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TAR20, Recap Leg 9, 4/22/12

Welcome to Leg 9! Last time, on U-Turn-A-Palooza, teams continued racing through Tanzania, and encountered a double U-Turn. Rachel and Dave broke their promise, so Art and JJ U-turned team Big Brother, and were annoyed that they had to do it. Kentucky finished first, “Teachers” finished last and were eliminated. Who will be eliminated. . . next? (click for more)

Arrival at the pit stop last episode:
1st – Bopper/Mark, The Kentucky Hillbillies
2nd – Rachel/Dave , Team Free Ron Again!
3rd – Art/JJ, Team Patrulla Fronteriza
4th – Brendon/Rachel, Team Sparkles
5th – Vanessa/Ralph, The Dating Divorcees

Lake Manyara, Tanzania

9:06 PM Bopper/Mark (1st)
Clue: Fly 2900 miles to Cochin, India! Once there, make your way to Rajiv Ghandi Municipal Bus Terminal and take a bus to Sacred Heart College in Thevara to get your next clue.

Bopper called for medical attention to have his knee looked at. (Toyouke: “Uh oh. Doctor visit.”) It is proclaimed braceable.

9:07 PM Rachel/Dave (2nd)
9:32 PM Art/JJ (3rd)
11:55 PM Brendon/Rachel (4th)
7:18 AM Vanessa/Ralph (5th)

Teams must first go to a travel agent, Rickshaw Travels, and arrive in the following order:

1- Bopper/Mark
2- Rachel/Dave – and Dave proclaims that he could care less about Art and JJ. (Toyouke: “Dave, probably you should worry about your relationship with Rachel instead of your relationship with Art and JJ.”)
3- Art/JJ
4- Brendon/Rachel
5- Vanessa/Ralph

When Kentucky arrives, they find a flight that arrives in Cochin at 6:05 am. Everyone books that flight, except Vanessa and Ralph, who happen to find a better flight. (Toyouke: “Ah...another flight.”) So, teams head to the airport and fly out in the following order:

Flight 1: Kilimanjaro to Nairobi to Cochin
1) Vanessa/Ralph

Flight 2: Kilimanjaro to Dar Es Salaam to Cochin
1) Bopper/Mark
2) Rachel/Dave
3) Art/JJ
4) Brendon/Rachel

The Amazing Red and Green Lines magically transport us to India, and teams arrive in the following order:

1- Vanessa/Ralph – who stop at information for bus time tables.
2- Rachel/Dave
3- Brendon/Rachel
4- Bopper/Mark
5- Art/JJ

Teams then make their way to the bus terminal. Teams board busses to Thevara in the following order:

Bus #1
1) Rachel/Dave

Bus #2
1) Brendon/Rachel
2) Art/JJ

Bus #3
1) Vanessa/Ralph

Bus #4
1) Bopper/Mark

Teams take the bus and complain about traffic and being tall. Teams then arrive in Thevara at Sacred Heart College in the following order:

1- Rachel/Dave
2- Art/JJ
3- Brendon/Rachel
4- Vanessa/Ralph
5- Bopper/Mark

We then get the eighth roadblock clue.


Who’s got all the right moves?

In this roadblock, one team member must don Indian clothing and learn a Bollywood dance routine and perform it for cameras to the satisfaction of the director. Once complete, they will receive their next clue.

(Toyouke: “Phil! Why aren't you dancing?!“)

The following teammates take the Roadblock:

1- Rachel B
2- JJ – because Art refused after doing the bottle dance.
3- Rachel R
4- Vanessa
5- Mark – who takes TWELVE tries. (Toyouke: “I like that Bopper is level-headed enough to want to quit before Mark hurts himself. They both seem to be willing to give the other one a lot of slack but they'll push themselves past where they should stop. And I don't think he would have DIED...but quitting the Roadblock so you don't get heat stroke is certainly better than quitting because you can't spell Franz. And good for them for having their priorities straight.”)

So, I need to take a few moments and rail on the ridiculousness of people. First off, all Art does this ENTIRE challenge is complain about how this is “a women’s challenge” and “men aren’t built to move like that.” (Toyouke: “Art. Dudes can dance like chicks. Just not JJ.”) I could have gotten that dance on take 2 easily, and last time I checked, I was male. (Toyouke: “I would have loved for a man to blow through this Roadblock...but then I think of how you would blow through it and they'd just be like "well he's gay so it doesn't count". ARGH “) Plus, I think there were lots of Indian men up there dancing the dance just fine. On top of that, Rachel R gets emotional. Shocker there. But then she blames it on “women get emotional.” No, Rachel, you get emotional. (Toyouke: “I...I can't with this crap. Rachel, you are emotional because you are a child and you suck. Not because you are a girl. I am emotional all the damn time and I have never once blamed it on being a girl. Quit trying to manipulate Brandon into feeling sorry for you and go away.”) Tell your glitter to shut up.

ANYWAY, after dancing, teams complete the Roadblock in the following order:

1- Rachel/Dave
2- Vanessa/Ralph
3- Brendon/Rachel
4- Art/JJ
5- Bopper/Mark

Teams are now instructed to take an auto rickshaw to Indian Coffee House and find the head waiter to get their next clue. Teams arrive and find the head waiter in the following order:

1- Rachel/Dave
2- Vanessa/Ralph
3- Brendon/Rachel
4- Art/JJ
5- Bopper/Mark

And we get the Detour Clue.

Cricket OR Clutch It
*Cricket: Teams travel to a nearby cricket stadium where each team member hits one ball bowled by a cricket pitcher past the boundary. Once complete, the coach gives them their next clue.
*Clutch It: Teams must travel to a driving school and each must complete a training course by driving an auto rickshaw. Once complete, the instructor will give them their next clue.

(Toyouke: “OK, they made Phil do the Detours. However "Cricket or Clutch It" is a pretty stupid Detour name.”)

1- Rachel/Dave choose Clutch It
2- Vanessa/Ralph choose Clutch It
3- Brendon/Rachel choose Cricket
4- Art/JJ choose Cricket – (Toyouke: “The post-production team really had fun with this episode. As shown by the Indian-flavored "Take Me Out to the Ballgame".”)
5- Bopper/Mark choose Clutch It

Teams complete the detour in the following order:

1- Rachel/Dave
2- Brendon/Rachel
3- Art/JJ
4- Vanessa/Ralph
5- Bopper/Mark

Teams find now that they must make their way to Bolgatty Palace, the PIT STOP of the ninth leg of this racearoundtheworld. The last team to arrive MAY be eliminated!

1- Rachel/Dave – who win a trip for two to Saint Lucia, and their fifth first place finish.
2- Brendon/Rachel
3- Art/JJ
4- Vanessa/Ralph
5- Bopper/Mark

And Bopper and Mark are so ready to go home. But then Phil tells them it’s the third nonelimination leg and they are still in the race. You can tell they are disappointed.

1st – Rachel/Dave
2nd – Brendon/Rachel
3rd – Art/JJ
4th – Vanessa/Ralph
5th – Bopper/Mark

Next week: We stay in India. There is tiger dancing, the return of the Hair Shaving Fast Forward (Toyouke: “I will enjoy laughing at Rachel, it sounds like.”), and Vanessa pops her leg out. Until next time!

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