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Project Runway 2/11/10--"Run For Cover" summary

Previously on Project Runway: everyone designed dresses for Campbell Soup’s Address Your Heart campaign gala. Said dresses were modeled by real women who had been affected by heart disease. Thankfully there was a minimum of whining about non-models. All dresses were supposed to be red, and many people chose to use a very bright shiny tomato that was not flattering. Amy won, with a long floaty gown that was not super-exciting but was pretty. Jesus made a dress that even Heidi called tacky (and she’s the queen of short, shiny, and tight) and he was sent home. So now when I type I won’t see a sentence like “Jesus worries about being in the bottom” and do a double take. (click for more)

Fashion Week is tomorrow. Yes, you counted right. That is how many decoys there will be. See what I meant about “three finalists”?

Anthony smacks Jay with a book to wake him up. He’s glad to not be in the bottom three, but he knows that if you are in the bottom three, there’s nowhere to go but up. I disagree. You can go out. Mila is sulking because apparently when she came into the workroom after judging talking about how she was “top two” no one cheered. So she’s upset no one was happy for her. She’s really worried about how other people see her. Remember the whole thing with the model?

Amy has immunity. They are designing a look that must be “picture perfect”. Tim is waiting to take them on another field trip. Emilio thinks they might be looking at old photographs and trying to recreate a look. That would be cool, but alas, Tim has not planned that. They go to the Marie Claire offices and meet Joanna Coles. It’s a cool building but has nothing to do with anything. Of course, this challenge is huge and unprecedented and whatever. They must design an outfit, for a celebrity, to be worn on the cover of Marie Claire. I mean…that’s awesome for them, but they’ll all make pretty dresses and I’m getting bored with that. Even the burlap challenge was “make a pretty dress”. Joanna tells them they must think about the crop (the outfits are only shown from the knee up or so), the season (April issue), the color, the fact that words are going over them, etc. The outfit must be eye-catching so people will pick up the magazine. The celebrity is Heidi. But does that mean they have to make maternity wear?

Tim takes them back to Parsons and reminds them how huge this is, then gives them 30 minutes to sketch and one day for the whole challenge. Just one? People are sketching regular dresses so I guess they’ll do the shoot after Heidi gives birth. Better make it quick. Girl is always pregnant. $150 for shopping. Janeane just grabs whatever she can get her hands on.

Everyone interviews about how huge this challenge win could be, but in the workroom no one is talking. At all. Seth Aaron starts making noise because for him it’s too quiet. Jay is irritated. Then he starts to do the Jets snapping and dance moves, which is kind of funny. It looks like everyone is pissed at him but he is oblivious. Anthony asks him if he’s smoked anything besides cigarettes today. Hee. Ben is upset because his magenta looks fuchsia, so he’s put a black overlay on top and it looks better. Anthony is staying true to himself. Mila pretends concern over the bright turquoise that Anthony and Anna are using. Hey, it’s eye-catching. Anna’s never made three pieces so she’s pressed for time. Janeane is realizing the random fabrics she found are very bridal. Jonathan tells Anna he’s making a spacesuit. Hee. Janeane’s still freaking out but not crying which is something. Jesse says his biggest competition is “probably half the people in that room”. You’re doing it wrong. On the other hand Mila thinks she has no competition.

Tim time! Anthony is pretty worn down, and he doesn’t know what his dress is going to look like exactly. He’s just cut strips out. Tim is worried and tells him not to gimmick it up. Mila has stretch wools but has less done than Anthony. Janeane wants waves, or spewing fabric possibly. She mentions that she’s been in the middle so far, and Tim warns her against clown clothes. Ben has lots of color. And metallic leather. Anna appears to have light blue and silver. And some shorts. Emilio has ombre lacing but it’s pretty subtle. He needs to watch his time.

When the models come in, no one has much of anything. Anna’s shorts don’t fit at all. Jay is pretty confident, as is Jesse. Mila goes to sew and makes a comment about how it’s good no one touched her machine. No one responds. Imagine if Anthony said that. Everyone would laugh and give him crap about it. Jay says that Mila is kind of fake and insincere. Emilio doesn’t care how she is as a person but he thinks all she can do is color block and she’s too cocky for her skill level. Anthony doesn’t know what he’s doing and he’s running out of time. But “life isn’t fair, so why should Project Runway be?” Janeane looks at the clock and flips out. Emilio’s dress is too short but he doesn’t have time to fix it.

Everyone seems really exhausted in the morning. I think everyone’s freaking out except Mila, who knows Heidi will look wonderful in her dress. When Tim comes in to give a 10 minute warning, people are still sewing. Emilio trash talks people in interview. I know he won the first challenge, but has he done well since then? Why is he constantly trashing everyone but never talking about himself? Janeane breaks the pedal on her sewing machine. There are many, many open sewing machines in the room but she spends time fixing the pedal on hers for some reason. Ben thinks he could win.

Joanna is back to guest judge. She’s hard core, this should be good. Amy: short dress with a handkerchief hem and an empire waist. The bodice is strapless and one boob has a big poof over it. There’s a lot of volume in the skirt. The whole thing has a print that almost looks like tie-dye: mottled dark blues and yellows and reds. It’s kind of dark. Seth Aaron: pewter suit. The sleeves are a little loose at the shoulder and then tight starting at the elbow, and the waist is cinched in with a zipper, or possibly small buttons. There’s a little bit of a peplum and skinny pants. It’s hot. Jesse: short dress with a woven bodice, in a dark green. It’s nice, but I’m not sure they can bring out the detail in a photo. Not enough for it to not look like a generic sheath dress. Anna: light blue tank top with some darker inset squares on the neckline, and a silver vest, and dark blue shorts. It’s not exciting at all. Anthony: turquoise short dress, very short, with some noodles down her right side. Not like, Leanne noodles, but sharper folds. It’s cool. Janeane: knee length dress with an A-line skirt and a sweetheart neckline. There are straps, I think, in a dark green, but they are overlaid with beige, which is the color of the rest of the dress. The hem is uneven so you can see the petticoats. Mila: short tank dress in the exact skin tone of the model, with triangles of dark gray at her waist and her hemline. It doesn’t pop at all.

Emilio: bright raspberry short dress, very young looking. It pops with color but other than that it’s not that exciting. They have to zoom in so you can see her boobs are outlined with cording in a lighter shade. Also it’s pretty short. Jay: long flowy dress that looks almost exactly like Amy’s dress that won last week, with two exceptions. This dress is the color of muslin, and it has a big shoulder corsage of fabric flowers. After I watched it again, I did notice the front is short, knee-length, while the back goes down to the floor with a train. Jonathan: VERY short skirt with long sleeves. As in, short enough to be a figure skating outfit. It’s all done in gold. I’m so entertained. He calls it a “romper” so I guess it’s all one piece with shorts? Hey, it’s different and fun. Maya: short fitted dress in light gray, with beige underneath. The gray is cut so it looks like a coat, or a vest anyway, since there are no sleeves. Then there is a big collar like a blazer in the beige. The collar has a lot of layers, so it looks like pleating, but you can only tell that close up. Ben: short wrap dress, in dark turquoise. The edges of the dress, where it’s wrapped, are yellow, with a thin brown border between the yellow and the turquoise. There’s a wide brown belt to go with it. I want this dress. The back has a keyhole cutout lined in yellow.

Seth Aaron, Jay, Maya, Jesse, Jonathan, and Amy are safe. Jonathan and his gold satin romper are safe? Ha! Ben talks about Madame Butterfly and his kimono inspiration. Kors thinks this would cut through the noise. It’s modern and beautiful. Anna wanted to compliment Heidi’s coloring. Nina thinks this would give Heidi no shape. Joanna says it’s like ingredients that make her feel nauseous because they just don’t work. Ouch. Kors thinks she’s missed the point. Anthony wanted clean lines and a feminine silhouette because she won’t be pregnant. It’s not costumey, and he claps. Hee. Everyone likes it, especially the color. Janeane was inspired by the ocean. You can see the seams, which are nice, but it’s pretty busy. It’s not fashion forward enough, and it’s not obvious what the inspiration is. And Heidi’s not sweet and girly. Mila talks about how her color blocking is slimming, and as they pan down the dress it doesn’t look well made to me. It looks puckered and uneven. Kors doesn’t like the color, and Nina thinks the color blocking points at her crotch. Kors also points out that when they crop her you might not see the colors. Emilio wanted to make sure there was detail above the waist. His dress is made from jersey, which is impressive because jersey doesn’t look tailored. The ribbons are pretty junior, though. They tell Emilio to cut off the straps, and he does, right on the runway. His model takes her hair down, and they all love the look this way.

Janeane completely missed Heidi’s style, and whimsical doesn’t make a cover. Anna’s dress was not special, but they do give her points for making three pieces, one of them shorts. Mila’s color was terrible, and Heidi thinks she would have to get really tan. Emilio’s dress had to be redesigned, but after that it was great. Joanna thinks it’s a great asset to have a designer who is willing to cut up his dress like that. Ben’s dress was modern and eye-catching. Anthony thought about Heidi and the dress was charming.

Heidi specifically mentions that there will not be immunity for the winner. Then she tells Anthony he wins, and he laughs and laughs. Woo! When he goes backstage everyone cheers, unlike for Mila. Ben is in. Emilio is in. Mila is in. Anna is out. Janeane cries more than she does. Anna is proud of herself. That’s ELEVEN collections to be shown tomorrow.

Next week: small children. Kick ass. Small children in the workroom? Even better.

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