Thursday, February 18, 2010

Project Runway 2/18/10--"A Little Bit of Fashion" summary

Previously on Project Runway: designs for the April issue of Marie Claire, for Heidi to wear. More pretty clothes. Anthony won, because he had an interesting dress and it was in a good color, and he was super cute when he won which was fun. Anna made a perfectly good outfit of shorts, vest, and sleeveless top, which was cute but not good enough for a magazine cover. So she was out. Also Mila is concerned that everyone hates her, and editing would make it seem like they do. (click for more)

Anthony is very chipper in the morning which is probably annoying to non-morning people. But I’m like that and it’s fun, so go Anthony! He points out he doesn’t have immunity so he still has to be focused. Janeane is horrified that Joanna hated her outfit. Jesse is determined to win. Still no topless Jesse.

Heidi says now they will have new models. Haha! With little experience. Then there is the tootling they used for the dogs that one time, and small children come out onto the runway. Hee! They have to make a children’s outfit, which must fit and be fashionable. Then they let each little girl say who their designer is. It’s super cute but I have the feeling this is going to get old. They seem to be between 6 and 8 years old. Jonathan is terrified of children. Nice. I mean, I’m not a big fan of small children but they don’t terrify me. This should be interesting.

Everyone has a child’s dress form. Hee. They won’t get a fitting today either. That sucks a lot. Jonathan is drawing a kimono-sleeved romper. Well I guess a romper makes sense for small children. Poor Anthony can’t decide how to be himself, which involves volume and feminine silhouettes. Hee. They don’t have bootys. Jesse is going for “schoolgirl/Madeline”. Emilio is leaving himself out of the design? Tim appears to take them to Mood with their $50. I feel like this challenge and the Barbie challenge are more closely related than they appear. Make a pretty dress with ruffles that is girly! Anthony talks about what colors he’d wear if he was a little girl. I can’t improve on that.

Jay thinks 8 year olds are very fashion forward. Seth Aaron teases Jonathan that he’d save time if he just bought fabric instead of making it, and Jonathan puts on a French accent and says he wouldn’t limit himself to what the fabric store sells. Heh. He’s making a bolero jacket. In the sewing room he mocks Kors. Mila is color blocking again. Bright pink and green. She says that now that she’s more centered she’s getting along with everyone. I think they’re laughing at her more than with her and she doesn’t quite get it. Janeane is going simple, I think. Seth Aaron I think has a daughter so he knows all about what kids want, he says. Mila points out Tim hasn’t made his appearance. She suspects a twist. But midnight comes and no Tim. Janeane knows she’s not the most innovative but it’s appropriate for children’s wear.

In the morning Janeane gets a phone call home. That is not promising. Tim comes in with “a nice surprise” and Emilio recognizes the smile and the look in his eye. It is not good for them. Tim says “These looks will not be walking the runway today.” But that’s because he’s giving them another day. Of course, they have to make another outfit, but for their regular model. The winner today will get immunity. They aren’t supposed to make a larger version of their children outfit, but it should coordinate. Ugh, that is too many looks to talk about.

Back from shopping, Amy isn’t sure how everything will come together. Anthony says his feet hurt and he feels like he’s working in the chicken shack. I guess he’s the loud one today instead of Seth Aaron. Mila bitches that he made her forget her measurement. However, everyone seemed irritated at Seth Aaron, while they make a bet with Anthony to see how long he can go without talking. He gags himself and after some decoration of the cloth he actually makes it almost 15 minutes. He says that’s the longest he’s gone without talking like, ever.

Tim time! Jonathan has some yellow…I don’t see kimono sleeves though. Janeane has what Tim calls “Halloween”, but it’s black and coral. I don’t think it’s orange enough to be Halloween. Amy has a bunch of cutout pieces on the floor, and Tim actually gets down and sits on the floor to talk to her. Wow. She used a bunch of circles to make petals for her skirt for the kid, and she’s making more circles for the adult version. Or possibly they are pants. Tim warns her about clown clothes. Either they’ll stop the show or be horrid, and he’s thrilled she’s taking the risk. Seth Aaron claims his daughter had 200 handbags when she was this age. Yeah. Tim says he is “profoundly wowed” and sends in both models. They seem to like the clothes. At least there are no tantrums.

Amy is still cutting out petals, and has not even one leg done. Emilio is running out of fabric. Janeane says she thinks she is safe today, and she just wants to get through today. Yeah, that really is not promising.

Finally it is the day of the runway show. Amy knows she will not be in the middle. The little girls come in and I guess get bored. They’re cutting scraps and playing dress-up with the accessory wall. Anthony doesn’t know what to do with them. Of course they have gravitated to him and are saying random things and making him speechless. Let me repeat: small children leave Anthony at a loss for words. Janeane likes her outfit. Why aren’t there any shots of Tim dealing with small children? I think we can agree we’d all like to see that.

Guest judge today is Tory Burch. Anthony: the little girl is in hot pink, and the adult is in a sleek red dress with a deep V. they don’t really go together, as hot pink and red kind of clash. But both of them have a ruffle along the neckline. Amy: the girl is in a deep turquoise sweater or jacket, with a big collar, and a skirt made of overlapping circle petals in shades of coral. The adult has a lighter turquoise top with spaghetti straps, and then knee-length loose pants covered in circle petals, only these are made of different sizes layered on top of each other so they make rings. It’s hard to describe. I don’t know if I like it. But it is certainly creative. Ben: the girl has a plain lavender dress and the adult has a short gray skirt and navy top with a ruffle. They look like they’re from the same store but I don’t know that they’re coordinated. Seth Aaron: a hoodie in black and white checked fabric with pink pockets, and a black skirt with grommets, I think. And a pink purse. I think Seth Aaron was screwed by getting one of the younger models. The adult has black skinny pants and a black and white checked jacket (he made the checks from separate fabrics) with a cowl neck. Jesse: gray dresses for both. The girl has a red Peter Pan collar and piping, and a red coat. The adult has black panels on the sides of the dress and a wide black belt, and red buttons. It’s not bad. Jonathan: the girl has a yellow and gray dress with ruffles up the front. It’s yellow until just past her hips and then the gray starts. The adult has a very light gray dress covered in the same circle petals Amy used. I find myself wishing there was some yellow in the adult dress.

Maya: black leggings and yellow jackets for both. The adult one is cropped, with a diagonal zipper, and the girl’s is a regular windbreaker-style jacket. Mila: the girl has a short dress that looks very mod, and has one half bright green and one half bright pink. Between the two and along the hems there is white with black polka dots. The adult has a white jacket with black borders and black pants. I’m not sure how those two go together, but I’m pretty sure that those two colors in the girl’s outfit are the two colors my mom’s sisters wore to be bridesmaids in her wedding. And she got married in 1968. Emilio: girly pink princess dress, and for the adult a lavender sheath with puffy cap sleeves. It does look like a rich mother who indulges her daughter’s love of dressing up. Janeane: the girl has a tunic-length top with a bubble hem, and zebra striped leggings. The adult has black leggings, a black and white zebra top, and a coral jacket that is the same color as the girl’s top. It’s not the most exciting outfit but it’s not Halloween. Jay: dark plum dress, drop waisted with ruffles, with a scarf and dark pants. The model has skinny black pants and a plum top with ruffles all around the waist to give it volume.

Jay, Amy, Jonathan, Seth Aaron, Jesse, and Janeane are called out as the top and bottom. Jonathan, Amy, and Janeane have the lowest scores and are kicked out for now. As Jesse is talking about what he did, they show a shot of his adult model and the top of her dress looks crooked, like he didn’t finish it right. Kors likes the color combination. The little girl likes her outfit. Aww. Seth Aaron’s skirt is denim. And on the back of the girl’s jacket is a big pink star with a “SA”. His girl loves her purse. Kors tells him his adult jacket is the best tailored piece this season. Jay put a lot of thought into his outfits.

Loser gong! Aww…no loser gong. Janeane wanted something comfortable. Nina wanted more whimsy and less plain. Heidi says it looks like a cheap mall outfit. Kors thinks her jacket looks like a Home Ec project. Ouch. Jonathan wanted an edge to his girl’s outfit. She’s not comfortable and I don’t think it fits right. Kors gets what he’s going for but it looks like a tornado of toilet paper. Poor Amy’s petals are cut all raggedly, when you see them close. Nina uses the circus label. Her girl loves her sweater, and when Kors asks if she’d wear those things together she says she’d trust Amy’s fashion sense. Aww! Tory doesn’t like the color combination on the pants.

Jesse was traditional but had a sense of humor. Also he made a tailored wool coat. Seth Aaron was sophisticated but still whimsical. Children would demand that outfit. Jay had chic pieces and excellent styling. Heidi would not have guessed Amy made that outfit. They hate on the colors some more. Janeane made a horrid jacket and they don’t think it was worth $50. Jonathan went off somewhere that none of the judges want to go to.

Jesse is in. Seth Aaron wins. He’s pretty thrilled. Jay is in. Jonathan is in. Amy is in. Ah, editing. She’s pretty upset but she says she’ll persevere.

Next week: hardware store! Hammers! Tim puts on the bitchpants! It’s your “unusual materials” challenge.


Anonymous said...

...I missed the show, and ... did I miss in your recap who was out? I only read about a bunch of people being in. I hope I catch a rerun of this one; it sounds fun.

vix said...

Janeane was full of crying this episode! Or at least darn close to it. I thought of you!