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Project Runway 9/3/09--"Rumble on the Runway" summary

Previously on Project Runway: the designers had to make maternity wear for Rebecca Romijn. But they couldn’t scrounge up any actual pregnant women, or even pregnant models (such things exist) so all the models got fake bellies. I know. Shirin made a beautiful dress, and a coat too, that I totally want for myself even though I’m not pregnant. Most people did OK, but Mitchell screwed up his execution again, for the second week in a row, and Malvin made some weird conceptual hen and egg thing, that looked like she already gave birth and is wearing one of those slings. Which, those slings are pretty useful, but not chic. So Malvin went home. Both crazy conceptual people are already gone! That seems like it’ll be more boring. There have been rumors of producer interference in previous seasons (*cough*Santino!) so that people who do really weird outfits are kept around for their “ideas”. That seems to not be the case any more. Oh yeah, the model show. Not a lot happens, but the one girl that has been Logan’s model totally wants in his pants, but then Mitchell’s name came up before Logan so Mitchell stole her. And when she left the runway and got behind the scrim, she made a “NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” pose and everyone saw. Hee. She was really pissed. The models have labeled Mitchell a “model jumper” which is awesome. I think they wouldn’t care as much if he was winning. Malvin’s model was eliminated. (click for more)

Ra’Mon stares at the empty mattress where Malvin used to sleep and ponders how he was in the bottom for making a dress that looked like a bowling bag. They didn’t even leave the sheets on the bed. Mitchell is worried, thankfully, so he’s at least aware that he isn’t doing well.
Shirin has immunity this week. And it’s field trip time! Heidi says no visit to California is complete without a visit to this destination. As a native Californian, I’ll be the judge of that. She tells them not to forget their sunscreen. Everyone cheers even though they still don’t know where they’re going.

They end up at Santa Monica Pier. I don’t think that’s a “don’t miss” attraction, but whatever. And there’s Tim, in sunglasses and sandals, looking like he’s already sunburnt. Hee. Sandals! And a blazer! He’s such a nerd. He claims the heart of California is the beach, and introduces Philip Carreon, Garnier celebrity stylist, who is tasty. Today’s challenge is beach wear and surf wear. There are a variety of models in different styles--I think some bikinis and sundresses and whatnot. Also they have to wow people with their hairstyle on the model. I’m guessing that won’t be as important as they pretend. Also, team challenge! Everyone freaks out. Tim starts drawing names to pick “team leaders”, even though they’re only working in teams of two. I think it’s so they pick out all the leaders first, and then the leaders will pick people, so as you are selecting your partner your pool of choices is smaller than otherwise. Shirin gets to be the first leader since she won. And Mitchell, which I’m sure freaks out some people. The teams are as follows: Shirin and Carol, Logan and Chris, Nicolas and Gordana, Mitchell and Ra’Mon (which is funny until Mitchell interviews that he picked Ra’Mon because he wanted someone to carry him on the challenge), Althea and Louise, Qristyl and Epperson, and Johnny and Irina. Tim gives them 20 minutes to caucus, for planning and picking out which model they want to use.

For some reason they’re also supposed to talk to the surfer girls there to get some ideas about what they like. Mitchell is touching everything. Ra’Mon is freaking out, and wants guidance. Qristyl and Epperson are having some tension, because Epperson I think is taking the teacher role and Qristyl wants to be in charge like Tim said. Nicolas pooh-poohs what his surfer girl tells him about hoodies.

Everyone has $50 to shop and 15 minutes. Heh. There are a lot of “we don’t have time for that” types of statements. Tim tells them they have 5 minutes and wonders if anyone is listening. Mitchell thinks Ra’Mon has picked out some ugly fabrics.

Irina wants something effortless, that looks cool but also that looks like you don’t care. Nicolas and Gordana I think are getting along, but he seems to have strips of fabric and wraparound pants? Ombre macramé? I have no idea what he’s talking about, but he says “No! Animal prints! Ever!” Epperson and Qristyl argue some more. He’s afraid she’ll do something crazy, and she wants to be in charge. They don’t talk about what they’re doing so I can’t tell if his worries are unfounded or not. Meanwhile Ra’Mon is telling Mitchell what he’s doing, and Mitchell is all, whatevs, and Ra’Mon asks for some more feedback. Actually he says “that’s not what I was looking for” and I only assume he’s looking for something more constructive. Mitchell tells him that in their “relationship” he can’t always tell Ra’Mon that he’s’ perfect. Sigh. Ra’Mon suddenly feels like he’s in charge. They drape some stuff, in a fabric that looks suspiciously like the abandoned fabric from Mitchell’s first dress, and Johnny asks something of Ra’Mon. I can’t hear if Ra’Mon answers him, and then Mitchell is like “No talking! Keep working! I’m the captain! Go away!” Johnny’s like, isn’t our little lamb precious when she gets worked up? Heh. Seriously, I think Mitchell was trying to be funny but I’m sure there was plenty of eye rolling.

Tim appears, to demand a second look. Just when I was being glad to only have 7 outfits. And with 3 hours to go until they go home! It has to be avant garde too. Damn. Tomorrow they will get another $200 but only one person can go fabric shopping. The other one has to stay and work. I think this twist works better when you tell them the avant garde look first, and then the surprise is the ready-to-wear. Qristyl complains that she wanted to give Epperson a voice and ask his opinion, but he’s taken over and she’s insulted. You know what, though? He’s done better than her. Others freak out. That should be a macro: “Everyone freaks out.”

Shopping time. Not a lot happens.

Mitchell has ideas but technically he is struggling. I would agree. That seems par for the course. Gordana has almost finished the macramé. Actually it looks pretty good. Nicolas goes to get started on the avant garde look, and he’s got some lace that looks tranny. His words, I swear. Qristyl and Epperson argue. He’s trying the angle of “we have to understand each other” but Qristyl is at the “talk to the hand” stage of things. Ra’Mon and Mitchell divvy up the outfits.

Tim comes in and announces “The Prophet of Doom has returned!” Love it. He tells Carol that her model took a commercial shoot, and won’t be at the fitting. If she is unhappy they can take Shirin’s model. She doesn’t want to risk doing the runway show without a fitting, so she’s going to take Shirin’s model, but don’t they have two looks? Don’t they need both models anyway? After watching the model show, all is revealed: Carol’s model actually ended up quitting the show, so the last model eliminated came back. I think part of that was because Carol didn’t want to have to work around a national commercial. All the other models come in for fitting. Carol is pleased with how her new model looks. They make a big deal about it because if Carol and Shirin have the worst design, Shirin has immunity. Gordana tries to come up with a story for Nicolas’s avant garde look but is not totally successful. Mitchell’s model, the one that doesn’t like him, is giving him feedback on a wetsuit. Ra’Mon is really frustrated with Mitchell. There’s a weird scene where Mitchell burns himself on the iron, and Nicolas basically makes fun of him and says when they send Mitchell’s ass home he’ll laugh and help him pack. It seems like he’s joking? But maybe not. Mitchell says he’s going to write on the chalkboard in the apartment “Auf Wiedersehen, bitches!”

There are hair consults but they’re like the makeup consults in that it’s boring.

Tim time! Johnny is talking macramé and has a giant poofy collar. It’s probably cool. Qristyl has a dress, that is very cute, but then has removable panels to make a bikini. Tim tells her that it was great until the gimmick part. Logan has made a hat. Louise and Althea are adorable. Nicolas and Gordana get a “Bravo”. Ra’Mon have a jumpsuit/wetsuit/superhero costume. Seriously, it’s dark brown leather. Tim is all, “What IS that?” and then says he’s in a cartoon with a superhero and a Greek goddess, so they have a lot of work to do.

Ra’Mon is taking matters in his own hands to save his own ass. Mitchell has no idea what’s going on. Qristyl and Epperson are still arguing, and it’s devolved into arguing about who is putting on a show and who is expressing themselves. Not one word of their argument is about clothes.

In the morning Nicolas gives Mitchell a hard time about sucking. Qristyl thinks two people will be going home, so she’s nervous. Chris thinks he will win. Ra’Mon is working on both pieces and keeping Mitchell focused, to the point where Mitchell is asking him what to do. Tim brings the models in and calls Ra’Mon out on perhaps not having time to finish. For some reason this makes Ra’Mon decide to dye his fabric. By hand. With two hours to go. Tim hunts him down in the sewing room to make sure he’s got clothes on both models, so they aren’t instantly disqualified. Tim calls 15 minutes and verbally worries about how much work there is. Ra’Mon finally says that if he goes home at least he tried. Qristyl says if she goes up for elimination she’s throwing Epperson under the bus. Epperson basically says the same thing.

Guest judge today is Max Azria, replacing Kors who is gone again, that loser. The other judge is Rachel Bilson. I miss Kors. Qristyl and Epperson: a sundress in a green leaf/fern print. It’s very basic but cute. The skirt poofs out at the hip and butt but then is narrower at the ankle, but there’s a slit up the front so it’s not costumey. The avant garde look is like, a brown swimsuit with a green poofy thing on one shoulder, that buttons over her stomach. It’s like a sleeveless duster with a shower curtain stapled on. The swimsuit is pretty basic with low cut leg holes but in the back part of her butt hangs out. Johnny and Irina: short white full skirt and brown one shouldered long sleeved top. Both sleeves are long, it’s just that one side is off her shoulder and she has a tank top underneath in yellow. I don’t know how beachy it is but it’s cute. When she turns around you can see some macramé. The avant garde look is in the same brown with some weaving in the bodice, and one giant fabric pile stapled to her shoulder. It’s not a collar, just a bunch of fabric. Neither of those was avant garde, I don‘t think. Mitchell and Ra’Mon: long flowing dress in shades of brown and tan and blue, with a black belt. it’s like an Uli dress. Actually I lied. It’s a short dress, with pieces attached to her neck and waist that give the illusion of a longer skirt. It moves well though. The other look is a hot mess. It’s just some thick fluorescent green material, with a big stain of darker green on one hip, and it’s folded and draped but it doesn’t look good. Rather than look like it’s on purpose it looks like they just couldn’t sew.

Shirin and Carol: long flowing sarong in a nice print, that can be removed to show a red bikini with halter straps. The straps look like they’re made of shells. I would say that works. The avant garde is a long striking blue dress with a wraparound collar. I think everyone watched the fourth season when Chris March and Christian made that kick ass dress with the collar. It’s a gorgeous dress though. The skirt has some folds to it that are cool. Like, upside down hoods. Althea and Louise: simple baby doll dress in magenta with black and white striped bra cups. And a bubble hem. Very basic but not bad. The avant garde look is a black dress with a very short skirt in front that lowers to a train in back. And there are sequins on the bodice. I mean, I’m not sure how they got that bodice done in two days, but other than that, it’s not very exciting. Nicolas and Gordana: macramé bodice, which looks very cool, and white pants. The other look…hot tranny mess. Big poofy shoulders, and that narrows to a mini skirt. All of that is in white, so that would be a cute dress, but then he has powder blue lace leggings. And they start at her waist, over the dress, and he cut out the middle so it’s like a giant hole over her lady parts, and then by the time you hit her knees the fabric curves back in so they look like normal leggings from the front, except they go over her shoes. From the back it’s like the lace is glued to the outside of her legs. Sigh. Logan and Chris: white pants, but with some gold shininess on the inside of her legs, and then a shiny green bikini top underneath a low cut V-neck top in gray. And a big sunhat that apparently they made themselves. The avant garde gown is very striking, a high necked sleeveless top with a zipper, and the collar stands up, and then there’s a peplum, and then the skirt is a giant mess of tulle in brown and black and I think there’s some pink in there.

Heidi tells Logan and Chris, and Shirin and Carol, that they are safe. Althea and Louise are safe too, but I swear Heidi never mentioned them. Then once they leave, she says only one person will be out. Nicolas, Gordana, Qristyl, and Epperson have the lowest scores, so they have to leave. Ra’Mon has hand to cheek in shock. I’m kind of shocked too. Johnny says that Irina did all his macramé. Rachel likes it too. The top of their gown is all woven and is fantastic. Ra’Mon starts talking about the colors of the waves and so forth, and Heidi is all, um, it says you’re not in charge. Mitchell says Ra’Mon offered to speak for him, but Heidi is having none of that, so Mitchell has to explain that he did the swimsuit but Ra’Mon did most of the work. Heidi thinks Ra’Mon did everything but the swimsuit, and Mitchell tries to pretend that Ra’Mon did a lot of work but not everything. Ra’Mon is having none of THAT. Heidi calls him on his faces and Ra’Mon explains that he worked on both pieces, which Mitchell confirms. Nina loves the avant garde dress, which is made of neoprene, and I guess it’s just not my style. It’s done well, certainly. I think I like it better the more I look at it.

The losers come back out. I want the Loser Gong. They begin by asking Qristyl and Epperson to explain, and Qristyl says she was chosen as the leader but Epperson took the lead on everything. They start arguing on the runway, about how Qristyl didn’t come up with a concept, so Epperson had to, but she didn’t like his, and he had to redo her work, and he kept shooting down her ideas. They talk over each other but that’s the gist of it. The judges like the sundress but the other swimsuit thing, no one likes. Nicolas and Gordana got along, but the pants are pooling on the floor because they’re too long. The top with the dye job and macramé is great, though. Then they nail him for the lace leggings and so forth. Nina likes the overall look on the avant garde model, but they went overboard with the lace leggings/garters or whatever.

Johnny and Irina tied their two looks together and they were cute. Mitchell and Ra’Mon had a great avant garde look, but they know everything is Ra’Mon. Nicolas and Gordana toyed with some provocative looks but they need to tame it. The macramé top was nice. Qristyl and Epperson fitted the top of their sundress perfectly, but it was obvious Epperson took over. Max thinks it’s because Qristyl was weak.

Ra’Mon is the winner! Even though Mitchell was leader, he did all the work. And he wins immunity. He’s seriously in disbelief. Mitchell looks sick. Irina and Johnny are in. Then Heidi says Nicolas and Gordana are in, so that leaves Mitchell there with Qristyl and Epperson. Epperson is in. Qristyl didn’t have any leadership and her outfits sucked. Mitchell disappointed them, and Heidi makes sure to point out that in the history of the show, no one who was on a winning team was ever eliminated. “Three strikes, and you’re out.” Oo. Crazy time! I kind of agree though. Mitchell knows he wasn’t assertive enough and that he didn’t fight hard enough. This coming from the man who said he wanted Ra’Mon to carry him through the challenge. No regrets, etc.

Next week: Tim has guest models for them! Of some kind! I think it’s prom dresses again.

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