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TAR19, Recap Leg 7, 11/6/11

Welcome to Leg 7! Last time, on Take Lilongwe Home, teams raced from Thailand to Malawi. Marcus struggled moving tobacco, and in a race to the pit stop, Justin and Jennifer forget to pay their driver which causes the snowboarders to once again win by default. Amani and Marcus, however, are not eliminated. Who will be eliminated . . . next? (click for more)

Arrival at the pit stop last episode:
1st – Andy/Tommy, The Snowboarders
2nd – Justin/Jennifer, Team Patience
3rd – Jeremy/Sandy, Team Tryout
4th – Laurence/Zac, The Adventurers
5th – Ernie/Cindy, Team Chinatown
6th – Bill/Cathi, The Grandparents
7th – Amani/Marcus, Team Football

Kumbali Village, Malawi

As the teams check in, they find that they each have huts to put the beds in, and can shack up for the night with mattresses and mosquito netting.

5:28 AM Andy/Tommy (1st) – Tommy: “We keep getting Phil’s classic, ‘However. . .’” (Toyouke: “It is not the "Classic However..." It's just that everyone else is stupid.”)

Clue: Travel by bus to Salima, Malawi. Once there, find the next clue from someone at the bud terminal. You have $1 for this leg of the race. CAUTION: Double U-Turn Ahead!

(Toyouke: “Stupid Double U-Turn. But ha ha! $1 leg!”)

5:39 AM Justin/Jennifer (2nd) – and Justin discusses how he came out to his sister. Well, that was unexpected. (Toyouke: “Justin is gay. Who knew?”)
5:40 AM Jeremy/Sandy (3rd)
5:41 AM Laurence/Zac (4th)
5:44 AM Ernie/Cindy (5th) – who talk about their need to use the express pass, as it expires at the end of the next leg. And are annoyed with their lodging. (Auburnium0513: "Go on, bitch some more, see what happens!")
5:47 AM Bill/Cathi (6th)
6:07 AM Amani/Marcus (7th)

Teams arrive at Lilongwe Bus Terminal in the following order:

1- Andy/Tommy
2- Justin/Jennifer
3- Laurence/Zac
4- Jeremy/Sandy
5- Ernie/Cindy
6- Bill/Cathi
7- Amani/Marcus

Amani and Marcus arrive for the 7 am bus only to have to finagle their way on. (Toyouke: “Did Amani and Marcus just cut in front of all those people to get on the bus? That's not OK.”) They make it, and everyone takes the bus to Salima.

Once there, teams depart in the following order:

1- Andy/Tommy
2- Laurence/Zac
3- Ernie/Cindy
4- Justin/Jennifer
5- Bill/Cathi
6- Jeremy/Sandy
7- Amani/Marcus

However, once they arrive, Amani and Marcus find the Speed Bump. (Toyouke: “They gave the Speed Bump sign to some guy to carry around. Genius.”)


A speed bump is a task that must be performed by the last place team on a non-elimination leg. Once they complete this task, they may return to the place where the speed bump occurred and continue the leg. In this speed bump, teams must solve a slider puzzle that reveals the design of the new Malawian flag. Once complete, teams can move on to the next task.

Teams complete the Speed Bump in the following order:

1- Amani/Marcus

After much sliding, they continue with the rest of the teams to the next task in the following order:

1- Andy/Tommy
2- Laurence/Zac
3- Ernie/Cindy
4- Justin/Jennifer
5- Bill/Cathi
6- Jeremy/Sandy
7- Amani/Marcus

And once they arrive, teams get the eighth roadblock clue.


*No Question Given*

In this roadblock, one team member must drive a kibaza, or bicycle taxi, and a customer to deliver fish to one of there addresses in Salima. Once they receive 100 Kwasha for their fish, Roadblockers return to the start and give their money to the dispatcher to get their next clue.

The following teammates take the Roadblock:

1- Andy – whose bike pedal falls off, and he proceeds to fix it. (Toyouke: “Andy seems pretty resourceful and cool under pressure.”)
2- Laurence – “This is like finding a hair on an elephant’s butt.” (Toyouke: “I believe that's a new one.”)
3- Cindy – who complains that English is Malawi’s official language, but no one speaks it. (Toyouke: “Cindy, you are approaching Ugly American. Best be quiet.”)
4- Jennifer – who leaves her clue with her brother. And then proceeds to hang out in rural Malawi. Oops. (Auburnium0513: “DO SOMETHING!! I don't know what to do, so I'm going to do nothing!”)
5- Cathi
6- Sandy
7- Marcus – “I’m zooming!” (Auburnium0513: “Just don't break your bike like the other guy.”)

After much fish delivering, teams complete the Roadblock in the following order:

1- Ernie/Cindy
2- Andy/Tommy
3- Bill/Cathi
4- Laurence/Zac
5- Jeremy/Sandy
6- Amani/Marcus
7- Justin/Jennifer

And we get the Detour Clue.

Dugout OR Lugout
*Dugout: Teams travel to Chingumukile Village on Lake Malawi and participate in the Malawi Dugout Canoe Race. Teams paddle a canoe out to a boat full of drummers and back in order to get their next clue.
*Lugout: Teams travel to Chingumukile Village on Lake Malawi and choose a ferry to unload, including two boxes of cabbage, two bundles of sugar cane, two bundles of brooms, a chair, a fan, and eight passengers who would prefer not to get wet. Once done, teams will get their next clue.

(Toyouke: “This Detour seemed really really evil, and then I remembered that two teams will have to do both evil options. They did that on purpose.” Auburnium0513: “I want to see someone capsize in the canoes.”)

1- Ernie/Cindy choose Dugout – and then decide it’s too hard and that they could beat Andy and Tommy by using the Express Pass. (Toyouke: “I think they're doing it to keep the lead, so no one will U-Turn them, which is just as good of a reason as "staying out of last".”)
2- Andy/Tommy choose Dugout
3- Bill/Cathy choose Dugout
4- Jeremy/Sandy choose Dugout
5- Laurence/Zac choose Dugout
6- Amani/Marcus choose Lugout – and do it the way I would expect: Amani carries stuff, Marcus carries people. (Auburnium0513: “That's smart, having him do the people and her doing the stuff.”)
7- Justin/Jennifer choose Dugout

Teams complete the detour in the following order:

1- Ernie/Cindy
2- Andy/Tommy
3- Bill/Cathi
4- Laurence/Zac
5- Amani/Marcus
6- Jeremy/Sandy
7- Justin/Jennifer

(Toyouke: “So...the snowboarders and Bill and Cathi have no trouble with the boats, but the dating couples find it impossible. And Laurence and Zac have trouble too. Weird.”)

Teams are now instructed to find Jamaica Shop in Chingumukile Village.


This is a Double U-Turn. Teams may choose to u-turn any team they wish (well, the team has to be behind them), but they may only use the U-Turn once during the race. If a team is u-turned, they must go back to the Detour choices and complete the Detour that they did not complete. This U-Turn is doubled, meaning two teams may U-Turn two other teams. This is the first double U-Turn of the Race.

(Toyouke: “Oh, is that why you don't have clue boxes? Because you wasted all your damn money on touchscreens for the stupid Double U-Turn sign? GAAHHH *fistshaking*”)

1-Ernie/Cindy choose not to U-Turn – which, in my opinion, is stupid considering Andy and Tommy are RIGHT BEHIND THEM. (Auburnium0513: “I also think Ernie and Cindy should have U-Turned the snowboarders.”)
2-Andy/Tommy choose not to U-Turn
3-Bill/Cathi choose not to U-Turn
4-Amani/Marcus choose not to U-Turn
5- Laurence/Zac choose to U-Turn Amani/Marcus – which is pointless, like all their other stupid moves, because Amani and Marcus got ahead of them. (Toyouke: “Didn't Amani and Marcus just leave? Didn't you just WALK PAST THEM? I don't understand how people can be this ignorant of racing.”)
6- Jeremy/Sandy choose not to U-Turn
7- Justin/Jennifer Bill/Cathi choose not to U-Turn

Teams are now instructed to travel by foot to Sunbird Livingstonia Beach, the PIT STOP of the seventh leg of this racearoundtheworld. The last team to arrive MAY be eliminated!

1- Andy/Tommy – who win $15000 in Discover gift cards. This is because they won a foot race against . . .
2- Ernie/Cindy – (Toyouke: “True, if you would read the clues and make good decisions, you could be first. For example, if you had made the decision to U-Turn the snowboarders.”)
3- Bill/Cathi
4- Amani/Marcus
5- Laurence/Zac – (Auburnium0513: “team number 5 AFTER the team you tried to U-Turn.”)
6- Jeremy/Sandy
7- Justin/Jennifer

And Justin and Jennifer are eliminated. Jennifer admits her mistake. I started liking them.

1st – Andy/Tommy
2nd – Ernie/Cindy
3rd – Bill/Cathi
4th – Amani/Marcus
5th – Laurence/Zac
6th – Jeremy/Sandy

Next week: To Denmark we go! We have Rabbit Steeple Chasing. And another Double U-Turn! (Toyouke: “ANOTHER FUCKING U-TURN. I was so entertained by rabbits running an obstacle course and now I am agitated.” Auburnium0513: “I am looking forward to next week now! Trained rabbits and period costumes? That would so be for me!!”) Until next time!

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