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Project Runway 1/28/10--"The Hi's and Lows of Fashion" summary

Previously on Project Runway: Everyone had to go to a farm and make dresses out of potato sacks. Well…burlap anyway. I doubt they used real potato sacks. The models are the clients, but even Tim admits the judges won’t care if you don’t please them. Amy made a gorgeous draped short dress with petals, but Jay ended up winning. His was cute too. Ping showed her model’s ass on the runway but the judges didn’t even critique her too harshly. In the end Pamela went home, even though she got her dye job to look like denim. (click for more)

People primp, and then give Jesus crap about being in the bottom two all the time. He has to be himself. Jesse complains about Ping, even though his designs aren’t making any waves at all. But he doesn’t have sleeves so I’m a bit distracted. Ping runs around like crazy just before they leave.

Heidi asks if they’d like to meet “some of the most iconic fashion designers” of all time. Past “Project Runway” winners? Michael Kors? DSquared2? Maybe not that last one.

Tim is waiting for them at the Met. Outside in a courtyard (well…a big foyer with a glass ceiling) is Tim standing amongst a field of mannequins wearing different dresses. There are 10 iconic looks from 10 different designers. They will be in teams of two, making a high end signature look that would fit in with these pieces. Mostly they’re ball gowns and stuff that you only see near the end of the show. They will get $500 (most ever!) and two days. Jay gets to be a team leader because he won. Tim picks buttons for the rest: Jesus, Anthony, Janeane, Mila, Ping (no one cheers for her, bastards), and Emilio. Now we pair up: Maya, Amy, Seth Aaron (they flirt, ew), Ben, Jonathan, Jesse, and Anna, respectively. Wow, I never imagined Jesse would get paired with Ping! Even though he was the only person this morning to complain about someone else in interview! Sigh. Before they go sketch, Tim tells them to get inspired. Seth Aaron fanboys out. These dresses are fantastic.

Back in Parsons Ping is immediately talking bout combining her drapiness with Jesse’s tailoring. According to Jonathan, Tim made sure to tell everyone the team leader has the final decision. He’s sure Mila has no problem with that. Ben and Janeane are doing two pieces. Maya tries to take the lead since Jay has immunity. Wait…he doesn’t though.

Tim FINALLY takes them to Mood to get fabrics. Amy and Jesus buy dramatic fabrics. Jesse and Ping argue about how to cut the fabric. Mila wants “a nod to the 60s”, “stunning”, and “fashion forward”, all at the same time. Ping loses her sketchbook. Tim just shakes his head. Everyone somehow finishes. I’m not sure if Ping ever found her sketchbook.

Back at Parsons Emilio gives Anna directions, but she seems kind of hesitant and insecure in her abilities so she doesn’t mind. Mila and Jonathan talk about how they work differently but they manage not to say anything negative about each other. Jesse tells Ping he’s not doing a bunch of work if she’s just going to cover it. I see his point, but he’s been a bitch today. Just like, it’s obvious he thinks he should be leader and he’s not even pretending to respect her. Ping thinks he feels insecure with her approach. Jesse worries about time. I don’t think she ever had a problem with time. She tells him not to tell her anything more because she never doubted her designs before. Jonathan has noticed Ping and Jesse are constantly fighting. I mean, Jesse told her he doesn’t think she has a design vision. In comparison, Mila and Jonathan are getting along fine. Anthony and Seth Aaron are using bright yellow, red, and black. Anthony says that they are designing a gown for the vice president of McDonalds. “However! Everybody needs a dress.” Hee! Jesse says his dress (I guess Ping’s dress) has like 30 pieces to sew together.

Day 2, and it’s Tim time! Gather round! Seth Aaron knows what’s up. Of course it’s a twist! Another look! And I was so looking forward to only having 7 looks. Anyways, this is a “look for less”, made with $50 instead of $500. Plus they have to base it not off of their own look, but they must base it off someone else’s team. Haha! Ping picks Emilio, Janeane takes Mila, Jay picks Janeane, Mila picks Anthony, Anthony picks Jesus, Jesus picks Ping, Emilio is left with Jay. That was so confusing. 20 minutes to confer, and then one team member will go shopping. Everyone discusses the other team’s design style and how little time they have. Jesse is worried because he doesn’t know what Ping will buy. I’m pretty sure Ping will assume full responsibility for a failed look and not throw you under the bus.

Mood. Frantic shopping. That was fun.

Jesse turns his nose up at Ping’s fabric, calling it “a nice hooker kind of shiny synthetic substance”. Look, you had $50. I’m sad the hot boy is turning out to be kind of a jerk. Jonathan is sewing and Mila is cutting. Maya brings up again that Jay has immunity, except he doesn’t. Does he? Janeane is feeling good. Jonathan clarifies what he meant: Mila is making a coat, but he is doing the rest of the first outfit and all the second. Seth Aaron and Anthony have a calm discussion about how Anthony is in charge and it’s probably hard for Seth Aaron to do what someone else wants. Anthony interviews that smacking Seth Aaron around probably wouldn’t be productive. Seth Aaron claims to be a good follower now, and Anthony tells him he’ll make him write it in blood. Hee.

The models come for fittings. Jesse talks over Ping because he can’t remember she’s in charge. Emilio wishes they’d shut up. Anthony tells Ping he likes her dress. She thanks him, but then she doesn’t say anything, so Anthony clears his throat loudly and asks if maybe she doesn’t want to tell him anything. So she says he’s very funny and very nice. Hee. “I like you too, sister!” I love Anthony.

Tim time! Jesus and Maya have almost nothing. Hurry up! Ping and Jesse are pretty well along, but Tim doesn’t like Ping’s fabric either. Sigh. Jesse gloats. Tim makes faces at Anthony and Seth Aaron’s gown, but he says that their second look is so obviously based on Jesus that they can really construct it however they want. It’s a peach with a black lace overlay. Anthony calls Seth Aaron “Papa” and tells Tim he “abandoned” a top he already made, on the floor. Then he tells him not to act up in front of company. Love. Mila and Jonathan have like, a black and white track suit, and a sort of dress.

Jesse is working on the dress, and is letting Ping do other things “to keep her out of the way”. Honey, you may be hot, and you may remind me of quite possibly the hottest man on the best cancelled show ever, but you do not hate on Ping.

On the day of the runway show, Jonathan is worried about time management. Jesse is more concerned with his security than the team success. That’s pretty obvious to everyone. Jonathan knows that Mila would sell him out, but he would sell her out too. Tim only gives them one hour. There is a TON of frantic working.

Guest judge today is Matthew Williamson. Heidi pretends they might eliminate multiple people. Anthony and Seth Aaron: long gown with a black skirt and a yellow strapless top with a sweetheart neckline. The bodice isn’t bright yellow any more, it has some black overlay or something. It’s nice, but not earth shattering or anything. I guess we’re just doing signature looks the first time around. Jesus and Amy: long column gown with a halter neckline. It’s a skin-toned fabric, with a black overlay (kind of like lace with cutouts but nicer) and a standing-up ruffle on the neckline. Mila and Jonathan: black and white bodysuit with a long jacket. At first I thought it was a leather jacket, but I think it might be silk? It’s very voluminous. Like a pod. Janeane and Ben: it’s a little black dress with a sleeveless vest. That’s it? Emilio and Anna: knee length sheath dress with a bolero jacket. Emilio claims he scaled down because Anna is not experienced. Jay and Maya: long black dress with ruffles. A lot near the right shoulder, lined in a contrasting fabric, that stand up by her face. Ping and Jesse: it looks like a toga with a lace camisole. It’s all in shades of black and gray, and the fabric is wrapped around her and over one arm and shoulder. Just like a toga.

Cheap look time! Jesus and Amy: I think it’s bloomers, or possibly harem pants, with a black tank top. Anthony and Seth Aaron: black bustier and a peach skirt with a black lace overlay. Mila and Jonathan: short baby doll dress with a black skirt and a yellow bodice. They were supposed to be inspired by Anthony’s look, which is…a black skirt and a yellow bodice. It’s the same. Janeane and Ben: little black dress with a jacket in gray and black, that has a similar pattern to Mila’s jacket. Emilio and Anna: knee length one shouldered dress in a striped fabric. I think the one shouldered thing was because of the ruffles in Jay’s dress. Jay and Maya: another little black dress and vest. Ping and Jesse: short black skirt and a gray tank top. It’s boring, but so was Emilio’s, kind of.

Janeane, Ben, Jesus, Amy, Emilio, and Anna are all safe. Anthony, Seth Aaron, Jesse, and Ping have the lowest scores and must leave the runway to stew in the Stew Room. Well…it’s not called that but I don’t have anything else to call it. Heidi says that Jay has immunity, except I STILL don’t remember anything about that. Jay says it didn’t matter to him. They like Jay and Maya’s gown, with the ruffles and the other sleeve bare. Kors points out that the cheap look appears to be just as expensive as its inspiration. Don’t know if that’s praise or a slam on the other designers. Oh, it’s a slam. He says that their $46 is much better. It’s got a lot of horizontal pleats on the bodice and some detailing that is cool. Mila and Jonathan have the greatest jacket that Heidi especially loves. Matthew says it’s graphic and sportswear inspired. Even though their cheap look was almost a direct copy, they don’t mention that but they do mention that baby doll dresses are overrated. Kors loves that they made separates for their signature look.

Loser time! I miss the loser gong. Nina asks Ping and Jesse’s model to drop the fabric. Turns out her skirt is just a short skirt with big swaths of fabric tacked on in the back. The judges sigh. Kors hates their cheap look and thinks it’s ill-fitting and blah. Jesse says he sewed everything because he had to teach Ping how to sew. Then the model has to speak up and say she never got fitted for the cheap look. Don’t hate on Ping! (Side note: on the model show, that girl hugged Ping and was like, “Oh, I loved working with you! Good luck!“ but everyone knew she threw Ping under the bus. And then all the other models told her she should have kept her mouth shut. And then Jesse was like, “Girl! You had my back! I‘ll keep you forever!”) Anthony’s dress is costumey and from “Gone With the Wind.” Anthony is like, what would you have done, but Matthew says he can’t tell him how to design. They’re bored by the cheap look too. Nina says they’re both ugly. Ouch. Then she says Seth Aaron should have stepped in even though Anthony was in charge. Seth Aaron refuses to throw Anthony under the bus.

Jay and Maya had a great cheap look that was wearable. All the judges love Mila’s coat. Ping’s dress was a lot of look, and Heidi is offended she never fit the model with the cheap look. Jesse never did it either, but I guess we’re not going to mention that. Anthony and Seth Aaron were too literal, and costumey.

Jonathan is in. Mila is the winner. And she has immunity. I’m marking that down right now. Maya is in. Jay is in. Seth Aaron is in. Jesse is in. Anthony is in. That means Ping is out. Sad. She says she did an amazing job. Jesse hugs her, that two-faced bastard. She’s proud of herself.

Next week: somehow the clients are inspiring, and someone says it’s “the largest” challenge, so pregnant women again? Lots of flailing.

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