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TAR22 Recap BONUS #2, 07-15-13

Welcome to Leg . . . well, now, we don’t have The Amazing Race to enjoy right now, do we (TAR 23 starts September 29!)?  So, we (Toyouke, Auburnium513, me, and the rest of us) were planning out our first bonus recap and thought, “Hey, we should do a few more of these!”  What we noticed was when we were discerning the Most Memorable Task EVER, we kept talking about the same teams over and over.  As a result, here are our picks for the 10 most memorable teams EVER. (click for more)

Now, I’m going to use a little ranking system.  Putting together this list was extremely difficult because we thought of at least thirty possibilities that we eliminated for various reasons.  When considering these however, it comes down to NINE criteria: whether or not the team was invited back as an ALL-STAR (which includes TAR 11 All-Stars and TAR 18 Unfinished Business), the number of TITLES that the teams were quoted with, the percentage of times the team made the TOP 3 before the final 5, the percentage of times the team made the BOTTOM 3 before the final 5, whether the team made the FINAL 5, FINAL 4 and/or the FINAL3, the LOVE we had of a particular team, and the HATE we had of a particular team.  Love and hate have been rated on a 1-5 scale by your favorite recapper, using how old the episode is as the tiebreaker in point ties.    Everything else was given points as to whether they occurred or not, and percentages were used for finishes due to different teams competing in different numbers of legs.  So, without further ado, here’s what we came up with.

10)  Teri/Ian: Season 3 and Season 11: From episode 1 of season 3, they were the team that you loved to hate.  Ian had just given up smoking, so he was a cantankerous old coot.  And him convincing Teri that she need to participate in the Scottish Games in Scotland while arguing the whole time was a highlight.  But after that, Teri and Ian seemed to hit their stride, even working their way through Deiselgate with relative ease, taking them to a second place finish in their first season, with a lot of viewers hoping they’d come back for All-Stars, which they did.  (Toyouke: "Ian's French Foreign Legion hat helped us coin the phrase 'asshat', so thanks for that, I guess.")  Memorability factor: ALL-STARS; TITLES, 2; TOP 3, 31%; BOTTOM 3, 38%; FINAL 5 (TAR 3); FINAL 4 (TAR 3); FINAL 3 (TAR 3); LOVE, 2; HATE, 5 (because Ian was so cantankerous).  A mid race exit in TAR 11 places them lower than I would have otherwise ranked them.

9)  Meredith/Gretchen: Season 7: Who doesn’t love an old couple?  And Meredith and Gretchen were one of the best.  Long lasting and antic filled, Gretchen came up with so many episode quotes when she opened her mouth: “Do you need some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?”, “I’ve been wanting a face lift for a long time!”,  “We have a bad elephant!”  In a season with huge personalities (Ray/Deana, brothers Brian/Greg who I still see on YouTube from time to time, boyfriends Lynn/Alex, and of course, Rob/Amber of Survivor fame), Meredith and Gretchen’s go get it personalities made their fourth place exit a hard one to swallow.  (Toyouke: “Also, everyone thought Meredith was the girl for some reason.”)  Memorability factor: TITLES, 5 (all from Gretchen); TOP 3, 0%; BOTTOM 3, 71%; FINAL 5; FINAL 4; LOVE, 5 (because old people); HATE, 1.

8)  Jet/Cord: Season 16 and Season 18: The cowboys giddyapped right into the hearts of America  with their larger than life personalities, their down-home humor, and their All-American good looks.  The first team to get their own theme song (Flight Time and Big Easy had one the season before, but only because they were Harlem Globetrotters, and TAR just used “Sweet Georgia Brown”), they really hit their stride in their season on Leg 3 in Argentina when they had to use cowboy skills to lasso something.  Then they rode the fun all the way to a second place finish.  TAR invited them back for season 18, but they only made it half way through the race before being taken out in Leg 9 in Switzerland.  Memorability factor: ALL-STARS; TITLES, 3; TOP 3, 56%; BOTTOM 3, 31%; FINAL 5 (TAR 16); FINAL 4 (TAR 16); FINAL 3 (TAR 16); LOVE, 5 (theme song!); HATE, 1.  Plus hot cowboys.

7)  Uchenna/Joyce: Season 7 and Season 11: The first of four sets of winners on the list, Uchenna and Joyce shined in TAR 7 with their easy going and hard working attitude.  They were smart racers, and Joyce often showed off her smarts in tasks (the artwork challenge in Chile on Leg 2 of TAR 11 is one notable example), as well as her strength, as she shaved her head in India to win a Fast Forward on TAR 7.  But the key memorable moment was at the end of TAR 7, when Uchenna and Joyce had to pay their taxi cab before running to the finish line, after having been robbed of all their belongings in Jamaica.  (Toyouke: “Another team who caused a rule to be created because of their actions. Now it is stated in the offical rules that you cannot leave your cab until you pay in full.”) Memorability factor: ALL-STARS; TITLES, 2; TOP 3, 53%; BOTTOM 3, 20%; FINAL 5 (TAR 7); FINAL 4 (TAR 7); FINAL 3 (TAR 7); LOVE, 5; HATE, 2.

6)  BJ/Tyler: Season 9: Oh, the hippies.  In an otherwise mediocre season with all of the classic stereotypes and our first long lasting old couple in a few seasons (Fran and Barry), BJ and Tyler provided smiles and a wonderful energy throughout the season.  With some hilarious quoteable moments (“Herculean effort for some Herculean dudes.”) and a zest for the race, they quickly became a fan favorite, especially after they were robbed by Phil.  Twice. (Toyouke: "Fan favorite? I hated them. T-tow my ass.") Memorability factor: TITLES, 3; TOP 3, 83%; BOTTOM 3, 17%; FINAL 5; FINAL 4; FINAL 3; LOVE, 5; HATE, 3.

5)  Kelly/Jon: Season 4: The red headed diva and the goofball made for some memorable television that already gave us Reichen and Chip, whose chyron listed them as a married couple, David and Jeff (Team Who?), Millie and Chuck (The virgins) and more Fast Forwards than you could throw a stick at.  But these two were always good for a laugh and enjoyed themselves on the race.  Jon and Kelly managed to title quote every episode from Leg 9 on, and did it with flair (“Hit My Face!”, “Such a nice pheromone smell to you.”).  For them, running neck and neck with Millie and Chuck in Malaysia and almost being eliminated still goes down as one of my all time favorite legs.   Memorability factor: TITLES, 5; TOP 3, 43%; BOTTOM 3, 29%; FINAL 5;  FINAL 4; FINAL 3; LOVE, 4; HATE, 3.

4)  Eric/Danielle: Season 9 and Season 11: OK, so here’s the deal.  They weren’t really a team.  And that is one of the key factors to making them memorable.  Danielle raced with her friend Dani on TAR 9, and Eric raced with his friend Jeremy, where they took second place to the Hippies.  But then on TAR 11, they were apparently dating.  And no matter how much yelling I did at the screen made them go away.  They finished first in one leg: the last one, and prevented all-female team win from occurring for another six seasons (sorry Dustin and Kandace!).  As a result, as much as I try to erase them from my mind, they will not go away.   Memorability factor: ALL-STARS; TITLES, 2; TOP 3, 44%; BOTTOM 3, 44%; FINAL 5 (TAR 9, TAR 11); FINAL 4 (TAR 9, TAR 11); FINAL 3 (TAR 9, TAR 11); LOVE, 1; HATE, 5.

3)  Flo/Zach: Season 3: Oh, Flo.  A title quoter if there ever was one (“You Always Just Forget About ME!”, “Why did you have to take your pants off?”), and every derisive comment seemed to be directly aimed for her sweet, charming best friend Zach, who essentially dragged her across the world.  Things came to a head in Vietnam, when Flo’s meltdown over having to paddle a circular boat led to their second non-elimination and put them in position to finish the race as the first co-ed team to ever do so.  And they did. (Toyouke: "The first episode of TAR I watched involved Flo. As you can see I was hooked from then.") Memorability factor: TITLES, 5; TOP 3, 71%; BOTTOM 3, 0%; FINAL 5; FINAL 4;  FINAL 3; LOVE, 4; HATE, 4.

2)  Oswald/Danny: Season 2 and Season 11: Team Cha Cha Cha does just that over two full seasons of the race, only ever missing out of three of the twenty-six legs that they would run over the course of two races.  And why did they do so well?  They had great game strategy that they never really shared with anyone, which allowed them to always look fresh and fabulous in the morning.  They managed to rarely fight, always have fun in every task, and always encourage their teammate in all of the tasks.  Being snarky always helps, and this is the team with the most title quotes ever.  All in all an enjoyable memorable journey.  Memorability factor: ALL-STARS; TITLES, 6; TOP 3, 60%; BOTTOM 3, 7%; FINAL 5 (TAR 2, TAR 11); FINAL 4 (TAR 2, TAR 11); LOVE, 5; HATE, 1.

And the most memorable team ever?

1)  Charla/Mirna: Season 5 and Season 11: And now for the opposite side of the coin.  Schmirna managed to bicker their way across the world.  TWICE.  And every time was a train wreck to watch.  Charla, as you may recall, is a little person, and brought her not so little cousin Mirna along for the ride.  And whenever Mirna was too tired, whether it was hauling a side of beef, getting dressed up in a suit of armor, eating chocolate, whatever, Charla was there to drag her teammate through.  After a mediocre finish in TAR 5, they somehow managed to last the whole season of TAR 11, only to get beaten by the fake team.   Memorability factor: ALL-STARS; TITLES, 5; TOP 3, 33%; BOTTOM 3, 47%; FINAL 5 (TAR 11); FINAL 4 (TAR 11); FINAL 3 (TAR 11); LOVE, 3; HATE, 5.

And that’s our list!  What would you add or delete?  Let us know!  We’re working on some other lists that developed from thinking about this one, so stay tuned.  We’ll see you next time on the Amazing Race (TAR 23 premieres September 29, 2013)!

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