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TAR18, Recap Leg 10, 5/1/11

Welcome to Leg 10! Last time, on Do You Know the Way Through Liechtenstein?, teams raced from Salzburg to Switzerland via Liechtenstein. The cowboys fell behind when Jet made a mistake in his measurements of a tiny country, and Zev and Justin prevailed at eating cheese to come in first. The Globetrotters made wise use of a U-Turn to prevent the cowboys from eliminating them, resulting in the elimination of our beloved cowboys. Who will be eliminated. . . next? (click for more)

Arrival at the pit stop last episode:
1st – Zev/Justin, Team Aspergers
2nd – Kisha/Jen, Team Bathroom
3rd – Kent/Vyxsin, Team Goth
4th – Gary/Mallory , The Hillbillies
5th – Flight Time/Big Easy, The Globetrotters

Moos Restaurant, Zermatt, Switzerland

6:54 AM Zev/Justin (1st)
Clue: Make you way to the Zermatt Air Rescue Helicopter Port. Once there, sign up for a helicopter flight to an unknown destination. Helicopters leave at five minute intervals. You have $1 for this leg of the race.

(Toyouke: “Oo, only 5 minute intervals for the bunching?”)

7:02 AM Kisha/Jen (2nd)
8:00 AM Kent/Vyxsin (3rd) Vyxsin: “We wore extra glitter to match the snow.” (Toyouke: “GOD. I hope that little bit of interview about how awesome they are is foreshadowing.”)
8:18 AM Gary/Mallory (4th)
8:43 AM Flight Time/Big Easy (5th)

Teams arrive at the heliport in the following order:

1- Zev/Justin
2- Kisha/Jen
3- Gary/Mallory
4- Kent/Vyxsin – after having major issues getting a taxi. (Toyouke: “Is it bad I am so entertained by the Goths' trouble getting a taxi?”)
5- Flight Time/Big Easy

Teams arrive and get ready to depart on their helicopters a few hours later.

Once they prepare, we get the Detour Clue.

Search OR Rescue
*Search: Teams fly to a glacier and brave the wind in order to use a training beacon to find a dummy buried in the snow. Once located, dig it up in order to get their next clue.
*Rescue: Teams fly to a crevasse and use a rescue device to send one team member down to find a trapped climber. The other member works the pulley in order to get both people out of the crevasse in order to get the clue.

Phil: "Use the device to find a dummy." (Toyouke: “Please someone make fun of their partner.”)

(Auburnium0513: “Hell, I don't like either one of those task options. Do you have to pick your task before getting on the helicopter? That will make bald snarking much more difficult.”)

1- Zev/Justin choose Search
2- Kisha/Jen choose Rescue
3- Gary/Mallory choose Search – (Auburnium0513: “Ha! You broke your avalanche victim! I shouldn't find that so entertaining, but I do!”)
4- Kent/Vyxsin choose Rescue – (Toyouke: “Yeah...if I saw Kent and Vxysin coming to rescue me I might pause also.“)
5- Flight Time/Big Easy choose Search

(Toyouke: “I mean, obviously they can't bury a live person, but couldn't they put a dummy in the crevasse too?”)

Teams complete the detour in the following order:

1- Kisha/Jen
2- Kent/Vyxsin
3- Flight Time/Big Easy
4- Gary/Mallory
5- Zev/Justin

Teams are now instructed to take their helicopter back to a ski resort, where they can catch the train to Zermatt and find Le Petit Cervin. Teams arrive at the resort in the following order:

1- Kisha/Jen
2- Kent/Vyxsin
3- Gary/Mallory
4- Flight Time/Big Easy
5- Zev/Justin

Teams arrive at the ski restort and board trains to Zermatt:

Train 1
1) Kisha/Jen
2) Kent/Vyxsin
3) Gary/Mallory
4) Flight Time/Big Easy

Train 2
1) Zev/Justin

Teams arrive at Le Petit Cervin in the following order:

1- Kent/Vyxsin
2- Flight Time/Big Easy
3- Gary/Mallory
4- Kisha/Jen
5- Zev/Justin

Once they arrive, teams get the eighth roadblock clue.


Who wants to make a new friend?

In this roadblock, one team member must create a chocolate version of the Travelocity roaming gnome using traditional Swiss methods, including using snow as a cooling agent. Once the chocolate gnome is approved, teams swap it for a real one, which has the next clue.

(Toyouke: “Stupid gnome. Although I guess this iteration is better than most. Also, "YOU want to make a new friend!" Is what I would say to you. I don't like people. Or gnomes.” Kmanpat: “True that. Good thing I like baking. But I’d need you to do something while I was busy with another task. . .” Auburnium0513: “Mmmm...chocolate! I'd be all over that task! Chocolate meets art? It's all me!”)

The following teammates take the Roadblock:

1- Vyxsin
2- Flight Time
3- Mallory
4- Jen
5- Zev

There was this strange argument in the middle of the task involving pieces of gnome. (Toyouke: “I have no idea what this argument is about. Everyone gang up on Vyxsin? I guess? I don't know. What I do know, is that was stupid annoying drama as opposed to awesome drama. Although I think it's fair to say the Globetrotters were mighty quick to assume someone stole their stuff on purpose and that it was Vyxsin. For some people who stole someone's fanny pack and "misplaced" it, presumably by accident.” Auburnium0513: “Goodness, too much drama in the kitchen!”)

After much chocolate tempering, teams complete the Roadblock in the following order:

1- Kent/Vyxsin
2- Flight Time/Big Easy
3- Kisha/Jen
4- Gary/Mallory
5- Zev/Justin

Teams get their clue and find that they must now travel BY FOOT to the 300 year old Swiss Cabin at Mittagstadel and Mürini, the PIT STOP of the tenth leg of this racearoundtheworld. Note the Amazing Pink highlighter. (Toyouke: “Oh I LOVE the highlight on the clue.”) The last team to arrive MAY be eliminated!

1- Flight Time/Big Easy – who win a trip for two to the Cook Islands.
2- Kisha/Jen
3- Gary/Mallory
4- Zev/Justin
5- Kent/Vyxsin – who arrive at the Pit Stop third, and realize that they have a 30 minute penalty for taking a taxi instead of traveling by foot. Kent: “Maybe other teams can't read either!" (Toyouke: “Unlikely.”)

And Kent and Vyxsin are FINALLY eliminated. The whining can now stop, thank you very much. (Toyouke: “Aaaaaand failing to read the clue dooms another team.”)

1st – Flight Time/Big Easy
2nd – Kisha/Jen
3rd – Gary/Mallory
4th – Zev/Justin

Next week: Four teams race in a two hour, two leg, season finale through Rio and the Florida Keys. There will be waxing! (Toyouke: “How is waxing a challenge?”) Dancing! Trains! Boats! And Phil! Until next time!

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