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Project Runway All Stars 4/5/18--"Making Fashion History" summary

Previously on “Project Runway All Stars”: the final four were asked to make six-look collections and they celebrated for about a day before Alyssa showed up with a stupid twist: tomorrow you'll show your signature look and then someone will be eliminated. I don't know why they need to do this dumb twist, and also why they couldn't have told them that up front, but certainly this is how this show usually goes down. So everyone shows and then they make everyone walk to another part of the set so they can do one of those stupid one hour challenges, making shit from scraps or whatever. They didn't even pretend they couldn't decide who should go home. THEN after that happened Isaac was all “let's not consider the one hour looks” because they just wanted to waste our time, I guess. Then Ken was sent home. He took it much better than he might have in the past. Oh and because they have one look done now they have to have seven looks in the collection instead of six. Shut up, show. (click for more)

It's Day Three. Everyone yells because there are helpers waiting. Candice for Anthony, Helen for Fabio, and Amanda for Stanley. They shriek and then get down to business. Fabio tries to incorporate his feedback. Helen gets an interview which, whatever. None of the helpers have anything important to say because they're all just talking about how great everyone is. Fabio likes having people around again. Stanley talks about finishing third his season. Fabio designs a coat, but it's his interpretation of a gown? Sounds like Fabio. Anthony drapes a dress while Candice just keeps telling him how great it is. Like all she is doing is praising him. I love Anthony too but damn.

Oh Anne is here. Fabio knows he needs to go all out with how odd his style is. He's scrapping his top with the birds on it. Anne encourages him to be even louder than he currently is. That was useless. Stanley's inspiration is “modern, bold, classic” which is nice and all but boring to be sure. There doesn't seem to be any color, but he claims there's going to be eventually. You don't get points for tasteful. He needs something very bright. Anthony needs more Rihanna and maybe less Audrey Hepburn. So he's got some prints and ostrich feathers and plenty of colors. Of course now Anne is worried he has too much going on. I would rather have crazy than boring. Anthony is glad to have too many things happening, instead of being out of ideas.

Fabio has a look in ivory that he says he's hitting the wall on. He just needs to push it. Helen says something about “new Fabio” and this is exactly what he needs and now there's more smocking. What? I'm sorry, but this is boring. Everyone is struggling and then magically having ideas and Anne was useless as usual.

Day Four. Everyone gets to go to Mood because of that last look. Stanley actually buys some color. Anthony is going to paint velvet. Fabio buys bright canary yellow. Stanley thinks he can get all seven looks done today. I'm noticing there are no helpers here today. Anthony hasn't made a collection before, or at least not for this show. So he may be at a disadvantage. Oh there are the helpers. Candice and Amanda whisper about how he's not pacing and I guess his looks are too complicated. So they don't think he'll get done in time. Candice whines that he's wasting time trying to think of things. What do you care? Stanley has Amanda spray paint wooden belt buckles because he wants them to be black. Fabio's yellow is a nice pop of color. Model fittings. Anthony reveals that he's scrapping his signature look from last week because the color overpowers the print he got. Nothing happens from the model fitting. Candice whines to Helen and Stanley about how much work Anthony had her do. Whatever. He knows he's taking forever, but he also doesn't want to skimp on fit and so forth.

Day Five. Plenty of finishing and hemming and stuff. Anthony seems to have whole looks to construct. Amanda goes into the sewing room all “Stanley why is this wavy?” and he curses. I think she put a zipper in, in a leather piece, and now it's not lying flat. They act like it's the end of the world but after a commercial everyone stops freaking out and fixes it. Anthony paints by flinging paint and being silly. He's scrapping the feathers. The helpers leave so now it's crunch time. Fabio says he just has to put fasteners but no construction left. Stanley is in a similar place, but Anthony has pieces to finish sewing.

Once the day is over, in the lounge they have cake and champagne and sparklers for some reason. Also there's a montage the final three giving each other shit and yelling at each other across the room. I feel like these three actually like each other which is nice.

Runway Day. Anthony has to build at least a bodice and a skirt. Hot makeup guy Scott is back. I'll miss you while this show is gone, hot makeup guy Scott. Nothing much happens in the rest of this segment except everyone talks about how they would love to win, but if they don't they're glad to lose to their competitors because they're so great.

There's a real runway with an audience and everything. Guest judges are Zac and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Stanley is up first, talking about his buzzwords and then quickly leaving. The belt buckles turned out great, because they look like giant buttons. Everything is very simple but well-tailored. There's a coral dress with long sleeves. Actually there are a lot of sleeves. The leather dress with the zipper that they were freaking out about looks fine. Eventually he sends out a huge top with very wide pants, so a really voluminous look in black and white. I know I'm not saying a lot about these looks, but we are in the last half hour of the show. So we spent an hour in the workroom, and then Stanley's collection walks by in about 2 minutes. So I'm not spending a lot of time on it either. Couple of miniskirts, couple of pants, couple of longer skirts. It looks good, and I like a tea length dress with long sleeves and a boatneck, but there isn't anything interesting about Stanley's looks. He's put flat shoes on everyone. The one “interesting” look with all the volume doesn't go with the rest of the looks.

Fabio talks about past, present, and future working together. He starts with his skirt with the smocking, but paired with a shirt in bright yellow and white, like an egg yolk. It's got the same shape as the bird shirt, though. Lots of black and white stripes with the yellow here and there in a jacket or top. There are a couple of jumpsuits, or at least pants with long jackets, and even a pair of shorts. There's a skirt with a wavy fabric that looks cool. Like the whole fabric is wavy lines that are slightly sheer. He also has a long caftan, but instead of like, Michael Costello's caftans that were always just a bunch of fabric thrown together, this one is slimmer, like a long housecoat, in a blue and dark sliver stripe. But there are pants underneath. It reminds me of something Fabio himself would wear. Maybe it's a dress? Because it's Fabio, most of the looks have a sculpted sleeve or have a lot of volume, or the back is gathered so it drapes in a cool way.

Anthony is hilarious. His first look is the black velvet dress he was painting on and...oof. First of all, his model is teetering like the skirt is too tight for her to walk in. Second, it's white spattered paint on a black fabric and we all know what that looks like. Especially when there's one big drip. The second look has a sheer top with a drape, so basically what Ken did when he sewed a length of fabric to the top of the bodice. He has some tight pants with another dust ruffle top. The little black dress is nice from the back but compared to the rest of the collection it's boring. The final gown is a basic ball gown, but in a print and with a huge train. The skirt is that design where you have a slim column and then a big train sewed behind. The collection looks very fancy, but is maybe slightly tacky? I don't mind it, but it kind of sticks out. But the sculptural looks and the “Fashion” of some of the looks also stand out.

Alyssa wastes time recapping the entire season. Girl. There are twenty minutes left in this show. Critiques one at a time, so Stanley is up first. Isaac loves the coral dress, because somehow it's sexy even though she's covered up. Then he takes issue with the belt buckles, because Stanley left the cross bars so you can see they're buckles. Whatever, Isaac. It's simple but well done. Georgina says the clothes could be in a store right now. Remember when that used to be a bad thing? Zac hates the signature look. Good. Catherine loves the first look, which is a long floor-length coat with the belt buckles in two rows down the front on the bodice, and some slightly wide pants, all in ivory. They love the box pleat in the back of the belt buckle coat.

Fabio's turn. Georgina tells him that she didn't realize he was so good at draping. She wishes he had put those beautiful draped pieces with something more street. Isaac was emotional because Isaac, and then he says something about how his oddness should just be fucking odd? Catherine wants the coat Fabio has on, and of course he's about to give it to her. Heh. She loves the dark navy jumpsuit, which is just well fitted, with a pointed shoulder and cropped ankle pants. He has a white draped jacket/top, with puffy sleeves, and Zac wishes it was a dress and not paired with baby blue pants. Fabio explains that it was a dress, but his customer doesn't necessarily wear dresses so he didn't want one.

Anthony managed to get all his models a pixie cut. The little black dress is shaped wonderfully and he says it's because of something Georgina said once. The gown is gorgeous, and Georgina says she maybe doesn't love the print, but there's rock and roll in his collection and she wasn't expecting it. The look with the sheer top is maybe too long, because it's ankle length, and she thinks it's a little tacky. Zac pipes up about how Rihanna is a close friend of his and she would totally wear that. Isaac argues with Georgina about the gown print. Catherine points out the little black dress, which is one shouldered and sort of long, is great for women like herself with boobs.

Each designer is so different, it's very hard to compare them. And they all did a great job, so there's no one person who shit the bed. Isaac says Stanley's collection was the most balanced. It had a lot of polish. Fabio's collection was beautiful and also innovative. He was interesting and had the most original pieces. Anthony is of course exuberant. Isaac says he cut loose, and you can't teach people how to cut loose. They of course are having a hard time deciding. Isaac says it depends on what you want. Chaste and kind of pure, then Stanley. The “now” runway, then Anthony. Something you don't quite get, then Fabio. Georgina insists that whoever they give this win to, they understand what to do with it. You want to make sure they understand what to do with a meaningless prize from a reality show? Sure.

Anthony is the winner! He shrieks of course and then hugs Fabio and cries. He can't believe it. I love Anthony. Fabio says it sucks but he's proud of his collection. Stanley says basically the same thing. Alyssa gets choked up telling him how he's stayed true to himself. Aww!

OK guys here is the deal: this show was supposed to have at least two more seasons, but Lifetime broke the deal with Weinstein Co. because of all the shit that's gone down. You can read about it here: As of right now they don't plan to make more seasons. So the show might be over. If it's back, then I'll be back too. But if not, I just want to thank you for reading and all the support you guys have given me. I appreciate all your comments! I'll miss you but thank you for reading!


Duabe said...

Great recap Toyouke! I don't want to think of it as your last recap of Project Runway, so I will continue to believe you will be back and so will Hot Makeup Guy Scott ;-}

I've always enjoyed reading your recaps and your reactions to the designers. No one makes them as much fun as you do - especially the more wacky ones.

Until next time - thank you, thank you, thank you!

Oh yea, congratulations Anthony!

LaserOil said...

I finally got around to watching the last episode. This show can't be over! I've loved silently reading your recaps every week and especially loved the shout out I got after responding to your Reddit post!

Thanks for all the work you put into these!

Toyouke said...

Oh that was you! Thank you for the shout-out! They might still work something out, but no one knows yet. So we'll see, and if they don't I'm sure someone somewhere will make a knockoff for everyone to watch.