. (John Vito, TAR3: “Did you see how she stopped it? With her FACE!” Toyouke: “They seem too girly to do well.” Kyoko: “And I don’t even know which ONE you are, you both look 53. And you look older than Kelly Ripa. AND anyone know knows as much as a Wikipedia article on gemstones knows that you sell complete CRAP on the Home Shopping BS. PS BROOK I didn’t even read Claire’s bio because you are SO AWFUL.”) Um, yeah. And based on their singularity at the Roadblock, I’m thinking they either do very poorly, or persist in their presence. Prediction: Fifth Place.

Chad and Stephanie, are a YDC from Fort Lauderdale Florida. (Toyouke: “Have only known each other for 8 months, have been dating for 5 months, and have purchased a house together. Also she is a beauty queen. I smell trainwreck.”) Stephanie is also the FOURTH Miss South Carolina that has been cast in the last 17 seasons. And, unfortunately for us, beauty queens always do better than we’d like them to. Still, Chad could be eye candy. Prediction: Sixth Place.

Connor and Jonathan, were members of the Princeton a cappella group, the Footnotes. Connor is also student body president, and they both missed their graduation to do the race. I’m predicting fun and excitement. Plus, singing boys. (Toyouke: “I love someone who responded to "People would be surprised to learn" with "Dalmatians are born without spots". Also, they're vaguely cute.”) I think they’ll stick around, barring any cute but stupid moments. Prediction: Second Place.

Gary and Mallory, are father-daughter from Kentucky. And Mallory is out third beauty queen of the season. But she was fourth runner up, so that’s something. (Toyouke: “WHY, CBS? Why so many beauty queens? After you did so well showcasing gay couples, is this the next group you're trying to champion? Because so far, not working. At least this one isn't running with her boyfriend.” Kyoko: “My pet peeve is my dad is TOO NICE. Awwwww….shut up Mallory. Geez I am a bitter jaded person.“) Father-daughter teams don’t tend to run well, and they don’t seem like the Jim-Marsha type to me. Prediction: Eighth Place.

Jill and Thomas, are a YDC from Marina Del Rey California. And. . .? Yeah, that’s all I’ve got. (Toyouke: “Don’t forget fishcakes.”) Eye candy, but they seem boring. Prediction: Tenth Place.

Katie and Rachel, are friends and beach volleyball players from New Jersey. Wait, there are beaches on which to play volleyball in New Jersey? They look like a Kami/Karli or a Dustin/Kandice, but I’ve got a strong feeling about this group of ladies. (Toyouke: “You'd think with as many gay teams as they like to have, they'd have male eye candy more often. Hey, Brook and Claire, THESE two can get away with being bimbos. GOD they even look the same.”) Be it as it may, I think they are fishing for an all-female winner. Prediction: Winners, TAR17.

Michael and Kevin, are father-son from Sugar Land Texas, outside of Houston. My great aunt and uncle live in Sugar Land. Excellent. Not like I needed another reason to root for them. 1) Team Asian. 2) You may recognize KevJumba from all his great internet videos. 3) They are HILARIOUS. (Toyouke: “I really hope they continue to act goofy throughout the whole race and Michael says awesome things. I like them because they are hilarious. You like them because Kevin is a cute Asian. Done and done.” Kyoko: “THIS IS THE MOST ASIAN ACHIEVEMENT I HAVE EVER HEARD: ‘Own a business and have a stable family.’ I love Dad. LOVE him. Son is ok too.”) As a result, fan favorite, which dooms them to. . . Prediction: Fourth Place.

Nat and Kat, are friends that met in medical school and are now separated by distance. (Toyouke: “They have similar names which is stupid, but at least they don't look anything alike. Otherwise, I dislike them on sight. No reason, I just do.”) Yeah, I’m not feeling this team either. Prediction: Eleventh Place.

Nick and Vicki, are a YDC from Henderson, Nevada. I’ll let Toyouke describe them for you. (Toyouke: “It's like, Kynt/Vyxen + Lori/Bolo. I kind of like them, as they are like, anti-beauty queen. “) And both of those teams did decently well. So, with that kind of background, I think they could go far. Plus, they will probably not really associate with the other teams, which will help. Prediction: Third Place.

Ron and Tony, are friends, and our biggest chance for a team with ANY gay people this season. Ron is a choreographer, and Tony is getting his MBA. So, a nice blend of smart and artistic, plus big black guys are always fun to watch in Asian countries. However, this one could go either way and I only had one slot left. Prediction: Ninth Place.

And there it is. Don’t forget to tune in Sunday, September 26 at 7:30 pm CDT for the one and a half hour premiere. See you with the first recap soon!

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