Friday, January 24, 2014

Under the Gunn episode 2

The second group of designers still had six hours to make an outfit, but this time they had to race for fabrics. It's not a bad twist but it does allow for more variety in the outfits. I also think this group had a different vibe since they knew for sure two of them were going home. The first group didn't know how many of them would be out. More thoughts under the cut. (click for more)

OK, so, Anya's group is all boys. I just find that interesting. Also the best part of the episode was when Nick was explaining some construction thing to her, and in confessional he was like "I'm very interested to see how she could possibly help people with construction since she could barely make her own things on her season." SHADE, girl. I loved it. But Nick finally got his team together. I'm surprised someone took Asha, because a shiny dress with exposed midriff seems pretty tacky. Not as surprised at Isabelle, because I'm not sure if everyone was fully aware that she had to be kicked out of the sewing room and physically removed from her model. I don't think I've ever seen someone pushed away by production. Not a good start. I was shocked at how completed her dress looked. Looks like it might be a good collection of people without any obvious mental problems (SANDRO AND KEN).


DianeP said...

Glad you're recapping Under the Gunn - it seems to have potential for an interesting season.

I do feel badly for Nick - he can really help them, but perhaps he's viewed as "the old guy" and they prefer the younger mentors.

As much as I like Mondo, his clothing choices are strange.

Amy Bryan said...

I agree. If it were me, I'd much rather have Nick than Anya. Did these people watch her season? I'm so not impressed by her!