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Project Runway 11/3/16--"Project Pop Up" summary

Previously on “Project Runway”: some truly stupid product placement required the designers to design streetwear for the “urban jungle” based on some dumb ride. So there was a lot of khaki. Laurence made another jacket with fancy sleeves and some horrible dropped crotch khaki pants that just looked like her model was wearing a diaper. But everyone was like “oh it's so chic” and gave her the win because I hate this show. Brik tried to blend some prints but they hated it and also he is low drama so he was out. (click for more)

Also just so you know, they showed six collections at Fashion Week but didn't have any of the designers come out because the show hadn't even started yet. So you don't have to have decoys, right? Because you aren't releasing any names? So then why were there six? You could have had just the final three or four, right? Unless it's so obvious whose collection is whose, like the last time. Whatever.

Laurence kind of shrugs about winning. I don't think it's her fault but she is kind of smug about it. Cornelius wants to redeem himself, because he was probably saved last week because of the drama he provides.

Tim greets everyone with the hair guy. It's time for a pop up color shop! Sigh. Everyone will show their looks to the public in “the trendiest shopping neighborhood”, SoHo. The public will vote but it only counts for 20% of the final judging. That's so they can just ignore the public. Also teams of three! Also you have to work within an assigned color palette! That is total bullshit but also par for the course for this show. The color palette, not the team thing. Although the velvet bag to “randomly” select teams is bullshit, as we all know. The Red-Violet team is Erin, Dexter, and Cornelius. WOW. The best friends got paired together! Totally random! Team Super Drama. Team “New Neutral”: Jenni, Nathalia, and Mah-Jing. Mah-Jing says “yay” in an anemic way because as he says, Jenni and Nathalia are best friends. OK this bothers me. You have two black men left and you screwed them both over by making them third wheels. So that means Team Blue is Roberi, Rik, and Laurence. Probably Team Zero Drama. You must make a “cohesive” three look collection. One day to work.

Dexter immediately starts talking about painting a punk jacket, and Erin is babbling about an oversized coat (surprise). Cornelius isn't saying anything, but it's not clear if that's because he's not enthused about the challenge or because he is just going to bitch about it later or what. Roberi sketches a geometric design. Mah-Jing talks about his idea and his team seems to be at least getting along. Laurence sketches another jacket. I spoke too soon, Jenni and Nathalia want to use orange and they shut Mah-Jing down about it. Cornelius finally speaks but of course he feels no one is listening. At Mood Mah-Jing sketches and Nathalia is like, I can't visualize what you're going to do. His sketches aren't that bad. Erin claims the plaid Cornelius was going to use.

They only seem to have four hours to work, which is ridiculous? Whatever. Cornelius says he's mixing the plaids, so he got to use the plaid he wanted anyway? Mah-Jing says Jenni and Nathalia are always having side meetings without him. Nathalia completely admits they're just telling him to do whatever he wants, because this is the team that is not cohesive because no one cares. Jenni does point out they should talk to him, because it looks like they're having a secret meeting. Nathalia is all, “...oh. *shrug*” Also hair consults happen but whatever to that. I think maybe the pop up is tomorrow night? No one is done. Cornelius notices their collection is all red, all the time. Erin doesn't care, and Dexter immediately agrees with her. Dexter and Erin are super cocky about how great they are, and I would remind them about how the last time they were this cocky they were both shit. Mah-Jing is bored by his team's collection. You'll notice Team Blue has had zero screen time. Zero.

Day of the Pop Up. Rik thinks the public voting is a huge deal. It's only 20%. Cornelius is frustrated because he is working his ass off while Dexter and Erin jack around. But he doesn't want to lose either. Nathalia and Jenni are realizing their collection sucks but don't seem to be doing anything about it.

Tim Time! Team Blue is designing for a rebel, or someone different, or something. Laurence's jacket has pointy shoulders of course. Tim says there are strong pieces and super boring pieces. Rik's dress and Roberi's skirt are too boring. Oh please. These three have been on camera for a total of two minutes max so I'm not worried about them. Team Red pretends they feel good about things. Erin throws Cornelius under the bus about being worried, but he does own up to how much red there is. Cornelius has a great jacket, Dexter maybe doesn't have a top to put under the vest dress, Erin has a coat but nothing else. Cornelius says he was thinking about putting his skirt with Erin's coat and then making something else for his look. Erin...says it's a good idea? Tim loves it, but we've seen Tim's opinion often does not match the judges. Team Red has a group hug which seems fake and annoying. Of course now Cornelius has screwed himself because he has to make a bottom for his look. You know Erin won't make it. Team Neutral doesn't like their looks, although Mah-Jing is like, Tim I would love to hear what YOU think. Heh. Tim doesn't like Nathalia's outfit under the coat, Jenni has no top, Mah-Jing's look is blah. It's camel colored and boring. Tim calls the whole collection basic, and he says they've compromised themselves which is weird because didn't Nathalia say they were all doing whatever they felt like? Like they'd listen to Mah-Jing and compromise.

So today is weird because there is no model fitting before the models arrive for hair and makeup. But they have six hours left. Nathalia's coat is now over Mah-Jing's dress and they're making another coat. No one is complaining. Roberi complains he fucking hates “sexy”. This drama is so minor. Erin sketches a skirt for Cornelius's look, but of course she and Dexter are nowhere to be found while the work is happening. They are literally in the lounge shrieking with laughter on the couch. Jenni sews...buttons? Like, buttons sewn onto a coat like studs. Now everyone on Team Neutral is getting along. Roberi wants a Frankendress which is a terrible idea. But they love it. Cornelius is not only making the skirt but everything else because Erin is jacking around with her jacket and Dexter I guess is just sloppy. The models arrive. There don't seem to be any crazy fit issues. Not hot makeup guy Scott.

The “pop up” is basically three store windows somewhere, where the three models just stand there and maybe turn around once in a while. The spectators get a button to vote with. Tim takes selfies and lies to people that their vote is important. Somewhere the designers are watching so they can cheer about their votes. Well, they're watching an edited video anyway. Red seems to be losing so Dexter sniffs that neutral and blue are easier to work with than red.

Back at the apartments Mah-Jing proves he can do math by interviewing that if the judges hate your stuff, you could still go home because 80% is more than 20%. Dexter says the judges are “finicky” and don't go with the opinions of anyone else in the competition. Who else? Tim? They listen to the producers.

Heidi tells everyone the public chose Team Neutral. Of course, because Tim hated their looks and then they put aside their differences and fixed everything. So of course they are doing well. Dexter looks pissy so Heidi calls him out. Don't act innocent. They each get $500 also for winning the public vote. Guest judge today is Kelly Osbourne. Team Red is up first. Cornelius: pleated knee-length skirt and a fitted jacket. The jacket is a plaid, almost a windowpane, and the lines do line up well at the seams. But it looks thick somehow. The skirt is fine. Maybe it's because the proportions are weird. The skirt is high and the jacket almost looks cropped, but is zipped all the way up to her neck. Actually there are two different plaids in the jacket and I think it's not a skirt but a skort over shorts. Ugh. Dexter: long sleeveless vest with a belt. over a plain red skirt. The vest is open all the way down to where the skirt starts and has big pockets with gold buttons. I'm not sure why it's open that low. Actually it looks like he took two big lengths of fabric and tossed them over her shoulders, then sewed on some buttons. It's not that exciting. Erin: dark red plaid coat over a skirt that matches Cornelius's jacket and a plain red crop top with a mock turtleneck. I can't see any details of the jacket because the model opens it immediately. I think it has giant leather patch pockets.

Team Neutral. Nathalia: beige leggings with the knees cut out, and a bomber jacket in brown and cream over a mock turtleneck. The jacket looks fine and it seems to fit well. Jenni: brown sweater with the weird lumps sewn on the shoulders. I guess they look like popcorn. Nathalia made giant wide-legged pants to go with this. The sweater hangs strangely in the back, like it's a loose-fitting jacket. Mah-Jing: long-sleeved camel dress, hitting below the knee, with a dark blue and red belt. Over this is Jenni's oversized coat. The dress is baggy around the waist, and I think Mah-Jing just sucks at fitting. Either that or he wants his looks to all be baggy like that because he keeps doing it. The coat is a darker brown and is nice looking.

Team Blue. Roberi: the skirt is black leather and blue plaid, but half of each so it's a Frankendress. Over this is a white T-shirt and a blue boatneck pullover sweater with square black appliques sewn on it. The skirt is dumb but the top is nice. Rik: blue plaid coat with black lapels. Under this is a slip dress with a white top and a black skirt. The dress is so basic but the coat sort of looks like a flannel without being a flannel. Laurence: black pants and a white T-shirt, and a blue cropped jacket with pointy shoulders. Basically what Laurence does all the time. I think it's a tweed jacket.

Team Neutral did very well, but the judges all liked Team Blue better. Sigh. Team Red is the losers. Interesting, I thought Team Neutral was going to get a comeback edit. Dexter explains about his look and how he wanted a punk look. He then says they all did the pleated skirt together, which is hilarious. Cornelius doesn't correct him, though. Dexter said something else about punk, and Kelly doesn't see that, plus the pleated “skirt” has issues. Dexter's look is boring but at least she doesn't hate it. Heidi says they are the weakest because there is nothing but red. YUP. Nina agrees. Dexter throws Tim under the bus about how he told them how awesome their collection was, but Cornelius brings up how they were supposed to break up the looks. I mean, Cornelius did bring up how it was all red, but they didn't show Tim saying “It shouldn't all be red”. Zac likes Erin's coat, but not anything else basically.

Time to throw your teammates under the bus! Dexter acts like he didn't know this was coming, then he pretends to be sorry he's naming Cornelius as the person who should go home. You're so fake, Dexter. You aren't sorry. He says some bullshit about how Cornelius's stuff doesn't go with theirs and they had to work to get him in a “different” space. Cornelius responds that he did what he was told, he gave them options and told them it was too much red, but he's not here to throw anyone under the bus. OK that's bullshit too, Cornelius. He does explain how he did all the work and no one listened to him. Dexter should go home because the styling was his idea. Dexter is pissy but you just said Cornelius should go home so don't act surprised. Erin says Cornelius should go because she and Dexter worked really well together. Heidi asks “Oh, because you like Dexter more?” Ha! Erin pretends that's not why. She does correctly call the judges out on just trying to start drama with this question, so Zac changes tactics and asks what is the worst piece. She says the pleated skirt, which you'll recall she designed herself. Oops. Plus Dexter said earlier they all worked on that skirt. Heidi says Cornelius screwed himself because had he kept his skirt on his model, the crap skirt would have been on Erin's look. When asked if he has anything else to say, Cornelius just says he knows he worked his butt off while everyone else had a good time, but he knows that so whatever. Who would have thought one day I'd be on Cornelius's side?

Roberi's leather skirt is even worse because there's a weird square notch cut out of the leather right in the front of the skirt. Everyone loves all of Team Blue's looks, even the weird leather/plaid skirt and Rik's throwaway dress. Whatever. It's not all blue, so it's broken up and not too much. Nina says it's actually a collection you could mix and match. Is it a nice collection? Sure. Is it the greatest thing ever like the judges are acting like? I don't think so. Rik thinks he should win, Laurence won't pick herself so she says Roberi, and Roberi says they should all win but if he has to pick one person, he picks Rik.

Back in the Scrap Bin, Cornelius for once is not going to shittalk anyone. At least that's what he says. Erin and Dexter pretend they hated to say Cornelius should go home. Roberi and Rik tell Team Red they were sick watching the stupid fight. Nathalia says to Erin and Dexter she knew they were going to try to send Cornelius home because they're both friends. Cornelius starts talking, because when someone says “I'm not going to say anything” it's always a lie. He says they threw him under the bus, and he did all the work because Erin and Dexter spent all their time talking, and he said everything the judges pointed out as a problem but no one listened. Dexter pretends he didn't pick Cornelius because he likes Erin better. They yell at each other, and Mah-Jing actually physically gets up to sit between them and then block Cornelius when he gets up to go across the room. Oh please, they're not going to actually fight.

Tim confirms to the judges that Cornelius did suggest using some other color in the looks, and then throws Dexter and Erin under the bus himself, saying they're “mean girls” and picked on Cornelius. They like Erin's coat, which is sparkly and the pockets are big U-shaped pieces sewn only at the top. They do not like Dexter's. It's not punk enough. I hate Roberi's dumb skirt with like four lengths and Nina says it's so great. Rik's dress is nice, and it seems well-made, so that's something. Laurence's pants do fit well and they look good. They argue about how Cornelius had the worst look, but only because he helped Erin out by giving her the skirt. Dexter's whole look was his own and was bad. Then the judges argue about Laurence, because it's the same jacket she makes all the time, and somehow Roberi's skirt is better. Rik's whole look is great.

Roberi is the winner. Whatever. Laurence and Rik are also in. Roberi will be stepping up his game. Dexter wasn't punk enough and his styling sucked. Cornelius should have stood up for himself. Erin's coat was great but she didn't help out her team. Erin is in. Cornelius is out. Some bullshit. Dexter is in. He tells Cornelius he's sorry which is also total bullshit. Cornelius is pissed at the judges, because he thinks they sent him home based on personality. Well clearly. How do you think you stuck around last week over Brik? Tim comes in to remind them that they all did a good job. And then he Saves Cornelius. Suck it Erin and Dexter! Not that I think Cornelius is the greatest but fuck them anyway. Plus you know now he'll make the finale and we can only hope one of them gets eliminated before then. Cornelius cries and seems really thankful. It's kind of worth it for how pissed Dexter and Erin look. Then on the way out Erin hugs him, like, I saw you participating in that shit. Dexter mutters something but I'm not sure what he said. Did the judges eliminate Cornelius so Tim could Save him and piss off Erin and Dexter? I'm not ruling it out.

Next week: well there's no preview so who knows? I'm sure it will involve drama from Dexter and Cornelius.

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Duabe said...

Well... that was a mess, wasn't it? Who can throw their team-mate under the bus the fastest and then pretend it wasn't their fault?

Maybe it's the editing, maybe it's real? Who knows???

There's no way to predict what the judges may like, so all I can do is remember it's all a game.

I appreciate your insight again Toyouke - it's so helpful to see the show through your eyes. Thank you!

P.S. Wish we could have seen a Hot Makeup Guy Scott show.