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Project Runway 9/10/09--"What A Woman Wants" summary

Previously on Project Runway: Everyone had to make “surfwear” which is not terribly specific and anyways, no one made anything surfwear in particular. And the judges didn’t really talk about it. The contestants worked in pairs and so of course there was drama. Then halfway through Tim showed up to tell everyone they had to make an “avant garde” look, which wasn’t well defined or enforced either. Qristyl and Epperson fought a lot. Mitchell was supposed to be in charge but he let Ra’Mon do everything instead, including their avant garde look which was a dress made out of neoprene that had a big dye stain over one hip. The judges thought it was the best thing ever and gave him the win. Then they said that Mitchell was pretty much useless and kicked him out. (click for more)

The boys don’t want to be in teams anymore. Epperson knows he and Qristyl both had a hard time working together. However Qristyl only seems to blame Epperson. Gordana tells her she didn’t stand up for herself enough.

Heidi tells everyone that Tim is waiting in the workroom with 13 women who know exactly what they want. The challenge is that they have to make them happy. Nicolas speculates Eskimos. Hee, that would be awesome. When they get to the workroom it’s their models. Everyone calms down, but did you see the wedding challenge from Season 1? Some crazy stuff. Tim says all the models are going to some industry event so their jobs are on the line. Well, not on the line, but if they have something fabulous on, then many industry insiders will see them in it looking fab and give them jobs. They’ll have 30 minutes to caucus, and $100 at Mood. Then they have until midnight tonight. Fun.

Johnny thinks he and his model are similar. “It’s like, design something for myself if I was a black girl.” Hee. Epperson says his model has a ton of things she wants. I think he’s overwhelmed? Irina’s model doesn’t know what she wants exactly, so she’s coaching the girl. Well, not leading her so much as asking a ton of questions. Louise doesn’t like her model Fatma’s color scheme so she‘s going to change it. Althea thinks everything is going smoothly. Shirin is worried because her model wants a jumpsuit. In royal blue satin. With gold rope. She does a really good job of talking her out of it. Logan’s pushing himself.

Shopping! Epperson has to scrap his orange fabric because the choices at Mood aren’t good. Althea finds some black suiting fabric and is pleased.

They will have 13 hours to work. Johnny talks to his fabric or sewing machine or something. Chris says that it’s the first time it’s really hit him that people have gone home. I think because going from 16 to 15 isn’t a lot, but 16 to 13 is something that you might notice. He also says he works well under pressure but lots of people are struggling. Cue Logan saying he’s kind of nervous, and Nicolas saying he’ll probably be working until Tim pries the needle from his hand.

Tim time! Althea is making a smoking jacket, only she calls it a “cigarette jacket”. Hee. Tim warns her about her sash looking like a cummerbund, but otherwise is pleased. Chris has a cute green dress, like an emerald but a little darker. When Tim calls it “bold” Chris says “It’s a bold color, Tim’s gonna say…she looks like a salad.” Everyone laughs but Tim does not deny it. I think the color is great. Epperson lists all the things he has to do: romantic, flowy, strong, punk, cocktail, tiger. Yeah. He’s got brown with some shiny strips, that are randomly crossing the dress. Eh. Tim loves it though. Qristyl also has brown but it looks messy. It’s kind of drapey but not cleanly enough I guess. It looks like she’s been rolling around in bed. Logan has a short turquoise skirt and a black top. He is worried about creating a Smurf prom dress. Silly boy. A Smurf prom dress would be white. (Kmanpat: “No, it would be orange! Complements the blue.”) Tim shudders and says never to use that word again. Because now that’s all he can think of. Logan has a “conundrum”. Carol has a one shouldered purple dress but Tim says it’s old? I don’t think it’s that old.

Tim leaves by telling them he’s sending the models in and have fun but not too much fun. Epperson starts talking about his family, we see shots of his wife and the kids, and then he gets a phone call. Oh, bad news. I mean, he gets to call home, not that they call him with bad news. He really misses them.

The models enter and everyone nervously shows their designs. Epperson tries to be confident, and his model loves it. Johnny’s model tries to tell him what to do. Chris’s model demands shorter. I think Johnny and his model really do like each other. Althea’s model says it’s better than she thought. In a good way. Logan wants his model to be noticed for the right reasons. Nicolas is 80% done. Shirin thinks her model trusts her.

Frantic working commences. Logan is noticing he’s totally different from everyone. It seems like several people aren’t anywhere near done.

Logan wanders around shirtless in silver pants. Johnny laments he cannot come anywhere near Logan’s sexiness. It’s Logan’s plan to distract Heidi from his dress. (Kmanpat: “It would distract me!”) Johnny puts some weird thing on his head. I’m not sure. Logan’s still freaking out. Qristyl wishes she’d used some color but thinks everyone woman wants a chic black dress. Tim gives them two hours. Carol is confident. A ton of people are working hard still. Nicolas passes judgment on everyone. Mostly Epperson, and Chris says that Epperson’s dress either will win or lose. The judges might not get it. I think Tim checks out Logan’s ass on the way out to the runway.

I kind of hoped they’d have to go to the event, like the swimsuit challenge from the first season where they had to kiss up to that Page 6 guy. But no. Heidi (in thigh high boots, sigh) introduces Marc Bouwer (where the hell is Kors???), Zoe Glassner (whom I recognize from “Running in Heels”…oh God, I just admitted to watching that show), and Jennifer Rade (celebrity stylist). Qristyl: very basic black short dress with one shoulder. The skirt is barely full and maybe has a train? Not really a train, since it’s short, but it’s fuller in the back maybe. We don’t see it well. Nicolas: short white high necked dress. The top from the collar down a little bit on her chest is like a dark leather, and it looks fantastic. Irina: a short patterned dress in a print, which we never see because there’s a belted short jacket that she never takes off. It’s all in browns and dark colors, with a lighter champagne belt. It’s pretty cute, but I really want to see the whole dress. Gordana: skin colored dress with elbow length sleeves and a pretty short hemline. All down the center of the front is a woven panel, made out of the same fabric so it blends. I think it’s interesting enough to prompt a second look from someone. Shirin: short sheath dress in dark blue, almost a purple. It has a simple plunging neckline but I think there are flowers or ruffles on one side. The back has a racerback detail.

Logan: oh dear God she looks like Kenley. It’s a black bodice with spaghetti straps, and a turquoise skirt that is kind of shimmery. The skirt is full, and it just looks totally like something Kenley would make, and then the girl has dark hair too AND there‘s feathers in it. It’s retro and cool looking. That just threw me for a minute. Actually from the opposite angle it looks pretty blue. There’s some detail by the waist I can’t see. Chris: strapless green dress, with ruffles at the top and bottom. Under her boobs and at her hips there’s a black stripe, which is where the ruffles end. It’s pretty interesting, actually. Epperson: short, it seems really short, brown sheath dress with strips of shinier fabric criss crossing it. Eh. Johnny: purple dress, short. It’s not terribly exciting. It’s got a sash. Althea: the smoking jacket is awesome, and there’s a gray top, and then bloomers? Really short bubble skirt? I’m not sure. She looks hot though. Louise: plain black sheath with a high neck ruffle. Ra’Mon: SUPER short dress in shiny dark blue, with a giant flower that is basically the size of her head. Carol: the bodice was one shouldered but now has a strap on the other side, in purple, and the skirt is a darker purple print that almost looks like leather. Maybe the skirt is black. The back has a tail.

Heidi tells Louise, Irina, Chris, Nicolas, Gordana, Shirin, and Ra’Mon that they are safe. Carol loved working with her model and she made a beautiful outfit that was well made. They like the soft draping and the edgy skirt together. Logan’s model liked it, but everyone thought it was prom. They finally show a close-up, and you can see that around her waist there’s lace layered over the blue but it’s all bunchy. He doubled up the lace, but it’s too black. He was going to make a pencil skirt and Jennifer says he should have. Then she says she likes his pants. Oo, it worked! Epperson’s model tries to describe what she wanted, and I think maybe Heidi makes fun of her a little bit. Marc loved it and said it was constructed perfectly. Heidi demands support or something for her boobs. Johnny’s model liked her dress, and it’s cute, but Jennifer wrote down that the purse is the best thing about the outfit. Ouch. She’s bored. Heidi says “bridesmaid”. Johnny says he likes the criticism so that when he goes forward he can use it. Heh. Heidi thinks Qristyl aged her model 10 to 15 years and since she’s a model that’s like dog years. It’s too boring and plain. Heidi confirms that the model likes the dress, and Jennifer says “That’s why Valerie’s not the designer.” That was uncalled for, stylist person. Heidi praises Althea’s model’s walking. They love it, and everyone wants to walk out of the building with her outfit.

Qristyl’s dress looked cheap, and her model wouldn’t stand out at all. Logan could have done something cooler, and lost his way. Johnny was safe and boring. Althea made three pieces that could be mixed later. Carol had a good mix of edgy and sweet, and it moved well. Epperson’s dress was fitted perfectly but they’re still fixated on the boob thing.

Epperson is in. Althea wins! And she wins immunity. She’s so pleased. Carol is in. Johnny is in. Qristyl’s dress was boring and cheap, and Logan’s dress was ugly. Logan is in. Aww. I wanted Qristyl to rock out on the real woman challenge. She thinks it’s too soon for her to be leaving, and she knows she’s great. Totally. I want the shirt she has on. Call me, girl! St. Louis represent!

Next week: black and white? Surprise fabric? Paper? I think it might be paper.

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