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TAR14, Recap Leg 8, 4/12/09

Welcome to Leg 8! Last time, on If You Can’t Open The Right Medicine Box, Just Phuket, teams raced from Jaipur, India, to Phuket, Thailand where teams had elephants walk all over them. Jaime loses her cool at the Herb Shop, and the Stuntmen racked up two penalties bouncing them from first to third. After Margie passed out at the pit stop, Mel and Mike finished last and were eliminated. Sad times. Who will be eliminated. . . next? (click for more)

Arrival at the pit stop last episode:
1st – Tammy/Victor, Team Asian, arrived at 9:27 AM
2nd – Jaime/Cara, The Cheerleaders, arrived at 12:31 PM
3rd – Mark/Michael, The Stuntmen, arrived at 12:46 PM
4th – Margie/Luke, Team ASL, arrived at 12:53 PM
5th – Kisha/Jen, The Athletes, arrived at 1:05 PM

Wat Thep Nimit, Phuket, Thailand

9:27 PM Tammy/Victor (1st)
Clue: Fly 400 miles to Bangkok, Thailand! Teams should then take a taxi to a boat yard on the outskirts of town to find their next clue.

Now, I KNOW at the end of the last episode that Mark and Michael only had an hour penalty and Tammy and Victor finished within that hour, so this time makes absolutely no sense. I am smarter than you think, CBS.

12:31 AM Jaime/Cara (2nd) – (Toyouke: “Why would you go on the Amazing Race when you are frustrated by the language barrier?”)
12:46 AM Mark/Michael (3rd) – Mark: “We should do fine as long as we don't shoot ourselves in the foot." (Toyouke: “Heh.”)
12:53 AM Margie/Luke (4th)
1:05 AM Kisha/Jen (5th)

Teams arrive at Phuket International Airport in the following order:

1- Tammy/Victor
2- Jaime/Cara
3- Mark/Michael
4- Margie/Luke
5- Kisha/Jen

Teams all end up on the same flight from Phuket to Bangkok.

Teams exit the airplane and grab taxis in the following order:

1- Margie/Luke
2- Kisha/Jen
3- Jaime/Cara
– and Jaime calls dogs “doogies”. I don’t know why.
4- Tammy/Victor
5- Mark/Michael

Teams take their taxis through traffic to the boat yard in the following order:

1- Margie/Luke
2- Jaime/Cara
3- Tammy/Victor
4- Mark/Michael
5- Kisha/Jen

And teams arrive at the seventh roadblock.

“Who’s ready to propel their team forward?”

In this roadblock, one team member must join a rod and propeller to a long boat in order to get their next clue.

(Toyouke: “Interesting Roadblock. It's about time there was a non-physical one.”)

The following team members complete the Roadblock.

1- Margie
2- Jaime
3- Victor
4- Mark
5- Kisha

Teams finish the roadblock in the following order:

1- Margie/Luke
2- Jaime/Cara
3- Mark/Michael
4- Kisha/Jen
5- Tammy/Victor

Teams are then told to navigate their boats using the provided map through the Bangkok Canals in order to get to Peninsula Pier. Teams navigate and arrive at the pier in the following order:

1- Margie/Luke
2- Jaime/Cara
– who have their bags at this point, because Cara made sure that Jaime went and picked them up. Note that ALL the other teams were around when they did this.
3- Mark/Michael – who leave their bags in their taxi at the pier.
4- Kisha/Jen – who leave their bags, Amazing Fanny Pack AND Kisha’s shoes at the pier.
5- Tammy/Victor

And teams get the Detour Clue.

Broken Teeth OR Broken Records
*Broken Teeth: Teams travel to what is known as the “Street of Happy Smiles.” Once there, teams must find five pairs of matching dentures in buckets of 50. Once the five people have their correct dentures, the dentist will give teams their next clue.
*Broken Records: Teams travel to Chinatown and find the parking lot with the Party Taxis. Teams then will be driven a 5 mile course with three locals while singing a Thai pop song.

1-Margie/Luke choose Broken Teeth – Margie: “We choose Broken Teeth because I can’t sing, and Luke REALLY can’t sing.”
2-Kisha/Jen choose Broken Records – Jen: “First, are those transvestites? *ding* and second, WHY are they in the car?”
3-Jaime/Cara choose Broken Records
4-Tammy/Victor choose Broken Records
– Tammy: “It’s the Mai Tai Trannies!”
5-Mark/Michael choose Broken Records – Michael: “We know how to please the girls.” Um, those aren’t girls. Oh, and they decided to go and get their taxi from the boat yard first so that they could have their stuff. And they gave the taxi driver personal possessions as payment. Um, NOT good.

Teams complete the detour in the following order:

1- Margie/Luke – Margie completes the detour herself. (Toyouke: “Margie kicks ass.”)
2- Kisha/Jen – who somehow get a taxi for no money, which is pretty impressive. Way to finagle the taxi driver!
3- Jaime/Cara
4- Tammy/Victor
5- Mark/Michael
– Mark: “I give you gifts.” Again?

Teams are then instructed to race to Phya Thai Palace. This will be the eighth PIT STOP for this racearoundtheworld. The last team to check in here MAY be eliminated!

Teams check in at the PIT STOP in the following order:

1- Margie/Luke – who win a trip for two to Puerto Rico. Margie: “I’m NOT going to faint today!”
2- Jaime/Cara
3- Tammy/Victor
– who actually arrived fourth, but a certain team had to go get their travel documents, since they left them in their Amazing Fanny Packs. Right Kisha and Jen?
4- Kisha/Jen – who get their travel documents and arrive fifth, but are not eliminated because someone screwed up even worse.
5- Mark/Michael – who have a FOUR hour penalty for giving up personal possessions twice to settle a debt.

However, the Stuntmen find out that this is the second non-elimination leg and will have to complete a speed bump in the next leg of the race as well as the remining three hours of their four hour penalty. Why couldn’t the non-elim have been LAST week?

1st – Margie/Luke
2nd – Jaime/Cara
3rd – Tammy/Victor
4th – Kisha/Jen
5th – Mark/Michael

Next week: In China, it’s the clash of the titans! Jen vs. Luke! Luke vs. Jen! And the claws really come out this time. Until next time!

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