Saturday, January 18, 2014

Under the Gunn is pretty good

DianeP asked me if I was going to talk about "Under the Gunn", and I said I probably wasn't. It's nice to have a break, and I was expecting it to be exactly like "Project Runway" in terms of everyone having a sob story and the producers interfering all the time. However, I did finish the first episode and it's not bad, actually. I watched Tim Gunn on "The Daily Show" and what he said made it sound like we were supposed to have another season of "Project Runway" but we have this instead. He said that he and Heidi have a secret pinkie swear pact that neither one will do a season of that show without the other one. So they went to Heidi and she said "I'm busy", and they went to Tim and he said "I'm not doing it without Heidi." So they...made a brand-new show without Heidi. I'll put the rest of my thoughts under a cut in case you haven't watched it yet (you can get it streaming on Lifetime's website). (click for more)

So basically they took half the people, made them create an outfit in six hours, and gave them all the same fabric. I haven't seen that on this show since that one season they gave everyone muslin before the show even started. You've seen the show so you know what happened: people tried to size each other up, then they were frantic, someone almost didn't get done. Once everyone is done ogling the cute boys (What? You were, I bet) and noticing that hot makeup guy Scott is still around, only one person was sent home. I like the twist that the mentors pick out who they want, and then if there's a fight then the designer gets to pick. But poor Nick! I would totally have picked Nick, but then again, Mondo is a little out there for me, and if you read this blog you know how I feel about Anya. A teacher will know how to get you to do better but probably not make you cry about it. Also did you notice how he was basically dressed like Tim?

I'm going to be a big Shan fan, because St. Louis. He works quickly. I don't like his jacket because that is too many prints for me but I can also see how "fashion people" will love it. And it's well made. My least favorite is probably Blake. He's a little too catty and I feel like he could easily swing into Josh/Gunnar territory. Anyway, thoughts? Maybe I'll come here each week and informally talk about whatever crazy thing happened.

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DianeP said...

Thank you, Toyouke, for your review of Under the Gunn. I, too, had seen the clip about why the show was created and thought they did a pretty good job keeping the Project Runway brand alive without having "the real" Project Runway.

I was also surprised that the designers didn't pick Nick. As he mentioned, perhaps it was because he was older. Their loss - the designers would learn so much from Nick as a designer, teacher and mentor.

I look forward to reading more of your reviews Toyouke!