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Project Runway 10/6/16--"Sink or Swim" summary

Previously on “Project Runway”: the designers had to make outfits that would undergo a “transformation” under a blacklight. Everyone used neon and some fancy paint and whatever. Cornelius continued to try to be the funny mean person but he's not that funny and everyone knows what he's doing anyway. Erin won, and she did make a print for her skirt by pasting designs and beads on there by hand, but the whole thing looked cheap and wasn't as impressive as she insisted. Kimber was eliminated. She had an ugly print and the paint did absolutely nothing so it was boring. (click for more)

Nathalia complains in her apartment to her roommates about how Erin's outfit was ugly and shouldn't have won. Roberi should have been in the top, which everyone agrees on. Rik was tacky and has to improve. Cornelius was in the top but didn't win so apparently this is terrible. I don't think she should have won either but Cornelius is obnoxious about everyone all the time. Erin claims she doesn't want to be in the top every week.

Heidi comes out to greet everyone and then says something about “taking the plunge” or whatever. Then she's like “I told Tim to meet me here” and after they holler at him he comes out in swim trunks and a long-sleeved t-shirt. Heidi claims to have never seen his legs but I think we have? Maybe? Alex says Tim has great legs. Anyway, this gimmick is because the challenge involves swimwear. Roberi says he knows swimwear. Cornelius apparently makes such a face that they call him out in front of everyone. He's never made a swimsuit before. I notice Tim is wearing zinc oxide on his nose. Everyone has to make a swimsuit and cover-up for Heidi's line. Plus you will be making your own print. That's like three challenges in one. But only one day? Don't you need two days so you can print up the fabric? Whatever. Winner gets their look sold online at Heidi's website.

Erin plans a suit for some woman who wears heels to the beach. Alex is going for “real woman” designs and a one-piece. Dexter talks about a shit sandwich? I think because of you have to use your print if it sucks? I don't know. Roberi designs feathers. Jenni makes a mandala circular design. Rik has an abstract black and white design. You know when you cover the paper in loops and color in every other space. Sarah (who?) says something about smoked meat. Tim claims when they get back from Mood they'll have their prints ready.

What do you know? They are ready. Everyone loves it except Jenni's color is more pink than purple. So it looks pink and floral. Tim comes in and gives them until 9:30 tonight. Derisive laughter. Mah-Jing gets a pear for inspiration. Tasha doesn't do swimwear either. Sarah talks about discovering how to be a fashion designer. She must be eliminated today because I don't remember her AT ALL and suddenly she has all this screen time. At lunch Cornelius admits he's completely lost. He doesn't even really have a sketch. I can't bring myself to care that much after he was such a jerk about everyone else. Rik's geometric print looks cool. I think Mah-Jing asks Cornelius something and Cornelius goes off on how he needs to focus.

Tim Time! Plus Heidi in some weird blouse/vest/jacket combo with a giant bow. Alex for some reason has his grandparents' pictures on his workstation. But Heidi doesn't like the way the panels look. Cornelius has some stars and put a big H in between the girl's boobs. Plus the bottoms are like, up to her rib cage. Dexter appears to have lizard-skin print with an eye right over the middle of her chest. Mah-Jing...has denim. For the swimsuit. Sigh. Everything is denim. What? Roberi and Laurence get mostly good reviews. Erin wants to make a skirt for a cover-up, out of tea-colored tulle. Sarah's print is a girl sunbathing on a beach towel. It's cute. Heidi asks her to be cleaner in her work and it's simple. Brik of course made a brick print. Nathalia has thick edging on her bikini and this is “juvenile”. Her cover up looks too cheap. Jenni's cover-up is a weird pastel lavender. Heidi makes a dumb comment that Jenni is young and so Heidi expected her to not make something so matronly. Then Heidi puts on the suit bottoms which is never a good sign. Jenni decides she is going to stick with her look. Also I think the cover-up is pants lined with the print. Heidi loves Rik's print. Heidi also hates Tasha's print and how her weird bottoms are black with one strip of yellow print right in the middle.

Jenni is upset but she doesn't want to make something half-assed. Model fitting. Tasha asks Laurence for advice on how to stitch something. Jenni's pants are like, just flaps of fabric that are attached at the waist but nowhere else. Many people have wedgies. Cornelius's top looks horrible. It looks like he just took scissors to the sides and it's ragged. Jenni's new plan is to have like, a long skirt slit to her waist, and then it snaps off in the front or whatever so now it's all open in the front. I guess that's more interesting than pants. Brik diplomatically says it's not old-lady. Cornelius says he simple cannot finish his look and he's going home and whatever.

Runway Day. There is a significant amount of running around. Tasha's top looks really small. Jenni loves her look, or at least the new non-pants cover-up. Not hot makeup guy Scott. Sarah gets more screen time but I think her look is fine. Probably I'm wrong and she'll be out. Tasha works until the last second because her model “walks hard” and she doesn't want a wardrobe malfunction.

Heidi is wearing like, a green vinyl shirtdress with matching knee-high boots. Guest judge is Lucky Blue Smith. Rik: one piece suit with a halter top and enough cleavage to be “sexy”. The print is very graphic and geometric. The “cover-up” is a length of fabric attached at the front and back of her waist and strung through her legs? I do like the suit. Erin: the print is pink checks, with pink and white squares and pink lines. The suit has a wide V and the cover-up is a long skirt with a wide black vinyl belt. There are a lot of straps at the top around her neck. Cornelius: bikini with a long black sarong. The print is stars and shapes. The top fits horribly. It just looks terrible and if that was my friend at the store I wouldn't let her buy it. The bottoms are still very high but they're covered by the skirt. Nathalia: bikini and robe cover-up. The cover-up is cut strangely in the back, like it's all panels that aren't sewn together. I can't tell what the print is, because it just looks like purple and gray mottled together. It's fine, I guess.

Brik: bikini with a bandeau top with thin straps, and boy shorts. It's cute. The cover-up is a kimono robe in a striped print that is not the print of the bikini. Jenni: lavender bikini and cover-up that still looks like pants. The print is supposed to be a mandala, only nowhere near as complex. Instead it's just circles with little loops like flowers, and then more loopy flowers here and there. So her cover-up does the same thing Rik's does, where the fabric is pulled between her legs (but is very long so it's not really obvious) and then you unfasten the front and expose her crotch. But no one said anything about Rik's but they all gave Jenni the side-eye. The bikini bottoms are strings at the sides and then the waist of the cover-up like a belt...sigh. Laurence: her print is bulls-eyes with red, yellow, and green, on a white background. They aren't very close together so on her one piece suit she has two at the sides of her waist. Sweetheart neckline and some straps at the outside of her shoulders. The cover-up is a long-sleeved tunic with bulls-eyes at her hips and hood. I love it. Upon closer inspection it may be a tankini. Alex: his cover-up looks like an old lady nightgown. The suit is a one-piece with two vertical panels at her sides. The print is a pale blue with checks, and he's doubled it or something at the sides to make it darker. The cover-up is bad though.

Tasha: very tiny bikini, especially on top. The print is yellow with green and red shapes and black lines. The cover-up is black but I have no idea about it. I guess it's just a kimono robe. And she has knee-high gladiator sandals. Mah-Jing: short robe cover-up in the print with a sash. Under that is a bikini with solid red cups and a print bottom. The print is red and yellow lines like fire, I guess. The top has a lot of straps, but the bottom somehow looks weird. Like it's too high for a low-cut, but too low for a high waist? It fits well though. Dexter: bikini with green scales. Sadly I don't see the eye anywhere. The cover-up looks like a rectangle of fabric with holes cut in it for her arms. Sarah: bikini and cover-up that is basically cut like Dexter's. The bikini is pretty standard though. The top fits really well but for some reason the bottom looks bulky? Maybe it's just me. I do love her print of sunbathing women. Very ModCloth. Roberi: one piece suit with big cutouts on her sides. Having those there makes her hips look really wide though. The cover-up is just a red short kimono robe.

Laurence, Cornelius, Nathalia, Brik, Mah-Jing, Dexter, and Erin are safe. Laurence is safe? That shit was fantastic! And I had to listen to all that stupid drama with Cornelius and he's safe? There is a very loud reaction of relief. The Scrap Bin sort of discusses who might be top and bottom, but Mah-Jing says he's not going to bother because he's always wrong. Roberi talks about the feathers and his silk cover-up. Zac liked the print and the shape of the cover-up. It looks expensive. Nina wishes the scale of the print was larger but it's cute. They like the cutouts on the suit, which I still think she looks wide. But it is modern, I guess. Tasha talks about “rasta colors”. Her suit is terrible and I guess everyone thinks it's Asian. Somehow her cover-up is terrible, even though to me both hers and Roberi's look like shapeless garments. Heidi wants the cover-up in the print, even though she hates the print? Whatever, Heidi. But we knew the suit was bad. Rik's suit is graphic, and Zac says he nailed the challenge. It looks great and it would pop on the internet. Well done. Yeah it is striking.

Jenni talks about her lavender. Also the skirt/pants thing is lined in the print. Nina says the print reminds her of a yoga mat, and is very strappy but has this juvenile color. Zac says “Miss Piggy meets the Golden Girls”...which is kind of accurate. The top is sporty and then the bottom is like, slutty? But covered up? Until you open the cover up and then it's like her crotch is framed by the fabric and the belt? Alex starts out by kissing up and saying he used her dossier to see how the prints were scaled and whatever. Heidi loves the cover-up because she is completely insane. It's baggy on top and you can see the elastic waist! The skirt has two tiers like a prairie skirt! And yokes like a cowboy shirt! Gah! Somehow it reminds Zac of Greece. It's lopsided! It's not Mediterranean and I can see her camel toe from here! It's “Little House on the Prairie”! JFC. Nina, you would not wear this. Don't bullshit me. Sarah talks about her print and Nina says it's a child's suit and then says the cover-up is a “rainbow” cover-up but it only has three colors. She does say it wouldn't go in Heidi's collection and I can see that. It goes on ModCloth, like I said. Then they nail her for how her bottoms are cut which is 100% complete bullshit. Mah-Jing's bottoms were that same in-between height that looks weird and he was safe, so don't start in on this “it looks like boy's underwear” bullshit when you didn't say shit to him about it.

They love Roberi's print and the cut-outs. They love Rik's too, and I do like his geometric print. Then there is some bullshit about Alex's shit look. I'm sorry, it's very big and looks like a prairie dress, and you can see the elastic waist, and she has camel toe. Tasha's suit is bad, but I don't think anyone disagrees with that, including Tasha. They hate on the black cover-up. Sarah's cover up is white on top, then turquoise, then dark pink. They hate all of it. Jenni's is childish and I'm sure Heidi is offended that she said she hated it and Jenni didn't change it.

Nina doesn't like Roberi's look as much as Rik's. Apparently Rik is competing with Alex for the win. Terrible. Jenni's is beyond bad, but Sarah is somehow “inappropriate”. I just don't think that print is so horrible, you guys. Maybe because I like ModCloth.

Rik is the winner! That was a really great print. So he wins immunity AND he gets his look sold online. Roberi and Alex are in. Tasha is in. Sarah is out. I told you guys. Jenni is in. I'm sure it's because she's so boring I forgot she existed. Sarah's upset because no one wanted to do swimwear and she wanted to show the judges what she could do. No Save.

Next week: stupid team challenge, but your budget is based on how well you sell things, yelling, everyone cries.

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Duabe said...

Another great recap for another not-that-great episode. I don't like the "Let's Make Something for Heidi's athletic/children's/whatever Line. Free slave labor.

Rik's abstract print was great - he did a good job and that outfit would sell. Sorry Tasha - I like you, but your outfit was a mess. The woman who left was out as soon as she didn't agree with Heidi.

I agree with you, Toyouke, that the blue and white Little House on the Prairie outfit was awful. No one would wear that except on the Little House on the Prairie Beach. Maybe it's in Greece?

Team Challenge coming up - plenty of tears coming up as they take sides and tension is mounting.