Monday, April 27, 2009

TAR14, Recap Leg 10, 4/26/09

Welcome to Leg 10! Last time, on Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Running Into Clue Boxes Will Bruise My Ego, Bitch!, teams gallivanted from Bangkok to Guilin China where it was Luke Versus Jen in the battle of the clue boxes! (Toyouke: “BLAH I so don't care about last week's BS.“) At the Pit Stop, three teams raced for the mat for first place, and Margie chewed out Kisha in the most memorable Pit Stop EVER!!! (And yet, I disagree). Mark and Michael finally finished last and were eliminated. Who will be eliminated. . . next? (click for more)

Arrival at the pit stop last episode:
1st – Kisha/Jen, The Athletes
2nd – Tammy/Victor, Team Asian
3rd – Margie/Luke, Team ASL
4th – Jaime/Cara, The Cheerleaders

Sun and Moon Pagodas, Banyan Lake, Guilin, China

1:48 PM Kisha/Jen (1st)
Clue: Fly 1000 miles to Beijing China! Once there, teams must taxi to Liangzi Jian Gao Men Foot Massage Spa. Teams have $40 for this leg of the race.

Kisha says that she’s all over the previous leg. I highly doubt that. (Toyouke: “’There's no reason to harp on what happened in the past, we're over it,’ means ‘We will bring it up at every conceivable opportunity.’)

1:49 PM Tammy/Victor (2nd) – Tammy: “Hey, We went there for the Olympics!” Victor: “And we speak fluent Chinese! Because we’re Chinese!” Oh dear. AGAIN.
1:50 PM Margie/Luke (3rd) –(Toyouke: “Ditto to what Luke said.”)
2:12 PM Jaime/Cara (4th) – Jaime: “We’ve never been first.” (Toyouke: “Jaime and Cara are either going to win this leg or come in last, with that foreshadowing.”)

Teams arrive at Guilin Lianjing International Airport in the following order:

1- Margie/Luke – who are the first to get approved for the flight at the airport, but the credit card won’t go through, so they switch lines, but not before . . .
2- Kisha/Jen – (Toyouke: “I must give props to Kisha and Jen for eavesdropping and cutting in line.”) Kisha: “The dumb look is patented in China.” (Toyouke: “So now Kisha is the Ugly American?”)
3- Tammy/Victor – who got their tickets from a travel agent before getting to the airport.
4- Jaime/Cara

Teams grab the 5:10 PM flight on China Southern to Beijing. While waiting, the teams discuss the previous leg, and Jaime is just shocked, SHOCKED I tell you at Jen and Kisha’s behavior.

Teams arrive in Beijing and grab taxis in the following order:

1- Tammy/Victor
2- Margie/Luke
– who once again, run into Kisha and Jen on the way to the taxis.
3- Kisha/Jen – who once again, are not happy about it. (Toyouke: “OH SEE HOW OVER IT I AM!”)
4- Jaime/Cara

Teams take their taxis through Beijing to Liangzi Jian Gao Men and arrive in the following order:
1- Jaime/Cara
2- Kisha/Jen
3- Tammy/Victor
4- Margie/Luke

And teams arrive at the eighth roadblock.

“Who’s feeling manipulative?”
In this roadblock, one team member must get a Chinese curative foot massage. The team member must drink a medicinal herb tea and then endure a ten minute foot massage. Once complete, team members drink another cup of tea to get their next clue.

(Auburnium513: “Is this the new version of the eating challenge?”)

The following team members complete the Roadblock.

1- Cara
2- Kisha
3- Tammy
4- Luke

Teams finish the roadblock in the following order:

1- Jaime/Cara
2- Kisha/Jen
3- Tammy/Victor
4- Margie/Luke

Teams are then informed that they should travel to the Guangcai Natatorium. They arrive in the following order:

1- Tammy/Victor
2- Kisha/Jen
3- Jaime/Cara
4- Margie/Luke

And teams get the Detour Clue.

Sync OR Swim
*Sync: Teams don swimsuits and complete a synchronized dive with a score of 10 in order to get their next clue.
*Swim: Teams don Speedo speedsuits and swim a 400 meter relay where each team member alternates swimming 100 meters each. Teams complete the full 400 meter swim to get their next clue. Oh, and they will be compared to Michael Phelps the whole time. (Toyouke: “Random Phelps!”)

1-Tammy/Victor choose Sync – Victor: “I’m in skimpy land!” (Kmanpat: “Yes, yes you are Victor. Please stay there.”) But later, after many attempts, they bald snark to Swim.
2-Kisha/Jen choose Sync – and Jen freaks out, so they bald snark to Swim. Kisha swims the first 100 meters and Jen freaks out and they double bald snark back to Sync. After two dives, Jen can’t take it anymore, so Kisha talks her into the rare triple bald snark and they go back to finish Swim.
3-Jaime/Cara choose Swim
4-Margie/Luke choose Swim

Teams complete the detour in the following order:

1- Jaime/Cara
2- Margie/Luke
3- Tammy/Victor
4- Kisha/Jen

Teams are then instructed to take a taxi to the North Gate of the Drum Tower to find Phil.
Teams find Phil in the following order:

1- Jaime/Cara

Jaime and Cara, you are the first team to arrive. However, you are STILL RACING. Here is your next clue.

1st – Jaime/Cara
2nd – Margie/Luke
3rd – Tammy/Victor
4th – Kisha/Jen

Next week: As we continue from the mat, teams “check in” and get a shock. Plus, the prerequisite eating challenge in China, and Jaime and Cara’s big breakdown. Oh, and we narrow ourselves down to the final three. Until next time!


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